Help me publish my next book!


Dear Friends,

I would like your participation in my next publishing effort. My hope is to print the next volume of biblical fiction short stories: Destiny’s Call: Book Three – Leviticus. This was probably one of the more challenging books to write, given that the Book of Leviticus has little narrative. How does one tell a story about animal sacrifice? How does one turn dry laws regarding childbirth, ritual contamination, usury and more into an interesting story?

However, I have also fictionalized of the few but powerful stories in Leviticus as well. The question is do these stories hit the mark? Will they succeed in connecting a generation that is unfamiliar with our foundational texts with their heritage?

Find out and help me bring it to the world. To all those who helped with my first Kickstarter project, I thank you for a fantastic participation that was successful and satisfying. The book came out better than I expected and I couldn’t have done it without you.

For this project, I have put a much more modest goal, as we are really close to completion of the book. Please check out the project online, peruse the creative rewards and pass on this email to any friends you think this would be of interest to.



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