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Help me publish my next book!


Dear Friends,

I would like your participation in my next publishing effort. My hope is to print the next volume of biblical fiction short stories: Destiny’s Call: Book Three – Leviticus. This was probably one of the more challenging books to write, given that the Book of Leviticus has little narrative. How does one tell a story about animal sacrifice? How does one turn dry laws regarding childbirth, ritual contamination, usury and more into an interesting story?

However, I have also fictionalized of the few but powerful stories in Leviticus as well. The question is do these stories hit the mark? Will they succeed in connecting a generation that is unfamiliar with our foundational texts with their heritage?

Find out and help me bring it to the world. To all those who helped with my first Kickstarter project, I thank you for a fantastic participation that was successful and satisfying. The book came out better than I expected and I couldn’t have done it without you.

For this project, I have put a much more modest goal, as we are really close to completion of the book. Please check out the project online, peruse the creative rewards and pass on this email to any friends you think this would be of interest to.



Press Release: Chief Rabbi of Uruguay to Publish Controversial Biblical Fiction Novel

For Immediate Release

Chief Rabbi of Uruguay to Publish Controversial Biblical Fiction Novel

March 5, 2014, Montevideo, Uruguay – Rabbi Ben-Tzion Spitz, Chief Rabbi of Uruguay, has announced plans to publish a biblical fiction novel, Warrior Prophets – Joshua: Conqueror. It is the first book of The Boaz Trilogy set at the time when the young Israelite nation enters the land of Canaan.

The novel has received some criticism from other Rabbis for fictionalizing the biblical account. Their claim is that by mixing elements of fiction and fantasy with the biblical stories, such a book can weaken the belief in the divine origin of the Bible and present the Bible as just a fanciful mythological account. Some have threatened to issue a ban on the book should it be published.

“The book is not intended for people who are already familiar with the Bible or are committed in their Jewish belief,” Rabbi Spitz stated, “though they might enjoy it as well. The book is geared for a broader audience, especially young adult readers, who enjoy Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and would be curious to read and experience a fantasy adventure in a biblical setting.”

The publication of the book has been launched as a Kickstarter project with full details available on their website ( The project funding period expires March 26, 2014. If the project doesn’t receive sufficient pledges, the book will not be published via that effort.

“We support Rabbi Spitz in his publishing efforts,” stated Mr. Alberto Buszkaniec, President of the Uruguayan Jewish Community, “he is an original, innovative teacher of Judaism who remains true to Jewish law, traditions and sources. We are proud and privileged to have him as the spiritual leader of our community.”

For more information contact:

Gabriel Silberberg, Secretary

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Jewish Community of Uruguay

Canelones 1084

Montevideo, CP 11100


Tel: +598-2902-5750 x119

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My first Kickstarter project…

I’m doing it! I’m joining the social network crowdfunding revolution! I’ve started a Kickstarter project to publish my book and I need your help.

I’m publishing Warrior Prophets – Joshua: Conqueror, the first of The Boaz Trilogy biblical fiction/fantasy series. If you loved Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and you always wondered what a biblical adventure novel filled with fun, excitement, swords and sorcery would look like, then please make a pledge.

The way Kickstarter works is very simple. You make a pledge (as little as $2). If we reach our project goal ($6,000 worth of pledges) then and only then your credit card is charged, we make the book, and you get the amazing rewards depending on your pledge level.

However, if we don’t reach the project goal, you are not charged and I hide my head out of shame and embarrassment – until my next project.

Please visit my Kickstarter page, watch the video, read about the project, check out the rewards and make a pledge.

It will be sincerely appreciated and rewarded.