Exciting New Lecture Series in Montevideo

And now for a little self-promotion:

Coat_of_arms_of_UruguayThe Chief Rabbinate of Uruguay, under the auspices of the Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay, is proud to announce the inauguration of a new Judaic Studies lecture series, to be given by

The Chief Rabbi of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Rabbi Engineer Ben-Tzion Spitz, Shlit”a

The title of the series is: Maimonides against The World

Language of Instruction: Crude Venezuelan Spanish with insertions of Hebrew and English with simultaneous crowd translation into eloquent if chaotic Uruguayan Spanish.

Date of Lecture: Every Wednesday.

Time of Lecture: Approximately 8:30am, when the morning services end. Lecture will last approximately 30 minutes, though participants may enter further sophisticated discussions thereafter.

Location: The Yeshiva of Yavne, 2nd floor, 1st building on the right, 2800 Cavia, Pocitos, Montevideo.

Inaugural Lecture will be held this coming Wednesday, June 5.

Title of Inaugural Lecture: The Maimonidian Revolution, or Why Did Jews Burn His Books.


RSVP to bentzispitz@gmail.com. Please feel free to forward this invitation to other people of an intellectual bent. All residents of Montevideo should consider themselves invited and welcome. Light refreshments will be served. Bring brain in gear. Coffee will be provided.

This lecture is sponsored in part by the wildly successful, heavily read and much-discussed blog series, Adventures of a Chief Rabbi.

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