Press Release: Chief Rabbi of Uruguay to Publish Controversial Biblical Fiction Novel

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Chief Rabbi of Uruguay to Publish Controversial Biblical Fiction Novel

March 5, 2014, Montevideo, Uruguay – Rabbi Ben-Tzion Spitz, Chief Rabbi of Uruguay, has announced plans to publish a biblical fiction novel, Warrior Prophets – Joshua: Conqueror. It is the first book of The Boaz Trilogy set at the time when the young Israelite nation enters the land of Canaan.

The novel has received some criticism from other Rabbis for fictionalizing the biblical account. Their claim is that by mixing elements of fiction and fantasy with the biblical stories, such a book can weaken the belief in the divine origin of the Bible and present the Bible as just a fanciful mythological account. Some have threatened to issue a ban on the book should it be published.

“The book is not intended for people who are already familiar with the Bible or are committed in their Jewish belief,” Rabbi Spitz stated, “though they might enjoy it as well. The book is geared for a broader audience, especially young adult readers, who enjoy Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and would be curious to read and experience a fantasy adventure in a biblical setting.”

The publication of the book has been launched as a Kickstarter project with full details available on their website ( The project funding period expires March 26, 2014. If the project doesn’t receive sufficient pledges, the book will not be published via that effort.

“We support Rabbi Spitz in his publishing efforts,” stated Mr. Alberto Buszkaniec, President of the Uruguayan Jewish Community, “he is an original, innovative teacher of Judaism who remains true to Jewish law, traditions and sources. We are proud and privileged to have him as the spiritual leader of our community.”

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