Exodus Stories

Moses vs. AmalekShort Stories from the Book of Exodus:

1. Harbinger of Light (Pharaoh’s daughter defiant)

2. Drinks at The Hungry Crocodile (Bar fight between Egyptian pro- and anti-Moses factions)

3. Pharaoh’s Cousin (Death of the Firstborns. Egyptians begging for Israelite freedom)

4. Battle of Amalek (swords fly between Amalekite greed and Israelite faith)

5. Jethro’s Deception (a necessary ruse)

6. Mount Sinai (mass Israelite rapture)

7. Building Committee (clash of egos threatens the construction of the Tabernacle)

8. The Case of the Missing Tekhelet (mystery of loss of vital construction material)

9. Massacre of the Calf Worshipers (Levites go on killing spree)

10. The Golden Ones (arthritic spinster suddenly cured and becomes contender for creation of Tabernacle artifacts)

11. Cold Heart, Warm Wood (arrogant Tabernacle worker gets his comeuppance from unusual source)

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