Einsteinian Power

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Einsteinian Power

Non-scientists do not always realize the power that Einstein’s equations unleashed. Einstein changed the worldview of fixed measurements and popularized the concept of everything being relative to each other. What may be more significant though, is the powerful relationship between mass and energy (E=mc2). Serious amounts of energy are required to change matter, however mass can turn into vast amounts of energy.

Einstein blackboard

Rabbi Hizkiyahu ben Manoach (Hizkuni) appears to indicate that similar laws function on the spiritual plane. Mountains can be physically moved. Up can be transformed into down and dimensions can be altered, all depending on ones spiritual power and direction.

Hizkuni notes an odd geographic incongruence in the story of Judah son of Jacob. Judah is recorded as “going up” to the town of Timnah. About six centuries later, famous strongman Samson is recorded as “going down” to the town of Timnah, ostensibly departing from the same location.

Hizkuni explains the change in direction as a result of metaphysical reasons. Both reasons were interestingly enough not known to the protagonists before their trek (and both had to do with romantic encounters). Samson was on his way “down” to his rendezvous with notorious Delilah, which would lead to the Philistine animosity, his blinding, destruction and ultimate failure. Judah, thanks to Tamar’s deception, was en route “up” to sire the future royal line of Israel.

It seems from Hizkuni’s comparison, that even future acts can have a relativistic and dimensional effect on current reality. Einstein might have approved of this possibility, as time is also just another dimension and subject to relativistic laws.

May all our acts be directed upwards, whether future, present or past (changeable as well according to Jewish metaphysical theory).

Shabbat Shalom and Chanukah Sameach,



To my Vaad guys from “down under”. All from the Southern Hemisphere, they have truly ascended in their journey to Israel. May this year turn out to have been just another station in their upwards ascent.

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