The Dragon Haggadah — draft, free download

The Dragon Haggadah is a new, experimental Haggadah designed for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) players and their families. It weaves some light roleplaying, riddles, puzzles and D&D action into the text and rites of the Seder night. First draft and free for download. Please share with people who would be interested. Please send comments, corrections, suggestions and any other feedback to

The Dragon Haggadah US optimized (Letter size)

The Dragon Haggadah A4-size optimized

Note: The file is designed for binding on the RIGHT side, giving prominence to the reading of the Hebrew text of the Haggadah and the way most traditional Haggadahs are bound. It can be bound on the left side for those for whom the English reading is more important. The only impact will be on the graphic layout of pages 22 and 23 which was designed with the Hebrew layout in mind.

March 30, 2023: Version 1_1: fixed hyphen issue with short stories and added illustrations for the short stories.

March 31, 2023: Version 1_2: fixed additional formatting issues, added more illustrations and notes about D&D dice.

April 1, 2023: Version 1_3: fixed Magid outline graphic and added volcano illustration.

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