Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

Pg 77: There is nothing in this world that God did not create for some purpose.

Pg 78: The Rabbis legislated according to common occurrences over uncommon ones even if it leads to a leniency in the law.

Pg 79: It is a tradition from Moses: Tefilin parchments use the inner part of the hide; Mezuzot use the outer part.

Pg 80: Writing on the Sabbath can also be an infraction of carrying, if ink originated in different domain.

Pg 81: A lock that is attached to a door that is attached to the ground cannot become ritually contaminated.

Pg 82: Not relieving oneself when the need arises can lead to bad breath or body odor.

Chapter 8 Summary: “Hamotzi Yayin”: Continuation of specific “minimum” measurements for different materials that one is liable for carrying on the Sabbath. Often dependant on how the food, drink or item is used. Also consider future use of the material. Stories regarding health and knowledge of the natural world as part of Jewish law.

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