Culinary Love

Ohr Hachayim Genesis: Toldot

Culinary Love

You may not have realized it, but we are descendants of chefs. Our ancestors had a love of food and its preparation. While ancient man may have constantly been preoccupied with the preparation of their next meal, it seems our Patriarchs were particularly passionate about the taste and quality of their repast.

The Rabbis state that Esau was a regular provider of food to his father Isaac, hence the request that Esau provide a special meal so that Isaac may bless him. There is also the famous scene of Jacob preparing a meal and Esau, his brother, trading his Firstborn status for some “red soup.”

The Ohr Hachayim (Genesis 25:29) explains that Jacob had been preparing the meal for Isaac, their father. Jacob saw that Esau’s meals for his father developed a special bond between Isaac and Esau, and Jacob may have sought to replicate such an effect.

They would agree that a way to a man’s heart certainly passes through his stomach.

May we appreciate all the chefs in our lives and grow closer through the joy of meals together.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it),



To our wonderful hosts and friends for a fantastic celebratory dinner.

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