Warrior Prophets: Conqueror

Warrior Prophets, Book 1: Conqueror

A Biblical Fiction Novel based on the stories, events and personalities of the Book of Joshua.

In Warrior Prophets: Conqueror, ten-year old Boaz, of the tribe of Judah, is thrust into the center of the chaos sweeping the ancient world. The Israelites, after forty years of wandering, and under the leadership of Joshua, disciple of Moses, are invading Canaan. Caleb, Prince of Judah, discovers Boaz’s hidden talents and trains him in the supernatural powers of their ancestors.

Boaz becomes an instrumental weapon during the fall of Jericho, the battle of Gibeon and more. But a dangerous nemesis, the young and deadly Akavish the Philistine, seeks to destroy Boaz at all costs.

Warrior Prophets is a unique blend of historical fiction, fantasy and adventure appropriate for a young adult audience, relying heavily on biblical and archeological sources. The book includes detailed hand-drawn maps of the ancient world, recreated genealogical records and timeline, an index of biblical references, and a glossary of biblical terms.

Diary 1: Saga of the Beard

Prologue 1: Stopping Moses

Prologue 2: Shadow of the Father

Chapter 1: Uncanny Sense

Chapter 2: Inside the Walls of Jericho

Chapter 3: The Capture of Ashkelon

Chapter 4: Gibeonite Deception

Chapter 5: Detour to Jerusalem

Chapter 6: Death in Lachish

Chapter 7: Masters and Slaves

Chapter 8: Alliance of Hate and Fear

Chapter 9: The Nation that Cried Wolf

Chapter 10: The Battle of Gibeon, Part I

Chapter 11: The Battle of Gibeon, Part II

Chapter 12: Royal Executions

Chapter 13: Yered the Plooper

Chapter 14: Philistine Homecoming

Chapter 15: Boys’ Bar Brawl

Chapter 16: Monkey in the Middle

End Part I

Part II

Chapter 17: To War with the Eastern Tribes

Chapter 18: Boaz the Coward

Chapter 19: The Kenite Agent

Chapter 20: The Claw’s Sting 

Chapter 21: Widower’s Regret 

Chapter 22: Mistaken Murderer 

Chapter 23: Filial Regicide

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