Insights by Parsha

Commentary      Sforno Hizkuni Kli Yakar
Torah Portion
Bereshit none yet Animal Intimacy Imperfect Creation
Noach none yet Carnivores Unite! Deadly Letter of the Law
Lech Lecha A Rose by Any Other Name? Inherit the Living The Power to Bless
Vayera Angel, Merchant, Prophet, Doctor The Blessings of Aging, Tribulations and the Death-Bed The Secret to Fertility
Chayei Sarah The Matriarch is Dead! Long Live the Matriarch!! Is your child a bully? Instant Divine Gratification
Toldot The Second Great Famine Who cares what they say? Beware the Carnivore
Vayetze Three Prerequisites for Spiritual Success Revolving Stairway to Heaven Anti-Wealth Prayer
Vayishlach Stalling the Angel of Death The Price of Fear Flatterer’s Folly
Vayeshev The Prostitute and The King Einsteinian Power Changing Your DNA
Miketz Joseph’s Egyptian Management Reaching Incompetence The Missing Spy
Vayigash J’accuse! Distance vs. Love Plausible Deniability
Vayechi A Blessing on Your Head The Lion and The Wolf Fragmentation of a Merchant’s Mind
Shmot The Diamond in the Cesspool “Elementary, My Dear Watson” Sin-proof
Vaera Aerodynamics of Egyptian Hail Caring Spectators Know Thy Name
Bo The Inescapability of Destiny Life of the Party Kill the Astrology, Eat their Lamb Chops
Beshalach Tactical Deception and Clueless Pawns Metallic Doom It’s supposed to be tough
Yitro “Knock, knock” Unclaimed Territory Strength of Trust, Strength of Mind
Mishpatim The Purpose of Grandparenthood Less-Abominable Slavery Snap Indecision
Terumah Flying Lessons Religion of Exceptions Moderate Extremists and The Miraculous Middle
Tetzaveh God: Up Close and Personal Cover Up or Die Clothes Make the Saint, Sometimes
Ki Tisah Chutzpah, Sin, Loyalty and Rejoicing Schrödinger’s Financial Cat Fall of the Island
Vayakhel The Finest Workmanship none yet Real Generosity
Pekudai none yet Overwhelming Force in Love and War Hazy Clarity
Vayikra The Crime of Ignorance Mate for Life Harnessing Evil
Tzav Scouring Our Souls Teach the Children, Redeem the Parents Study vs. Action
Shemini The Eternal Life Diet Lowest Common Denominator The Holy Fraud
Tazria Strategy for China’s Female Infanticide Spiritual Contagion Psychosomatic
Metzora none yet none yet Lord of the Doppelganger Flies
Acharai Mot Demonology “Make Thy Bed” Bribing your way to God
Kedoshim none yet none yet The Power of Ten
Emor Meat+Wine=Happiness Homeless Bigotry Flesh of my Flesh
Behar Faith, Famine, Feast, Food “Because I Said So” The Snake’s Illusion
Bechukotai none yet not yet Messianic Predictions
Bamidbar Starfleet Protocol and the Limits of Assertiveness Color-Coded Conquest Tribal Wisdom, Humility, Courage and Wealth
Naso Women: “Don’t touch the merchandise” Strangers Amongst Us Secrets of the Priestly Blessing
Behaalotcha Aliyah Faux Pas Intergenerational Training Food’s Spiritual Levels
Shelach Unforgivable Fairy-Tale Theology Divine String Symphony
Korach Polonius vs. Nachmanides Losing Gracefully Adulterous Power
Chukat Sin, Disease and Healing Paradoxical Reality Beardless Righteousness
Balak Out of the Mouths of Babes Divine Irony Evil-Eye Protection
Pinchas Outrageous Immortality Cooling Passions Forgiven Jerusalemites
Matot Evil’s Innocent Accomplices Moral Shields Wealthy Arrogance
Masaei none yet not yet Pillars of the Universe
Dvarim A Litigious People Enemy of Good: Perfect Hypocritical Humility
Vaetchanan Atheists in the Foxhole God’s Loving Wrath Choice Exile
Ekev Madoff’s Curse Staff of Faith The Double-Edged Dollar
Re’eh Death by Mediocrity Staking Eternity Wear Sunscreen
Shoftim Battle-ready Long live the politician! Fall of the Wise
Ki Tetze Death, Taxes and the Vow-breaker Competitive Comparisons The Strength of Silence
Ki Tavo “If I were a rich man…” Nation vs. Religion The Ultimate Blessing
Nitzavim Dynastic Soul-Searching Delusional Blessings Evil Thoughts
Vayelech none yet not yet not yet
Haazinu Water for Growth not yet Unconditional Generosity
Vezot Habracha Future Israeli Gold Rush Removing Adam’s Curse The Teacher’s Sacrifice

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