Messianic Predictions

Kli Yakar Leviticus:Bechukotai

Messianic Predictions

Every generation since the destruction of the Second Temple has anticipated the arrival of the Messiah, who would usher in a new age and build the Third Temple. It is an article of Jewish faith as popularized by Maimonides and sung to various tunes (Ani Maamin). 

The Kli Yakar provides some hints as to the magnitude of the Messianic era, based on a verse in Leviticus 26:10. He writes that there are secrets hidden within the verse and then takes us to verses in Jeremiah 23:7-8. English translations don’t to justice to the Hebrew (the curious can look them up), but the point is that the miracles of the Egyptian Exodus will seem paltry compared to the miracles we will witness in the Messianic age.

I was told the very same thing by a living sage just a few weeks ago. The Rebbe of the Shomrei Emunim Hasidim, echoed the same verse from Jeremiah and then based on the Biblical commentary of the great Don Isaac Abarbanel (Lisbon, 1437 – Venice, 1508) proceeded to translate the following predictions to our times: 

          A military aircraft will be crashed into the Vatican sparking a religious war.

          There will be a nuclear war that will change the world.

          Israel will be the only safe place in the world, which will witness amazing miracles of salvation. 

I asked the Rebbe the all-consuming question on all prophetic efforts – “when?” He answered that not even Elijah the Prophet knows when he will arrive to announce the coming of the Messiah. However, he added that he can come in an instant – any instant.

I asked him: “How do we prepare? What can we do?” 

He answered: “Only through Torah and good deeds.”

May we merit welcoming the Messiah speedily in our day with all the accompanying good it entails. 

Shabbat Shalom,



To Elijah and the Messiah. I imagine you’re anxious too. I expect your timing will be just right.

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