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Thursday / 17-Oct-19 / 18 Tishre 5780                                  #1034
#ParshaYomi #VezotHabracha 5: Dan young lion streams from Bashan. Naftali full of God’s blessing, has sea & south. Asher: oil, iron, copper.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 3:3 If king or Kohen Gadol sinned before were appointed, then appointed, considered as regular people for sacrifice.
#DafYomi #Tamid 30: From Jericho people heard: Temple’s large gate opening; shovel-shaped instrument; Levites singing. Smelled incense.
#RambamYomi #Gezela 4:1 Robber fined that victim swears about what was stolen & if there are witnesses to a theft robber pays entire claim.
#HalachaYomi OC 586:13 If a Shofar was originally long and was then cut, as long as it’s still the minimum required length, it’s kosher.
#TanyaYomiM 18Tishre: Hashraah: causing God’s indwelling vs reward. Reward: God irradiates soul that seeks Him with light of Torah.
#EmunaYomi 242: Many former inmates testify jail term was turning point in lives; completed emotionally, spiritually stronger & healthier.


Wednesday / 16-Oct-19 / 17 Tishre 5780                                  #1033
#ParshaYomi #VezotHabracha 4: Rejoice Zevulun in your departures, Isahar in tents, will nourish from abundance of sea. Gad dwells like lion.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 2:7 An individual and a ruler are both obligated to bring an Asham Talui, but a Kohen Gadol and the court are exempt.
#DafYomi #Tamid 29: 3 cases Sages exaggerated: Altar’s circular ash heap; Sanctuary’s gold vine; Curtain between Kodesh & KodeshKodashim.
#RambamYomi #Gezela 3:1 Object thief stole rose in value & thief damaged it, pays increased value. Otherwise, pays value at time of theft.
#HalachaYomi OC 586:10 A Shofar made by gluing Shofar pieces together is invalid, even if mouthpiece part has minimum Shofar requirements.
#TanyaYomiM 17Tishre: 10 that sit, learn Torah, God dwells with them: Man’s descent into this world for purpose of this ascent; none higher.
#EmunaYomi 241: Most inmates have plenty of time at their disposal; God gives them conditions conducive for introspection & repentance.


Tuesday / 15-Oct-19 / 16 Tishre 5780                                  #1032
#ParshaYomi #VezotHabracha 3: Josef: Land will be blessed w/ water, abundance of all. Horns of Reem. Ephraim’s myriads, Menase’s thousands.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 2:5 The king may neither judge nor be judged, neither may he testify nor may others testify against him.
#DafYomi #Tamid 28: Which way of life upright? Love admonition; if hear admonition of wise, pleasantness, goodness & blessing enters world.
#RambamYomi #Gezela 2:1 Stolen object that has not changed, object itself must be returned. If changed, returns value of object.
#HalachaYomi OC 586:6 If the sound of the Shofar was very thick or very thin, still kosher. All sounds from the Shofar are kosher.
#TanyaYomiM 16Tishre: Should have simple will & spirit of voluntary offering in every 1 whose heart prompts him to serve “a whole service.”
#EmunaYomi 240: Imprisonment frequently substitute for much more serious punishment. Person should actually thank God for being in jail.


Monday / 14-Oct-19 / 15 Tishre 5780                                  #1031
#ParshaYomi #VezotHabracha 2: Levi: kept covenant, will teach Israel Tora, serve on altar. Benjamin: God’s beloved, will dwell on shoulders.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 2:3 Court doesn’t have to bring sacrifice until their ignorant ruling accompanied by Shogeg action. Same w/ KohenGadol.
#DafYomi #Tamid 27: Temple Mount watch within walls so if watchman tires, can sit on Temple Mount. Courtyard watch outside walls, can’t sit.
#RambamYomi #Gezela 1:10 Just the desire to get home, wife, utensils or anything else of his fellow, even legally, violates “Don’t covet.”
#HalachaYomi OC 586:4 Using a Shofar from an idol sacrifice is invalid. It never loses its idolatry designation.
#TanyaYomiM 15Tishre: There will be an arousal of love in everyone’s heart who understands precious nature of God’s love for nether beings.
#EmunaYomi 239: If Josef would’ve lacked Emuna, complained, depressed, God’s presence departs, might’ve rotted in jail, suffer living death.


Sunday / 13-Oct-19 / 14 Tishre 5780                                  #1030
#ParshaYomi #VezotHabracha 1: Moshe blesses Israel before his death. Moshe commanded Torah, legacy for Jacob. Ruben live. Juda beat enemies.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 2:1 KohenGadol ruled for self Bshogeg & acted Bshogeg, brings bull. Decision of KohenGadol for self like court for all.
#DafYomi #Tamid 26: Chamber of the Hearth was surrounded by rows of stone that protruded from walls and served as benches, stairs, and beds.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 9:12 Trespasser into garden, field, pen or corral (as opposed to a house) may not be killed by owner.
#HalachaYomi OC 586:1 Rosh Hashana Shofar should be from a ram & bent. Bdiavad, ok if straight. Can’t use horn of cow or most wild animals.
#TanyaYomiM 14Tishre: “Love upsets the natural order of conduct,” for it is a covering of the eyes, not to see the truth.
#EmunaYomi 238: Josef kept cheery disposition in prison. Led to being in charge there. Suddenly released, became powerful, 2nd to Pharaoh.


Shabbat / 12-Oct-19 / 13 Tishre 5780                                  #1029
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 7: Moshe: Pay attention. Not an empty thing. It’s your life & will lengthen your days. God: Go up mount, see land, die.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 1:4 Court & people Bshogeg, bring bull; court Mezid, people Shogeg, lamb or goat; court Shogeg, people Mezid, exempt.
#DafYomi #Tamid 25: Kohens kept watch in 3 places in Temple courtyard: Chamber of Avtinas, Chamber of the Spark & Chamber of the Hearth.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 8:1 Just as with scales, weights & measures, also need to be exact with land. Even a fingerbreadth of land great loss.
#HalachaYomi OC 585:1 One most blow the Shofar while standing. Ram”a: our custom is to blow by the Bima, where we read the Torah.
#TanyaYomiM 13Tishre: Toshiya (salvation) refers to matters of Torah. Etzah (counsel) are those who intercalcate years and determine months.
#EmunaYomi 237: Facing hard & taxing test of faith, muster Emuna & inner strength to accept w/ love, entire situation can turn for better.


Friday / 11-Oct-19 / 12 Tishre 5780                                  #1028
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 6: I will bring vengeance on My enemies, repay those who hate Me. Will avenge blood of servants & appease land, people.
#MishnaYomi #Horayot 1:3 Court ruled to uproot entire principle, said Nida, or Shabat, or idolatry not Torah prohibitions, they’re exempt.
#DafYomi #Kinim 24: If can divide the pairs of birds so those of 1 woman need not have part of them offered above & part below, 1/2 valid.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 7:1 Weights and measures must be exact. Anything less is deceiving others.
#HalachaYomi OC 584:4 A Brit Mila on Rosh Hashana is performed between the reading of the Torah and the blowing of the Shofar.
#TanyaYomiM 12Tishre: Charity has a wondrous advantage without parallel. Should perform numerous times, frequently; praiseworthy if do so.
#EmunaYomi 236: Pray God protect from negative friends/influence, send good messengers to help correct life. Prayers in own language better.


Thursday / 10-Oct-19 / 11 Tishre 5780                                  #1027
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 5: How can 1 chase 1,000, 2 chase 10,000? Only if God has given them over. I cause death, grant life, I Strike & heal.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 6:11 R’ HananiaBAkashya: pleased God to give merit to Israel, therefore gave them abundance of Torah & Mitzvot. Glorious.
#DafYomi #Kinim 23: If 1 bird from pair of unassigned birds for sacrifice flew away or died, need to get a new bird for the pair.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 6:2 If shepherd sells item that would be noticed by owner, can buy from him. If wouldn’t be noticed, considered stolen.
#HalachaYomi OC 583:2 There’s a custom to eat from the head of a lamb on Rosh Hashana night, to say “we should be as a head & not a tail.”
#TanyaYomiM 11Tishre: Contribute $ to Land of Israel every week, or at least every month. Strive to be 1st w/ Mitzva, especially Tzedaka.
#EmunaYomi 235: To merit true & complete repentance, must pray constantly for God’s assistance & guidance, and ask to be lead on right path.


Wednesday / 9-Oct-19 / 10 Tishre 5780                                  #1026
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 4: God angry. Will hide face. Made Me jealous w/ non-God, will anger them w/ non-nation. Fire, arrows, famine, sword +.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 6:9 R‘ YosiBKisma was offered 1 million gold dinar to move. Said even if gave all $ in world, not leaving place of Torah.
#DafYomi #Meilah 22: Rabbi Meir allows making a retroactive designation (called Breira) with regards to Terumah.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 5:1 Don’t buy stolen goods. Severe sin. Encourages thieves to steal more. Proverbs 29:24: “hates his own soul.”
#HalachaYomi OC 582:9 Even though during year Amida is said quietly, on RoshHashana & YomKipur can be out loud. Have Machzors, so won’t err.
#TanyaYomiM 10Tishre: Merkava angels, Face of Oxen & of Eagle, nurtured, content by spirit of cattle & fowl of ascending altar sacrifices.
#EmunaYomi 234: Confessing to God vital to spiritual & emotional welfare, repentance, remorse for sin & deciding to improve from now on.


Tuesday / 8-Oct-19 / 9 Tishre 5780                                  #1025
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 3: Rode Israel on high places, gave them delights of the world. Became fat & rebelled. Alien worship. Forgot God.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 6:8 Beauty, strength, riches, honor, wisdom, old age, & children are becoming to the righteous & world. Rebbi & sons had.
#DafYomi #Meilah 21: Put Eiruv food on trained animal who took to right spot & told other person to receive from animal, valid Eiruv.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 4:1 Guard swore item wasn’t by him, took it for himself & witnesses testified that it was by him, pays double.
#HalachaYomi OC 582:5 If during 10 days of Repentance, in Amida, forgot to say Zachrenu & Mi Kamocha, don’t have to return to say it over.
#TanyaYomiM 9Tishre: Making herbs, trees, fruits sprout ex nihilo into substantiality constantly from year to year is a degree of infinity.
#EmunaYomi 233: Prisoner’s daily routine should involve repentance, prayer & charitable deeds. Ask for strength, guidance & quick release.


Monday / 7-Oct-19 / 8 Tishre 5780                                  #1024
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 2: Remember days of old. God set up nations’ boundaries as the number of Israel. Protected Israel like eye’s pupil.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 6:6 Torah learning is greater than priesthood & royalty. Royalty acquired by 30 stages, priesthood 24, Torah by 48 things.
#DafYomi #Meilah 20: Took vow that meat is forbidden to him, forbidden from eating all types of meat, fowl, even parts not usually eaten.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 3:1 Person whose act merits both capital punishment & financial penalty, only receives capital punishment.
#HalachaYomi OC 582:1 During 10 days of Repentance, in Amida, say Hamelech Hakadosh & Hamelech Hamishpat. If forgot, return to say over.
#TanyaYomiM 8Tishre: Immense manifestation of God in power of earth to constantly bring forth something out of nothing, Yesh Meayin.
#EmunaYomi 232: Innocent of charge but convicted by court, may be guilty of something else that led to Heavenly verdict of imprisonment.


Sunday / 6-Oct-19 / 7 Tishre 5780                                  #1023
#ParshaYomi #Haazinu 1: Listen heaven/earth. My lessons like rain on grass. When I call God’s Name, give Him greatness. He’s perfect & just.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 6:4 Way of Torah life: eat bread w/ salt, drink rationed water, sleep on ground, live life of privation, labor in Torah.
#DafYomi #Meilah 19: Not liable for idolatry until act changes something, as the idolater changes his worship of God for worship of idols.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 2:1 A Jew that steals from a non-Jew or from Temple property must repay the principal, but not the “double” fine.
#HalachaYomi OC 581:4 Bathe & cut hair on RoshHashana eve. Custom for men to immerse in Mikveh, pray at graves, give charity to poor there.
#TanyaYomiM 7Tishre: Essence & nature of God’s light not subject to space. Encompasses all worlds. Mekif = encompassing. Sovev = encircling.
#EmunaYomi 231: Incarceration is an extreme test of faith. Can’t blame anyone for the situation. God puts people in jail to atone for sins.


Shabbat / 5-Oct-19 / 6 Tishre 5780                                  #1022
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 7: Moses: you’ll be corrupt after my death & deviate from commands; therefore evil will befall you at end of days.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 6:1 Whoever occupies himself w/ Torah for its own sake, merits many things; not only that but he is worth the whole world.
#DafYomi #Meilah 18: Term “anyone” teaches that law of Meila applies whether the guilty person is a common person, a king, or a Kohen Gadol.
#RambamYomi #Geneiva 1:3 “Ganav” a thief who steals without owners knowing. “Gazlan” a robber who takes by force with victim’s knowledge.
#HalachaYomi OC 581:1 Custom to get up at dawn to say Slichot from 1 Elul until YomKipur. Ram”a: our Slichot from Sunday before RoshHashana.
#TanyaYomiM 6Tishre: All created by light of Neshama within them. Neshama is Divinity of the Kelim of 10 Sefirot of Malchut of Atzilut.
#EmunaYomi 230: When they put their trust in their lawyers, their lawyers frequently become the reason of their failure in court.


Friday / 4-Oct-19 / 5 Tishre 5780                                  #1021
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 6: God: I’ll bring them to land I swore to fathers, flowing w/ milk & honey. They’ll be satisfied, turn to other Gods.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:22 Turn Torah over & over, for all is in it; look into, become gray & old in it, don’t leave, don’t have better than it.
#DafYomi #Meila 17: R’ Ruben b’ Isterobeli disguised as gentile & tricked government to reverse decrees against Shabat, BritMila & Nidah.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 14:2 Started fire in own field, spread to neighbor’s field, liable, unless unlikely it would have spread (river).
#HalachaYomi OC 580:1 On the following list of days our ancestors suffered tragedies and it is appropriate to fast on them.
#TanyaYomiM 5Tishre: The Yesh is an entity distinct from Divinity so God can be King over all separate entities by them fulfilling Mitzvot.
#EmunaYomi 229: People that lack Emuna think that flesh-and-blood judges, juries, attorneys, and witnesses dictate the outcome of a case.


Thursday / 3-Oct-19 / 4 Tishre 5780                                  #1020
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 5: God: Jews will forsake Me & violate My covenant; My fury will rage against them; I’ll abandon them & hide My face.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:20 Juda b Tema: Be strong as leopard, swift as eagle, fleet as gazelle, brave as lion, to do will of Father in Heaven.
#DafYomi #Meila 16: Carcasses of non-kosher animals join together with carcasses of kosher animals, only with regard to ritual impurity.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 13:2 Obstacles left in the public path have the same laws as a “pit”. The person who left it pays for all damages.
#HalachaYomi OC 578:1 Just as public fasts for troubles, individuals do for private troubles, family member sick, lost in desert, jailed.
#TanyaYomiM 4Tishre: Multitude of creatures created by God from multitude of letters that issue from Malchut, “breath of His mouth.”
#EmunaYomi 228: Nothing brings person closer to God than passing difficult tests of faith in this lowly & often confusing material world.


Wednesday / 2-Oct-19 / 3 Tishre 5780                                  #1019
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 4: Hakhel: At end of every 7th year on Sukot, gather your men, women, kids, strangers, together to hear this Torah.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:19 If has good eye, humble spirit, moderate appetite, of disciples of Abraham. Opposite, disciple of Bilaam the wicked.
#DafYomi #Meila 15: Items consecrated for Temple maintenance are subject to the laws of misuse (the Halachot of Meila).
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 12:10 Man dug pit 10 handbreaths or more, liable for death of animal that falls in. Not liable for death if less.
#HalachaYomi OC 576:14 Fasts that are fasted for troubles: pregnant, nursing & kids don’t fast. All allowed to eat night before the fast.
#TanyaYomiM 3Tishre: Soul of angels & man, before descending, aren’t level of substantiality (Yesh), but of Divinity in immense contraction.
#EmunaYomi 227: Above fruits are immediate rewards in this world. Dividends of repentance & Emuna assure eternal bliss in the next world.


Tuesday / 1-Oct-19 / 2 Tishre 5780                                  #1018
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 3: Moshe to Joshua: Be strong & courageous. Moshe wrote this Torah, gave to Kohens who carried Ark and to all Elders.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:16 Love that depends on thing, when thing ceases, love ceases; love that doesn’t depend on anything, will never cease.
#DafYomi #Meila 14: Build structures in Temple with non-sacred materials, afterward consecrates those materials upon completion of work.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 11:9 An ox that killed a man and was sentenced to death, any sale, gift or transfer of ox ownership is invalid.
#HalachaYomi OC 576:11 Fast for flooding, homes fall, become graves. Don’t have to in Israel: mountains, homes of stone; except now in Zfat.
#TanyaYomiM 2Tishre: Creation is as naught before Him, in relation to the force and the light that emanates from the vessels of 10 Sefirot.
#EmunaYomi 226: Repentance: spared from harsh judgments; get closer to God; avoid slander, anger, frustration, bitterness & earn happiness.


Monday / 30-Sep-19 / 1 Tishre 5780                                  #1017
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 2: God will destroy nations like did Sihon & Og. Be strong & courageous; God is w/ you, won’t fail you or forsake you.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:14 Goes BetMidrash but doesn’t learn, reward for going; learns but doesn’t go, reward for learning; goes, learns, pious.
#DafYomi #Meila 13: Liable for misusing consecrated item but not what in it: empty cistern got filled w/ water; tree that later bore fruit.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 10:11 Man enters private property without permission & killed by animal, owner doesn’t have to make restitution.
#HalachaYomi OC 576:9 Also fast for locust & grasshoppers, even if we only saw 1 wing in all land of Israel & even if didn’t touch 1 crop.
#TanyaYomiM 1Tishre: God is One with His causations, His vessels. They are Divinity with respect to creating something out of nothing.
#EmunaYomi 225: Task at hand is to accept (Heavenly & earthly) court’s decision lovingly & w/ Emuna & increase repentance efforts & prayer.


Sunday / 29-Sep-19 / 29 Elul 5779                                  #1016
#ParshaYomi #Vayelech 1: Moses: I’m 120 today. God said I can’t cross Jordan; He’ll destroy nations there so can possess. Joshua will lead.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:13 Wants to do Tzedaka, but doesn’t want others to, has evil eye on others; wants others, but not him, evil eye on self.
#DafYomi #Meila 12: Let blood from a live sacrificial animal: deriving benefit from blood forbidden & liable for misusing by Torah law.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 9:1 1st ox chasing 2nd. 2nd ox got hurt. Owner of 2nd says to 1st: your fault. 1st says: don’t know. No payment.
#HalachaYomi OC 576:5 Likewise, we fast for sicknesses: if a fatal epidemic hits a city, we fast for it, as it’s an anguish of the public.
#TanyaYomiM 29Elul: Letters revealed to us are in Action, Speech & Thought; of Action, forms of letters in Assyrian script of Torah scroll.
#EmunaYomi 224: Our Emuna undergoes a special test in face of negative outcomes or judgement. This is the time to summon power of Emuna.


Shabbat / 28-Sep-19 / 28 Elul 5779                                  #1015
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 7: Choice: life & good or death & evil. Do Mitzvot, blessed. Don’t do Mitzvot, will perish. Heaven & earth witnesses.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:10 Mine mine, yours yours, common, or Sodomite; mine yours, yours mine, unlearned; all yours, pious; all mine, wicked.
#DafYomi #Meila 11: Liable for misusing blood of offerings after emerged via canal that runs through Temple to Kidron Valley. Sages: not.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 8:6 Ox did damage & owner sold it, plaintiff gets damages of value of ox from buyer & buyer reclaims from seller.
#HalachaYomi OC 576:3 Also, if there is a pestilence upon pigs, we fast, for their innards are similar to that of humans.
#TanyaYomiM 28Elul: Torah study greater ‘cuz leads to performance. Every person needs to be reincarnated until has observed all 613 Mitzvot.
#EmunaYomi 223: Be prepared for unwanted outcomes. Efforts at repentance don’t always suffice to clean the entire list of Heavenly debts.


Friday / 27-Sep-19 / 27 Elul 5779                                  #1014
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 6: Mitzvot aren’t hidden or far. Not in heaven or across sea. Very close, in mouth & heart, that you can fulfill it.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:9 Exile comes to the world due to idolatry, sexual sins, bloodshed & transgressing Mitzva of year of release of land.
#DafYomi #Meila 10: Sacred items that are fit to be sacrificed, one is not liable until the permitting factors have been sacrificed.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 7:3 Animal that hurt a person, the owner pays damages, but not for pain, work stoppage, medical or embarrassment.
#HalachaYomi OC 575:12 Great Hallel only said if answered during fast day itself. If answered next day, don’t say Great Hallel.
#TanyaYomiM 27Elul: There are five ranks in man’s soul, one lower than the other: intellect, emotion, thought, speech and action.
#EmunaYomi 222: Once Heavenly court reaches verdict, God instills “upstairs” verdict in heart of judge/jury in the “downstairs” courtroom.


Thursday / 26-Sep-19 / 26 Elul 5779                                  #1013
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 5: When obey God, follow all commandments with all heart & soul, God will bless work, womb, livestock, fruit; rejoice.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:7 Wise: don’t: speak before wiser, interrupt, hasty answers; ask relevant, answer to point; say: if didn’t hear, truth.
#DafYomi #Meila 9: Ash of the round heap on Altar top: Rav: One who derives benefit from it is not liable for Meila. R’ Yoḥanan: Is liable.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 6:6 “Muad” (forewarned) animal that is sold or given as a gift reclaims status of a “Tam” (simple, placid) animal.
#HalachaYomi OC 575:11 Fasting for rain, rained enough for type of land: if after noon, complete fast; before noon, eat, holiday, say Halel.
#TanyaYomiM 26Elul: Moshe & other prophets received actual revelation of God. Kabalists, R’ Shimon b Yohai, Ari, received wisdom, knowledge.
#EmunaYomi 221: A person in a real world court case is judged at same time in Heavenly court, checking person’s spiritual credits & debits.


Wednesday / 25-Sep-19 / 25 Elul 5779                                  #1012
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 4: After curses, you’ll return to God. God will bring you back from furthest exile, to your land, make numerous.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:4 10 miracles for our ancestors @ Egypt, 10 @ sea. Egyptians got 10 plagues @ Egypt, 10 @ sea. Ancestors tried God 10x.
#DafYomi #Meila 8: Immersed that day, until sunset is treated as impure with first-degree impurity with regard to sacrificial food.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 5:1 Animal wanders in field, farmer warns owner 3 times, then slaughters animal and tells owner “here’s the meat.”
#HalachaYomi OC 575:7 Fasted 13 fasts for rain & not answered, reduce commerce, building, greetings. Torah scholars continue to fast.
#TanyaYomiM 25Elul: God says to Moshe: “you’ll see My back, but not My face.” Surprising that the Ari understood concepts of “God’s back.”
#EmunaYomi 220: If lack of charity reason stopped by policeman, then pledge of charity can tip scales of harsh judgement the other way.


Tuesday / 24-Sep-19 / 24 Elul 5779                                  #1011
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 3: If will say “I can do what I want,” unleashes all God’s fury & curses on self. Nations will say ‘cuz abandoned God.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:3 W/ 10 trials Abraham, our father, was tested; he withstood them all; to make known how great was the love of Abraham.
#DafYomi #Meila 7: Lost Chatat, designated 2nd in its stead, found 1st, both fit, bring either, makes other unfit, both subject to Meila.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 4:1 If owner took normal precautions but the animal escaped and damaged, owner blameless.
#HalachaYomi OC 575:5 Pregnant & nursing mothers fast on communal drought fasts except for 3 first & 7 last, but eat enough to sustain baby.
#TanyaYomiM 24Elul: Get yearning love of God by expelling spirit of folly from body, thoughts, speech, action in brain, tongue & 248 organs.
#EmunaYomi 219: Satisfaction of donating to poor, sick & for advancement of Torah, better than losing $ on medical bills, repairs & taxes.


Monday / 23-Sep-19 / 23 Elul 5779                                  #1010
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 2: God not only making covenant and oath with those standing here today, but also with those who aren’t here today.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 5:1 World created w/ 10 utterances. Could have w/ 1. To punish wicked who destroy world; reward righteous, maintain world.
#DafYomi #Meila 6: Kohen collected blood shortly before sunset, no time left to sprinkle, offering is still subject to Meila.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 3:1 Animal eats someone else’s produce: in private property owner pays full damage.
#HalachaYomi OC 574:5 If separates self from community, won’t see its consolation. If grieves with community, merits & sees its consolation.
#TanyaYomiM 23Elul: Can’t get to state of love of God w/ delights, via human effort. Need immense exertion in awe of God, then comes on own.
#EmunaYomi 218: Without charity person is a triple loser: loses money against will; suffers pain of money loss; loses benefits of charity.


Sunday / 22-Sep-19 / 22 Elul 5779                                  #1009
#ParshaYomi #Nitzavim 1: Every single one of you are standing in front of God today, to enter into His covenant & His oath with Him, today.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:21 R’ Elazar Hakapar: envy, lust and the desire for honor put a man out of the world.
#DafYomi #Meila 5: With regard to Kodshei Kodashim that is Pigul, if derived benefit from it, always liable for Meila.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 2:2 Private property damaged by pebbles kicked by animal walking — owner pays half.
#HalachaYomi OC 574:2 Went from city that don’t fast to city that does, fasts w/ them, even if plan to return. Outside city limit, can eat.
#TanyaYomiM 22Elul: Holy is a rank of being separated; not apprehended; transcends rank of wisdom & knowledge which is in Garden of Eden.
#EmunaYomi 217: Heavenly accounting exacting to the penny. When give charity, prevent anguish of losing money in negative circumstances.


Shabbat / 21-Sep-19 / 21 Elul 5779                                  #1008
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 7: Moshe lists miracles: Until today, God hasn’t given you ability to understand. Keep Covenant & you’ll succeed in all.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:19 Shmuel Hakatan: Don’t exult when your enemy falls or rejoice when he trips, lest God see & turn His wrath from him.
#DafYomi #Meila 4: Kohen didn’t sprinkle blood on altar day slaughtered: even though sprinkled next day, if benefited, liable for Meila.
#RambamYomi #NizkeiMamon 1:1 Owner is responsible for all damage done by his animal.
#HalachaYomi OC 573:1 Megilat Taanit (Scroll of Fasts) nullified. Can fast on all holidays mentioned in scroll, except Hanuka & Purim.
#TanyaYomiM 21Elul: At resurrection of dead, souls of all Tzadikim that now in upper GanEden will be in bodies & get pleasure from Shechina.
#EmunaYomi 216: Income & losses preordained on Rosh Hashana. $ to charity takes place of $ losses (taxes, fines, med bills, repairs, etc.).


Friday / 20-Sep-19 / 20 Elul 5779                                  #1007
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 6: God will bless Israel w/ incredible success. If don’t listen to Him, will inflict long list of horrible punishments.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:16 R’ Yakov: this world is like vestibule before world to come; prepare yourself in vestibule so can enter banquet hall.
#DafYomi #Meila 3: Pigul intent during slaughter doesn’t remove meat from status of being subject to laws of misuse of Kodshei Kodashim.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 11:12 Mikva immersion is Scriptural decree, needs proper intent of heart. Immersed w/o intent to purify, disqualified.
#HalachaYomi OC 571:3 City under siege, person pursued, or has evil spirit, don’t fast, need strength. Accept to fast for when saved.
#TanyaYomiM 20Elul: He who hardens his heart and suppresses his compassion, causes the same to happen to himself from above, Heaven forbid.
#EmunaYomi 215: Charity prevents penalties. Many penalties and other forms of financial loss occur when a person gives insufficient charity.


Thursday / 19-Sep-19 / 19 Elul 5779                                  #1006
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 5: Mt Gerizim/Bless: Simon, Levi, Juda, Isahar, Josef, Benjamin. Mt Eval/Curse: Ruben, Gad, Asher Zevulun, Dan, Naftali.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:14 R’ Nehorai: Exile self to place of Torah; don’t say will follow you; don’t lean on your own understanding.
#DafYomi #Meila 2: Slaughtered Kodshei Kodashim in south of courtyard, if derives benefit from them, liable for misusing them (Meila).
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 10:3 Left empty Mikva, returned, found it full, it’s acceptable. There’s a doubt if the water for this Mikva was drawn.
#HalachaYomi OC 571:2 Torah scholars forbidden to do private fasts, diminishes holy work, unless do so with community. Same for teachers.
#TanyaYomiM 19Elul: Food, clothing & heat for destitute have precedence over fine clothes, feasts, meat, fish, delicacies for self & family.
#EmunaYomi 214: If harm others have to make arduous efforts in begging forgiveness of all victims. Otherwise, God won’t listen to prayers.


Wednesday / 18-Sep-19 / 18 Elul 5779                                  #1005
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 4: When enter land, set up big stones on Mt Eval, plaster w/ lime, write Torah’s on them; build altar of uncut stones.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:13 R’ Shimon: there are 3 crowns: of Torah; of priesthood; of royalty; but the crown of a good name supersedes them all.
#DafYomi #Kritut 28: Temple Courtyard cried 4x: Remove Ḥofni & Pinḥas; admit YohananBNedavai; admit ElishamaBPikai; expel Yisahar of Barkai.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 9:18 Can’t immerse in wave crest when it’s in air before falls. If 2 ends of a wave are touching earth, ok to immerse.
#HalachaYomi OC 570:1 Vowed to fast # of days & included Shabat or holiday: if general vow, doesn’t need release from vow; if Neder, does.
#TanyaYomiM 18Elul: The rational soul is the lower one in man; it derives from Klipat Noga. The higher, divine soul, is part of God above.
#EmunaYomi 213: As long as sins between man & fellow man go uncorrected, severe judgement hovers like an ax over the transgressor’s neck.


Tuesday / 17-Sep-19 / 17 Elul 5779                                  #1004
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 3: Today God commands you to follow commands with heart & soul. You’ve accepted. God has chosen you as treasured people.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:10 Engage little in business, busy yourself w/ Torah. Be humble before all. If labored in Torah, there’s much reward.
#DafYomi #Kritut 27: Doesn’t fulfill obligation until offering & even $ designated for offering, designated for sake of his particular sin.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 8:11 Anything created from the water, e.g., red worms, ok for immersion. One may immerse in the eye of a giant fish.
#HalachaYomi OC 568:12 Fasting for troubles, dream, or for community, not time for pleasure, frivolity, or happy mood. Time to worry, mourn.
#TanyaYomiM 17Elul: According to quantity of man’s wisdom is quantity of his love & kindness. Traits of Chochma, Bina & Daat (ChaBaD).
#EmunaYomi 212: Without Emuna, people easily insult, harbor ill will, harm, or take revenge upon those who conceivably caused them damage.


Monday / 16-Sep-19 / 16 Elul 5779                                  #1003
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 2: After gave tithe 3rd yr, declare: God, I gave to Levite, stranger, orphan, widow as commanded; look down & bless us.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:9 R’ Yonatan: whoever fulfills Torah when poor will do so wealthy; whoever neglects Torah when wealthy will do so poor.
#DafYomi #Kritut 26: A sin about which witnesses warned him & for which liable to incur lashes, Yom Kippur doesn’t completely atone for him.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 7:12 If Mikva color changes on its own w/o anything falling in, ok. Disqualified if color changed due to other liquid.
#HalachaYomi OC 568:10 Vowed to visit graves of Tzadikim in some place, was delayed for a while, then was hired to go there, trip counts.
#TanyaYomiM 16Elul: Without bond of love and willingness, a son won’t learn as well from his father, even if hears same words from father.
#EmunaYomi 211: Spiritual law: when trust in anyone other than God, fall into hands of object of trust. Nobody has God’s mercy, compassion.


Sunday / 15-Sep-19 / 15 Elul 5779                                  #1002
#ParshaYomi #KiTavo 1: 1st fruit to Temple & declaration: “Came to Promised Land. My father served Aramean, went to Egypt,” & rest of story.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:6 R’ Yosi: whoever honors the Torah is himself honored by others; whoever dishonors the Torah is dishonored by others.
#DafYomi #Kritut 25: A slaughter that does not render the animal fit for consumption is not considered slaughter.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 6:7 When either a sponge or a bucket that contains 3 Lugim of drawn water falls into a Mikveh, doesn’t disqualify it.
#HalachaYomi OC 568:5 Fasted on Chag, HolHamoed, RoshHodesh, Hanuka, Purim or ErevYomKipur for dream, needs to fast again to repent for it.
#TanyaYomiM 15Elul: Abraham loved God with so great and sublime a love that he became a “chariot”, a vehicle for Divinity on earth.
#EmunaYomi 210: Talk to God before policeman comes: “God, don’t punish me with police. Help me identify & correct reason deserve punishment.


Shabbat / 14-Sep-19 / 14 Elul 5779                                  #1001
#ParshaYomi #KiTetze 7: Pay timely wages. Poor harvest leftovers. 40 lashes. Don’t muzzle threshing ox. Levirate marriage. True weights.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:5 R’ Ishmael: If learn in order to teach, granted to study & teach; if learn to do, granted to study, teach & do.
#DafYomi #Kritut 24: Gave gift, receiver said: I don’t want it. Whoever takes possession acquires it, as ownership of item was relinquished.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 5:6 Cistern full w/ drawn water, canal of rainwater flows thru. Pasul until determine if 3 Lugim of drawn water remain.
#HalachaYomi OC 568:3 One who vows to fast a certain number of fasts can push them off until the winter.
#TanyaYomiM 14Elul: Man able to understand somewhat of the supernal Sefirot, for they all radiate in his soul, which is comprised of them.
#EmunaYomi 209: I.e. pulled over ‘cuz of traffic violation, “natural” circumstance merely vehicle of Divine justice designed to arouse us.


Friday / 13-Sep-19 / 13 Elul 5779                                  #1000
#ParshaYomi #KiTetze 6: Man, don’t go to army 1st yr marriage. Don’t take millstone as collateral. Kidnap, death sentence. Remember Miriam.
#MishnaYomi #Avot 4:3 Don’t despise any man or discriminate against anything; there’s no man that has not his hour or thing its place.
#DafYomi #Kritut 23: Unwittingly ate unslaughtered animal carcass on YomKipur, exempt from Chatat for YomKipur. Prohibited independently.
#RambamYomi #Mikvaot 4:7 Mikva had exactly 40 Se’ah, added Se’ah of drawn water, then removed Se’ah of water from it, Mikveh is acceptable.
#HalachaYomi OC 568:1 Vowed to fast certain day, forgot & ate, should still complete fast. Applies to dream fasts, public fasts or Yartzeit.
#TanyaYomiM 13Elul: On Rosh Hashana eve, past year’s divine light withdraws; after completion of Shofar blasts, new sublime light descends.
#EmunaYomi 208: Troubles are God’s catalyst to start process of soul-searching & repentance for what we may have inadvertently done wrong.


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