Genesis Stories

Isaac blessing disguised Jacob
Isaac blessing disguised Jacob

Short Stories from the Book of Genesis:

1. The Forge of Music (conflict between Lemech and his son Yuval who invents musical instruments)

2. Tower of Egotism (Nimrod motivates workforce)

3. Oath-Brothers (Aner, Mamrei and Eshkol debate joining Abram in battle)

4. Escape from Sodom (Lot and family leaving Sodom)

5. Reconciliation (Isaac and Ishmael reunite at Abraham’s burial)

6. Rebecca’s Crisis (Jacob’s deception of Isaac from Rebecca’s point of view)

7. The Shepherd’s Kiss (Jacob meets Rachel at the well)

8. Rachel’s Gambit (Rachel risks her life to steal her father’s idols)

9. Death Pangs (Birth of Benjamin)

10. Joseph’s Egyptian Attorney (Trial of Joseph vs. Potiphar’s wife)  ***Voted best story by Torah Shorts readers.

11. Benjamin’s Fear (Benjamin is accused of stealing the Viceroy’s silver goblet)

12. Joseph Revealed (Judah confronts the Viceroy)

13. The First Anti-Semite (Egyptian/Hebrew tensions at Joseph’s burial)

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