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                                                            Shabbat / 25-Nov-17 / 7 Kislev 5778                                  #343
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 7: Lavan/Jacob make covenant, not to harm each other & Jacob won’t take other wives. Place stones: YegarSahaduta/GalEd.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 3:7 Blew Shofar into cistern, cellar, barrel: heard Shofar, ok; heard echo, not. Heard outside, had intention, ok.
#DafYomi #Makot 20: Opinions as to size for being liable for creating a Korcha (bald spot): visible; bean size; 2 hairs; lentil size.
#RambamYomi #Shma 2:10 Can recite Shma in any language that understand. Must be as careful in enunciation in foreign language as in Hebrew.
#HalachaYomi OC 268:7 Vayehulu repeated after Amida, because of case of Shabat Yom Tov, where we don’t say it in Amida. Out loud & standing.
#EmunaYomi 301: The result of an hour a day in personal prayer is increased happiness and decreased stress and worry.


                                       Friday / 24-Nov-17 / 6 Kislev 5778                                  #342
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 6: Jacob runs w/ family, wealth; Rachel steals Lavan’s idols; he pursues; God warns him not to harm Jacob, Jacob vents.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 3:4 Fast day: bent ram’s Shofar, silver-coated mouth, 2 trumpets in middle, short Shofar blast, long trumpet-blast.
#DafYomi #Makot 19: R’ Asi in name of R’ Yohanan: Person is liable for eating Maaser Sheni outside of Jerusalem only if it was once inside.
#RambamYomi #Shma 1:4 Before Jacob died, asked sons if with him in Unity of God, they answered Shma, he answered Baruh Shem. Reason we do.
#HalachaYomi OC 268:5 Said weekday Amida on Shabat & didn’t mention Shabat, if moved legs at end, has to say Shabat Amida from beginning.
#EmunaYomi 300: Devote 1 hr/day in self-evaluation, repentance & prayer, have nothing to worry about. God doesn’t have to send wake-up call.


                                Thursday / 23-Nov-17 / 5 Kislev 5778                                  #341
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 5: Jacob asks to leave Lavan. Discuss wages. Deal w/ future ringed, spotted & speckled flock. God tells Jacob, go home.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 3:2 All Shofars fit to be blown on Rosh Hashana except cow’s; called horn, not Shofar. R’ Yosi: but Shofars=horns?
#DafYomi #Makot 18: Just as Kohen must wave Bikurim, also does Shlamim. Just as owner must wave Shlamim, also does Bikurim. Wave together.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 10:3 Ideal love of God: lovesick. Just as lovesick for a woman, obsessed, never stops thinking of her, more for God.
#HalachaYomi OC 268:2 Saying Amida Friday night, realized was saying for weekday, completes blessing that was saying & starts Shabat one.
#EmunaYomi 299: Fear is expression of lack of Emuna, particularly that all God does is for best. Person w/ Emuna doesn’t fear anything.


                                Wednesday / 22-Nov-17 / 4 Kislev 5778                                  #340
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 4: Ruben finds Lea a flower, Rachel takes & offers Lea night w/ Jacob, Lea has +2 boys, 1 girl. Rachel has son, Josef.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 2:9 R’ Gamliel forced R’ Yehoshua to violate day R’ Yehoshua calculated was Yom Kipur to demonstrate his authority.
#DafYomi #Makot 17: Lav Hanitak LeAseh: Prohibition + Mitzva that rectifies error. Does rectifying Mitzva, not punished for Prohibition.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 9:1 If fulfill Torah w/ joy, meditate on its wisdom at all times, God will remove all obstacles & grant good to fulfill.
#HalachaYomi OC 267:2 We recite Arvit earlier on Shabat than weekday. From PlagHaminha can light candles, accept Shabat in Arvit & eat then.
#EmunaYomi 298: All suffer some emotional problems: boredom, no satisfaction, anger, worry, nervous, mood swings, +. Emuna cures these ills.


                                                        Tuesday / 21-Nov-17 / 3 Kislev 5778                                  #339
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 3: Jacob works 7yrs for Rachel. Dad switches her/Leah, asks +7yrs for Rachel, Jacob agrees. 4 born to Leah, 4 to maids.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 2:8 R’ Gamliel had moon drawings for asking witnesses what they saw. Discussion of unusual moon sightings & if ok.
#DafYomi #Makot 16: R’ Achai: if delays relieving himself when he needs to, violates “Lo Teshakatzu” – “don’t make yourself detestable.”
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 8:2 World to come: no: body, eating, sitting, sleeping, death, sadness. Eternal joy. Will understand truth of Godliness.
#HalachaYomi OC 266:11 Package on shoulder, Shabat came, run home; don’t walk. If run, can’t note each foot lifting & placing; walking, can.
#EmunaYomi 297: The more a person corrects and strengthens Emuna, the more he or she will enjoy mental and emotional health.


                                                  Monday / 20-Nov-17 / 2 Kislev 5778                                  #338
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 2: Well, 3 flocks waiting, Rachel comes w/ sheep, Jacob takes rock off well, waters Rachel’s flock, kisses her, cries.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 2:5 Jerusalem large yard for witnesses + meals to encourage them to come. On Shabat they can travel +2000 amot.
#DafYomi #Makot 15: R’ Yohanan: if person nullified doing a Mitzva, liable to get lashes; if didn’t nullify the Mitzva, exempt from lashes.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 7:3 Also need to repent from bad traits like anger, hate, envy, frivolity, pursuit of money & honor, gluttony, etc.
#HalachaYomi OC 266:8 Ability to give $ on Shabat to other only if on road & made wrong estimate of Shabat; if left home close to dark, no.
#EmunaYomi 296: Born healthy & succumb to fear, anxiety, depression, other mental & emotional difficulties; blemished Emuna root of problem.


                                               Sunday / 19-Nov-17 / 1 Kislev 5778                                  #337
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 1: Jacob leaves BerSheva to Haran. Slept, dream, ladder, angels up & down, God: I’ll give you land, kids. Jacob’s vow.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 2:3 Mountain signal relay: lit fire, wave to, fro, up, down until sentry on next mountain did same; then next.
#DafYomi #Makot 14: Woman is Nida (ritually impure) only if blood exits from vagina (she remains ritually pure if from any other orifice).
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 6:5 When God says something will happen in future, man still has free will. Man can’t understand how God knows future.
#HalachaYomi OC 266:4 On road, became Shabat, has $, walking w/ deaf & w/ fool; give $ to fool, not aware; can take back after Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 295: Emotional confusion results from confused Emuna. Emotional weakness outcome of weak Emuna. Rule of thumb for mental illness.


                                         Shabbat / 18-Nov-17 / 29 Cheshvan 5778                                  #336
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 7: Esau saw Isaac blessed Jacob, sent away, told not to marry Canaanite girl. Esau marries Mahalat, Ishmael’s daughter.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 2:1 At 1st, court accepted stranger’s testimony. When heretics bribed witnesses, only accepted known witnesses.
#DafYomi #Makot 13: Don’t need to warn those who merit Karet punishment. Learn from Pesah & Brit Mila; get Karet if didn’t do; not warned.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 5:2 All have free will to be righteous/wicked, wise/foolish, merciful/cruel, miserly/ generous or any other traits.
#HalachaYomi OC 266:1 On road, became Shabat, has $, donkey, non-Jew; give $ to non-Jew, don’t put on donkey; can take back after Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 294: Soul & Emuna 1 aspect. Emotional health directly related to level of Emuna. Emotional disturbances from breakdown in Emuna.


                                  Friday / 17-Nov-17 / 28 Cheshvan 5778                                  #335
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 6: Isaac blesses Jacob. Esau vows murder. Rebeca tells Jacob to leave. Isaac orders Jacob to marry Lavan’s daughter.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 1:8 Unfit witness: gambler; lender w/ interest; sells Sabbatical year produce; slave. Same restrictions as woman.
#DafYomi #Makot 12: Refuge city: 3 mistakes angel of Rome will make: will go to wrong city; it’s not for murderers; it’s not for angels.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 4:5 Sins that person continues to commit, difficult to abandon: gossip; slander; short temper; evil thoughts & friends.
#HalachaYomi OC 265:3 Don’t put vessel under candle on Shabat to catch oil drip, ‘cuz annuls vessel from its function. Can put pre-Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 293: God gratified when we pass test of faith that comes w/ affliction. Reinforcing faith can insure health of body, mind & soul.


                                     Thursday / 16-Nov-17 / 27 Cheshvan 5778                                  #334
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 5: Isaac old, blind, tells Esau to get food so can bless him. Rebeca tells Jacob to get the blessing. Disguises as Esau.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 1:6 40 witness pairs traveled on Shabat for new moon testimony, R’ Akiva stopped them, R’ Gamliel reprimanded him.
#DafYomi #Makot 11: Sages’ curse, even if conditional & condition didn’t occur, comes true. Eli conditionally cursed Shmuel, kids strayed.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 3:6 No next world: atheists; infidels; deny Torah, resurrection, Messiah; apostate; cause many to sin; leave community.
#HalachaYomi OC 265:1 Don’t put vessel w/ oil next to candle to drip into it; might take from it & be guilty of extinguishing. Attached, ok.
#EmunaYomi 292: Bedridden can use available time for soul-searching that can lead to full recovery, instead of wasting time on folly.


                                 Wednesday / 15-Nov-17 / 26 Cheshvan 5778                                  #333
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 4: Isaac goes to BerSheva. God blesses will have much progeny. Builds altar. Avimeleh, Pihol seek peace treaty w/ Isaac.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 1:5 Whether new moon was clearly visible or not, witnesses could desecrate Shabat to travel & testify to Sanhedrin.
#DafYomi #Makot 10: Scholars take inadvertent murderer to refuge. Requests that wouldn’t be heard if a person asks, granted thru messenger.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 2:10 Can’t refuse to be appeased. Forgive w/ whole heart. Don’t seek revenge or bear grudge. Jew’s path, upright spirit.
#HalachaYomi OC 264:6-7 Shabat candles: Can use all oils that burn well, but olive oil best. Wrapped wick with pitch, wax or fat, can light.
#EmunaYomi 291: Don’t wait to turn to God. Putting complete trust in God not only facilitates healing but helps keep healthy people healthy.


                                                     Tuesday / 14-Nov-17 / 25 Cheshvan 5778                                  #332
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 3: Isaac becomes very wealthy. Avimeleh sends him away. Re-digs dad’s wells. Fight over wells. 3rd well, don’t fight.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 1:2 World judged 4x/yr: Pesach, crops; Shavuot, fruits; Rosh Hashana, all world passes before Him; Sukot, water.
#DafYomi #Makot 9: Moshe set 3 refuge cities east of Jordan; Joshua, west, facing each other: Hebron:Betzer; Shechem:Ramot; Kadesh:Golan.
#RambamYomi #Tshuva 1:4 Repentance atones all sins, immediately or over time. Depends how severe. May suffer, need Yom Kipur or death.
#HalachaYomi OC 264:3 Only light Shabbat candles w/ oil that drawn by wick, not w/ any material that has difficulty burning consistently.
#EmunaYomi 290: R’ Noah of Lachovitch: if doctors say no cure & patient reinforces complete trust in God, all gates of healing are opened.


                                 Monday / 13-Nov-17 / 24 Cheshvan 5778                                  #331
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 2: Isaac goes to Grar. Men ask about wife, says sister, fears will kill him for her. Avimeleh discovers, warns locals.
#MishnaYomi #RoshHashana 1:1 New years: 1Nisan, kings +; 1Elul, animal tithe (or 1Tishrei); 1Tishrei, years +; 1Shvat, trees (or 15Shvat).
#DafYomi #Makot 8: Person threw clump of dirt at date tree, dates fell & killed someone. Rebbi: inadvertent murder, exile; Sages exempt.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 12:7 Beard has 5 corners: upper & lower cheek on both sides & chin. Prohibited to shave w/ razor. Ok w/ scissors.
#HalachaYomi OC 264:1 Shabat candle wick, whether on table or anywhere else in house, must be of material that the flame burns steadily on.
#EmunaYomi 289: Even if sharp sword @ neck, never give up hope. “Hope” means prayer. Most cogent prayer is sick person’s prayer for himself.


                                                     Sunday / 12-Nov-17 / 23 Cheshvan 5778                                  #330
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 1: Rebeca conceives, prophecy 2 nations, Esau sells 1stbornship to Jacob. Famine, God to Isaac: don’t leave land, bless.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 5:5 A live coal can’t be moved more than what owner can move on Shabat, but a flame may be taken anywhere.
#DafYomi #Makot 7: Inadvertent killer: exiled when was doing downward action, descending ladder, lowering object; upward action, not exiled.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 11:16 If believe in validity of occult arts, astrology, etc. foolish, feeble-minded, underdevelopment intellect.
#HalachaYomi OC 263:16 Arrived at synagogue close to when they’re accepting Shabat, can still say Minha if started when still permissible.
#EmunaYomi 288: Reciting psalms, names of Tzadikim (righteous) & prayers of healing to God demonstrated to help heal where medicine failed.


                                                    Shabbat / 11-Nov-17 / 22 Cheshvan 5778                                  #329
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 7: Ishmael 137yrs, 12 princes: Nevayot, Kedar, Adbe’el, Mivsam, Mishma, Duma, Masa, Hada, Tema, Yetur, Nafish, Kedma.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 5:3 Animal or vessels can’t be moved more than what owner can move on Shabat (Techum, area that can travel on Shabat).
#DafYomi #Makot 6: Need 2 witnesses that witnessed from same place at same time. 1 from 1 window & 1 from other, or 1 after other, no good.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 10:1 If see an idol worshiper being swept away, drowning in river, in any danger, don’t help; but don’t cause death.
#HalachaYomi OC 263:12 If the majority of the community accepted Shabat upon themselves early, also applies to minority against their will.
#EmunaYomi 287: Blind trust in doctors & medicine form of idolatry. People mistakenly think life depends on man w/ stethoscope around neck.


                                       Friday / 10-Nov-17 / 21 Cheshvan 5778                                  #328
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 6: Abraham marries Ketura, kids: Zimran, Yokshan, Medan, Midian, Yishbak, Shuah. Sent east w/gifts. Abraham dies 175.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 5:2 Shvut (rabbinic restrictions), can’t on Shabat or festival: climb tree, ride animal, swim, clap, slap thighs, dance.
#DafYomi #Makot 5: Edim Zomemim are killed only if their testimony led to a death verdict against their victim but wasn’t carried out yet.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 9:8 Can’t sell item to idolaters if can harm others: bears, lions, weapons, fetters, chains. Can’t sharpen weapons.
#HalachaYomi OC 263:9 Lit candles in house corner, eating in yard, if candles aren’t long enough to stay lit until night, blessed in vain.
#EmunaYomi 286: Best to avoid saying anything of committal nature; say “too early to tell,” or “not enough info for accurate prognosis.”


                                 Thursday / 9-Nov-17 / 20 Cheshvan 5778                                  #327
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 5: Bro & mom try to delay, servant insists, Rebeca wants to go w/ him, go, see Isaac after his prayer, veil, marry.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 4:6 R’ Eliezer: can use wooden chip in front of him to pick teeth; can rake twigs from courtyard to light fire.
#DafYomi #Makot 4: If barrel of wine fell into Mediterranean, immersion in that spot not effective. We’re concerned that it didn’t disperse.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 8:9 Idol that belongs to a Jew can never be nullified. Forbidden to benefit from it forever. Must be entombed.
#HalachaYomi OC 263:6 Youth who learn outside of home, light candles in their room & bless. Married men don’t have to; wife does for them.
#EmunaYomi 285: Doctors often pressured to tell “truth.” Careful to say that seems critical, but experience that God’s hand can change all.


                                 Wednesday / 8-Nov-17 / 19 Cheshvan 5778                                  #326
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 4: Rebeca’s bro, Lavan, greets servant, brings home, servant tells mission, Lavan & Betuel agree from God & marriage.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 4:4 Can’t make hole in clay to make candle-holder, making a vessel on festival. Can’t make charcoal or cut wick in 2.
#DafYomi #Makot 3: Lends w/o setting repayment date, can’t demand payment for at least 30 days. Rav: whether wrote loan document or not.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 7:1 Positive command to destroy idols, accessories & anything made for them. Must eradicate from land of Israel.
#HalachaYomi OC 263:2 Both men & women must have lit candle in home on Shabat. Even if doesn’t have what to eat, should beg to light candle.
#EmunaYomi 284: Sick person can recover in spite of all negative predictions. Commitment to repentance or a Mitzvah can lead to recovery.


                                          Tuesday / 7-Nov-17 / 18 Cheshvan 5778                                  #325
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 3: Servant goes to AramNaharaim, prays for girl, condition that waters camels, Rebeca does it. Servant kneels to God.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 4:3 Can’t chop wood on festival, from a beam, or 1 that broke on festival. Not w/ ax, saw or sickle. Ok only w/ hatchet.
#DafYomi #Makot 2: Edim Zomemim (false witnesses) are punished as per what victim would have gotten. If not feasible, then they’re lashed.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 6:3 Idolatry of Molech: lit fire, gave kid to priest, priest returns kid, dad carries kid between flames. Gets Karet.
#HalachaYomi OC 262:3 Wear nice clothing for Shabat & be joyous w/ coming of Shabat as if going to greet king, going to greet bride & groom.
#EmunaYomi 283: Negative prognoses are sometimes completely inaccurate. Gloomy prognosis robs patient right to die with optimism & faith.


                                        Monday / 6-Nov-17 / 17 Cheshvan 5778                                  #324
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 2: Abraham got field & cave, buried Sarah. Abraham orders servant to get wife for Isaac from hometown. Servant vows.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 4:1 Bringing wine jars from 1 place to other on festival: not in basket or large vessel; can on shoulders or in front.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 113: Ahab asked how Joshua’s curse fulfilled (for rebuilt Jericho) but Moses’ not (no rain for idolatry). Rain stopped.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 5:3 Don’t warn idolatry-inciter; only sinner that we entrap. If incites in front of 2 men, witnesses, inciter stoned.
#HalachaYomi OC 262:1 Set table, beds and house before Shabbat, so that will find it set and organized when returns home from synagogue.
#EmunaYomi 282: God doesn’t reveal the day of death; could have detrimental effects. How can mortal be so presumptuous to think he knows it?


                                           Sunday / 5-Nov-17 / 16 Cheshvan 5778                                  #323
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 1: Sara dies @ 127yrs in Hebron. Abraham eulogizes, cries; buys Mahpela cave+field from Efron for 400 silver shekel.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 3:7 Can’t sharpen knife on festival, but can draw 1 across other to sharpen it. Can’t tell butcher: weigh dinar of meat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 112: Possessions of the righteous in an idolatrous city destroyed w/ city; the possessions caused them to live there.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 4:1 City incited to idolatry (Ir Hanidahat): inciters executed by stoning; inhabitants that worshiped, decapitated.
#HalachaYomi OC 260:2 Close to dark on Shabat eve, asks members of house: did you tithe? do Eruv? separate Chalah? Instructs: light candles.
#EmunaYomi 281: Doctors who discourage patients, who forecast how long patient has to live, are robbing them of any chance for recovery.


                                    Shabbat / 4-Nov-17 / 15 Cheshvan 5778                                  #322
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 7: God to Abraham: sacrifice Isaac. Travels 3 days, binds Isaac, angel stops him, passed test, blessed. Rebecca born.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 3:5 Animal died on festival, can’t move it until after. R’ Tarfon asked about it & about impure Chalah, told can’t move.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 111: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob didn’t complain that God’s promises not being fulfilled. Moses complains to God at start.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 3:3 Always liable if bow, slaughter, sacrifice or libation, no matter what the normal form of serving that idol is.
#HalachaYomi OC 260:1 Mitzva to wash face, hands & feet (Ram”a: whole body) w/ hot water before Shabat; also to wash hair & cut nails.
#EmunaYomi 280: Even if the sick person is destined to die, he should still be surrounded with optimism and encouragement.


                                 Friday / 3-Nov-17 / 14 Cheshvan 5778                                  #321
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 6: Avimeleh & Fihol treaty w/ Abraham. Abraham claims well that dug, set aside 7 lambs, swears. Place called Ber Sheva.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 3:2 Traps for wild animals, poultry or fish laid before festival: don’t take animal unless know caught before festival.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 110: “A smart woman builds her house,” Ohn b Pelet’s wife, saved him; “foolish by their hand destroy it.” Korah’s wife.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 2:1 Can’t serve any creation; even if knows that God is true God, but worships intermediaries, it’s still idolatry.
#HalachaYomi OC 259:3 Did Hatmana in box w/ item that not allowed to move & took out pot: as long as orifice intact, can return the pot.
#EmunaYomi 279: Claims that doctor must give patients truthful assessments is a fallacy. Patient shouldn’t be robbed of hopes of recovery.


                                              Thursday / 2-Nov-17 / 13 Cheshvan 5778                                  #320
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 5: Abraham 100 when Isaac born. Big party when weaned. Sarah has Abraham exile Hagar & son. Got lost, angel saves them.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 3:1 Can’t hunt fish from pond on festival. Animal that still needs hunting can’t on festival; doesn’t need hunting, ok.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 109: Stories of Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, outsmarting the men of Sodom, by turning their sadistic laws against them.
#RambamYomi #AvodaZara 1:1 Idolatry’s start: Enosh’s time, people worshiped God’s servants, the stars & spheres, built temples, sacrifices.
#HalachaYomi OC 258:1 Can put a utensil w/ cold food on top of a hot pot before Shabat. It’s not considered Hatmana w/ item that adds heat.
#EmunaYomi 278: A doctor’s spiritual and emotional support is inestimably beneficial to every patient.


                                       Wednesday / 1-Nov-17 / 12 Cheshvan 5778                                  #319
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 4: Sodom destroyed. Lot’s wife looks back, turns to salt; girls get him drunk, have sons from him. Avimeleh. Isaac born.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 2:9 Pepper mill can be impure for being 3 different types of vessel: containing vessel, metal vessel and sifting vessel.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 108: Dove: God, I prefer my food be bitter as olive branch, but from your hand, rather than sweet as honey but from man.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 7:13 Practice of early generations pious: hear their shame, not answer; pardon, forgive person who insulted them.
#HalachaYomi OC 257:6 Can do Hatmana for cold food so won’t get colder, w/ items that don’t add heat. If adds heat, can’t, even b4 Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 277: A doctor’s encouraging word carries far more weight than a layman’s word. Should also use his influence to reinforce Emuna.


                               Tuesday / 31-Oct-17 / 11 Cheshvan 5778                                  #318
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 3: Angels @ Sodom, Lot hosts ’em, city threatens ’em, angels blind ’em, grab Lot, wife, 2 girls: exit, don’t look back.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 2:6 R’ Gamliel: Dad’s house didn’t bake course bread, only thin. Was told, your father’s house was stringent on selves.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 107: David to God: Why do we say God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, but not of David? God: I tested them. Test me. Failed.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 6:1 Mitzva to respect every Torah sage, even if not one’s teacher. Stand for him when within 4 cubits until passes.
#HalachaYomi OC 257:4 We don’t do Hatmana on Shabat, even if doesn’t add heat; if did before Shabat & uncovered on Shabat, can re-cover.
#EmunaYomi 276: A doctor must avoid saddening or encouraging despair. One of his most important tasks is encouraging a patient.


                              Monday / 30-Oct-17 / 10 Cheshvan 5778                                  #317
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 2: Guests depart to Sodom, Abraham escorts out. God reveals will destroy Sodom, Abraham bargains to save ’em, ends @ 10.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 2:5 Bet Shamai: Can’t heat water to wash feet, unless fit for drinking. Bet Hillel: ok; can even make fire to warm self.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 106: 3 in Pharaoh’s counsel vs Jews: Bilaam, said to drown boys, killed; Iyov, was quiet, suffered; Yitro, ran, blessed.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 5:1 Just as honors dad, must also honor Torah teacher, even more. Dad brought into this world, teacher into next.
#HalachaYomi OC 257:1 No Hatmana (covering food to retain heat) on Shabat, even if it doesn’t add heat. Adds heat, not even before Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 275: R’ Nachman emphasizes that sickness and disease are the result of a breakdown of happiness (Likutei Moharan II:24).


                                   Sunday / 29-Oct-17 / 9 Cheshvan 5778                                  #316
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 1: Abraham gets 3 visitors, prepares feast, they say Sarah will have son, she laughs, God asks Abraham why she laughs.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 2:2 Festival after Shabat, need to immerse: Bet Shamai: only before Shabat. Bet Hilel: utensils b4, people ok on Shabat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 105: Always do Torah & Mitzvot, even if not for sake of Heaven; doing it not for sake, will lead to doing it for sake.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 4:1 Don’t learn from teacher who doesn’t follow proper path, even if he’s very wise, until returns to proper path.
#HalachaYomi OC 255:1 Can’t light fire before Shabat or benefit from it unless will be able to continue on own without any intervention.
#EmunaYomi 274: R’ Nachman stressed the importance of maintaining happiness and avoiding sadness and depression at all costs.


                           Shabbat / 28-Oct-17 / 8 Cheshvan 5778                                  #315
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 7: Brit Mila; If don’t do it, out of nation. Sarai to be Sarah. Will have son, named Itzhak. Abraham & men did Brit.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 2:1 Festival on Shabat eve, can’t cook on it for Shabat, but can use leftovers. Eruv Tavshilin: can cook for Shabat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 104: If Yonatan b Saul had given David bread, then no asking from Nov, no killing by Saul, no death for Saul & 3 sons.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 3:3 There is no other mitzva from out of all the mitzvas that is equal to Torah study. Torah study is equal to all.
#HalachaYomi OC 254:9 Don’t put barrel of water in oven right before Shabat. If did, can’t use until after Shabat + time it needed to cook.
#EmunaYomi 273: Medical research shows that optimism & a happy attitude play an important role in healing, recovery & resistance to disease.


                               Friday / 27-Oct-17 / 7 Cheshvan 5778                                  #314
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 6: God to Abram: kids’ll be slaves in other land, then return to Canaan. Ishmael born. God changes Abram to Abraham.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 1:8 Sorting legumes on festival: Bet Shamai: can sort if eat right away. Bet Hillel: can sort normally, but not w/ tool.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 103: Four groups of people will not merit to see the Divine Presence: Scoffers, Liars, Flatterer & Gossipers.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 2:5 Up to 25 students per teacher. 25 to 40 students, teacher + assistant. >40 students, split to 2 teachers.
#HalachaYomi OC 254:4 Fruits that are eaten raw can be put around pot even if won’t be grilled before Shabat. Can’t re-cover pot on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 272: Physicians are granted a Divine license to heal, not to dishearten patients. Terrible mistake to say how long has to live.


                                        Thursday / 26-Oct-17 / 6 Cheshvan 5778                                  #313
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 5: God: Fear not, Abram; your reward is great. Abram: I have no kids. God: Look at stars, you’ll have as many kids.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 1:7 Bet Shamai: Can ground spices w/ wooden pestle; salt in small vessel, wooden spoon. Bet Hillel: Can do normal way.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 102: Navot’s spirit mislead Ahav, lead to Ahav’s ruin, was in turn banished. He who takes vengeance destroys own house.
#RambamYomi #TalmudTora 1:8 Every Jewish man obligated to study Torah: rich, poor, healthy, sick, young or old. Need fixed time day & night.
#HalachaYomi OC 254:1 Can’t start grilling meat right before Shabat, might adjust coals. But ok for chicken, adjusting coals would ruin it.
#EmunaYomi 271: Medical professionals should also plead to God and ask for patience, understanding, and a sensitivity of their patients.


                                        Wednesday / 25-Oct-17 / 5 Cheshvan 5778                                  #312
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 4: Battle of 4 vs 5 kings. 4 kings win, take captives including Lot. Abram fights, wins, returns captives, blessed.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 1:5 Bet Shamai: can’t remove shutters on festival. Bet Hilel: can even return ’em. B’ Shamai: can’t chop meat w/ pestle.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 101: All the education that King Hezekiah invested in his son Menashe were ineffective. Only tribulations helped.
#RambamYomi #Deot 7:3 3 sins gets punished in this world, no portion in next: idolatry, forbidden relations & murder. Gossip is = to all 3.
#HalachaYomi OC 253:5 Can put on a hot pot on Shabat food that was fully cooked before Shabat to warm it up. It’s not a manner of cooking.
#EmunaYomi 270: Doctor’s slightest misjudgment can have tragic, fatal results. Should plead for Divine assistance in everything they do.


                                             Tuesday / 24-Oct-17 / 4 Cheshvan 5778                                  #311
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 3: Abram & Lot herdsmen quarrel. Lot goes to Jordan plain by Sodom (evil people). God promises Abram land & kids.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 1:2 Slaughtered non-domesticated animal or poultry on festival: Bet Shamai: can dig w/ spade & cover blood w/ dirt.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 100: God will bring gems 30×30 amot. Student didn’t believe, saw in sea, admitted. R’ Yohanan killed student w/ look.
#RambamYomi #Deot 6:1 Person is influenced by friends, will follow local norms. Should be in company of wise & live in town of righteous.
#HalachaYomi OC 252:7 Mitzva to check ones garments before Shabat; make sure there’s nothing in them that can’t take out w/ him on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 269: Physicians, pray daily before work that God should help you be a worthy emissary. Should be agent of healing & not death.


                                           Monday / 23-Oct-17 / 3 Cheshvan 5778                                  #310
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 2: Pharaoh takes Sarai, Abram benefits, God plagues Pharaoh & house, Pharaoh confronts Abram, sends them away.
#MishnaYomi #Beitza 1:1 If an egg was hatched during a festival: Bet Shamai: can eat it on the festival. Bet Hillel: can’t eat it.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 99: If learn Torah & don’t review, like planting & not harvesting. Learns & forgets, like giving birth & then burying.
#RambamYomi #Deot 5:3 If gets drunk, is a sinner, shameful & will lose his wisdom. If gets drunk in front of others, desecrates God’s name.
#HalachaYomi OC 252:6 Don’t go out Friday close to nightfall w/ needle in hand or quill, lest forget that carrying & will carry on Shabbat.
#EmunaYomi 268: Doctors usually compassionate. Must avoid arrogance. Remember only messengers of healing. God decides who lives & dies.


                                   Sunday / 22-Oct-17 / 2 Cheshvan 5778                                  #309
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 1: God to Abram: Leave your land, birthplace, dad’s house to land I’ll show you. Will make great nation, bless you.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 5:6 Day 1: 13 bulls, 2 rams, 1 goat, 14 sheep; 6 shifts brought 2 sheep each, 2 shifts/1 each. Each day adjusted rotation.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 98: Messiah sits by gate w/ other poor Metzoras. They untie & retie bandages in 1 shot. Messiah does it 1 at a time.
#RambamYomi #Deot 4:15 Idle, doesn’t exercise, even eats properly, will always have pain. Overeating is like poison & main cause of illness.
#HalachaYomi OC 252:1 Can start action before Shabat even if continues & completed on Shabat if happens on own without further intervention.
#EmunaYomi 267: R’ Nachman: Certain illnesses from lack of Emuna. Can’t be cured physically. Need prayer, repentance & strengthening Emuna.


                                           Shabbat / 21-Oct-17 / 1 Cheshvan 5778                                  #308
#ParshaYomi #Noah 7: Tower of Babel. Generations, years from Shem until Abram. Abram marries Sarai. Sarai barren. Leave Ur, settle in Haran.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 5:4 Pious & men of deeds danced w/ torches, sang, praised. Levites played lutes, harps, cymbals, trumpets, +, on 15 steps.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 97: R’ Tvut moved to town of people who didn’t lie or die. Neighbor asked for wife, he lied & said not home. Kids died.
#RambamYomi #Deot 3:3 “Know God in all your ways.” Every act, eating, working, sleeping, intimacy, should be to better serve & know God.
#HalachaYomi OC 251:1 If works on Friday afternoon from the time of Minha & onward, will not see any blessing. Some say from early Minha.
#EmunaYomi 266: If sick, should pray for Emuna that everything for best & ability to thank God. When start thanking God, life gets better.


                                                Friday / 20-Oct-17 / 30 Tishrei 5778                                  #307
#ParshaYomi #Noah 6: Noah plants vineyard, gets drunk; Ham sees him naked, Shem & Yafet cover; Noah curses Ham’s son. List world’s nations.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 5:2 After day 1 of Festival, water drawing rejoicing, 4 gold candelabras x4 ladders, x4 youth w/ jars of oil of 120 log.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 96: Fate of some enemies of Israel: Naaman & Nevuzaradan converted; Sisera & Haman descendants taught Torah to many.
#RambamYomi #Deot 2:1 Morally ill love bad traits, hate good path, lazy to follow it. Cure: go to wise, soul-healers, teach them good path.
#HalachaYomi OC 250:1 Arise early Friday AM to prepare Shabat. Like great Rabbis, do task personally to honor Shabat; even if have servants.
#EmunaYomi 265: Gratitude to God is apex of Emuna & conducive to good health. Opposite true, lack of Emuna is often root cause of disease.


                               Thursday / 19-Oct-17 / 29 Tishrei 5778                                  #306
#ParshaYomi #Noah 5: God to Noah: Covenant with you, descendants & all creatures on earth. I’ll never flood world again. Rainbow my sign.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 5:1 Flute played 5/6 days in Temple at water drawing; doesn’t override Shabat/Holiday. Water drawing greatest rejoicing.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 95: Story: David & Avishai vs Yishbi bro of Goliath, & their mom, Orpa. God’s name vs magic. Prisoner can’t save self.
#RambamYomi #Deot 1:4 Straight path: midpoint of character traits: not angry, not unfeeling; not stingy, not spender; not elated, not sad.
#HalachaYomi OC 249:1 Don’t go on Friday >3 Parsaot (~12km). Must get home w/ plenty of time to prepare for Shabat, whether at home or away.
#EmunaYomi 264: Thanking God for apparent calamity such as sickness is highest expression of Emuna. Recognizes that all from God & for best.


                                     Wednesday / 18-Oct-17 / 28 Tishrei 5778                                  #305
#ParshaYomi #Noah 4: God to Noah: Exit ark, multiply. Won’t curse earth again ‘cuz of man. Man can eat meat, but not blood. Don’t murder.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 4:8 Say Hallel & do Simcha 8 days of festival. Dwell in Suka 7 days; after last meal clear utensils, but don’t undo Suka.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 94: Afraid & don’t know why, means Mazel (angel appointed over each person) saw something. Should jump 4 Amot from spot.
#RambamYomi #YesodeiHatora 10:4 True prophet if future positive predictions always come true. God can revert on negative predictions (Yona).
#HalachaYomi OC 248:2 Reason not to set sail 3 days before Shabat is ‘cuz of Oneg (enjoyment) of Shabat, as 1st 3 days of sailing painful.
#EmunaYomi 263: God makes ailing person sick for their own benefit & welfare. This awareness allows person to thank God. Faster recovery.


                                              Tuesday / 17-Oct-17 / 27 Tishrei 5778                                  #304
#ParshaYomi #Noah 3: Floodwaters raised ark. Water covered all tall mountains. All creatures perished. Only Noah & those in ark survived.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 4:7 After the ritual of the Day of Beating of the Branches, children would steal the men’s Lulavs and eat their Etrogs.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 93: Boaz gave Ruth 6 barley seeds: Hint @ 6 descendants x 6 blessings: David, Messiah, Daniel, Hananya, Mishael, Azaria.
#RambamYomi #YesodeiHatora 9:3 Proven prophet (i.e. Elijah) can order temporary violation of commandments, except for permitting idolatry.
#HalachaYomi OC 247:6 If a Jew employs a non-Jew on a long-term basis, can’t send the non-Jew on Friday afternoon with a letter to deliver.
#EmunaYomi 262: Going to the doctor without prior spiritual effort shows lack of Emuna. Seek good health from He who grants life – God.


                                        Monday / 16-Oct-17 / 26 Tishrei 5778                                  #303
#ParshaYomi #Noah 2: Pure animals, 7; impure, 2. Noah 600yrs old, flood starts. Month 2, Day 17. Rain 40 days/nights. Creatures came 2 by 2.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 4:5 Arava Mitzva: place willows on sides of altar, tips lean over. Blew Tkiya/Truah/Tkiya. Circle altar 1/day; day 7, 7x.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 92: Men of Ezekiel’s revived Dry Bones went to Israel, married, had kids. R’ Yehuda b Betera grandson, had their Tfilin.
#RambamYomi #YesodeiHatora 8:1 Mt Sinai revelation source of belief in Moses’ prophecy. Our eyes saw, our ears heard, Voice of God to Moses.
#HalachaYomi OC 247:1 A Jew can send mail with a non-Jew, even Friday afternoon, if the cost is fixed & didn’t tell him to go on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 261: Talmud: before disease & suffering hit person, sworn to leave certain day, hour, by certain person & certain medical agent.


                                                  Sunday / 15-Oct-17 / 25 Tishrei 5778                                  #302
#ParshaYomi #Noah 1: God to Noah: I’m destroying man ‘cuz of his sins. Build ark, gather family, 2 of each animal. Ark 300 x 50 x 30 cubits.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 4:2 In Temple, Lulav shaken 7 days of festival if 1st day was Shabat; otherwise shaken 6 days of festival & not on Shabat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 91: Egyptians: Torah testifies that Jews stole our gold. Gviha: Torah says you enslaved us 430 years, pay back wages.
#RambamYomi #YesodeiHatora 7:1 God conveys prophecy to man. Only on wise sages, strong character/mind, mind overcomes natural inclinations.
#HalachaYomi OC 246:3 Jew can’t rent or lend animal to a non-Jew to work with on Shabat. Jew commanded regarding Shabat for his animals.
#EmunaYomi 260: God is the cause of all causes, the reason of all reasons. Must believe in God only, not in any intermediary or other cause.


                                              Shabbat / 14-Oct-17 / 24 Tishrei 5778                                  #301
#ParshaYomi #Bereshit 7: Metusela 969; Lameh 777; Noah has Shem,Ham,Yafet. Lives won’t be long. Nefilim. Man’s evil great. God regrets man.
#MishnaYomi #Suka 3:15 R’ Yehuda: On Shabat, can return Lulav to water; on festival, can add water to it; on Chol Hamoed, can change water.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 90: Cleopatra: When dead arise, will be dressed? R’ Meir: Yes, wheat buried naked arises clothed; so too the righteous.
#RambamYomi #YesodeiHatora 6:2 7 names of God: YHVH (also ADNY), El, Elo’ah, Elohim, Elohai, Shaddai, Tzvaot. Erase even 1 letter, lashed.
#HalachaYomi OC 246:2 Forbidden to lend tool to non-Jew on Shabat or on Friday close to nightfall. People will think the Jew instructed him.
#EmunaYomi 259: Many are ensnared in the trap of the intermediary: believe in God, but also that the intermediary determines their fate.

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