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Daf Erhin 31-33, Mon-Wed 13-15/2/12

Pg 31: The calculation of a year for real-estate purchases is determined by the day and the hour of purchase.

Pg 32: Definition of a “walled city”: at least 3 courtyards of at least 2 houses each surrounded by a wall from the times of Joshua son of Nun.

Pg 33: City design: A Levite city needs to be surrounded by 1000 ‘amot’ (about a foot) of greenery and 1000 ‘amot’ of fields & vineyards.

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Daf Erhin 30, Sun 12/2/12

Pg 30: R’ Yosef: A mouse is not the cause of the theft, it’s the hole (it’s not the thief, it’s the buyer’s fault). Abaye: If there’s no mouse, what difference does the hole make? (if there’s no thief, it doesn’t matter if there is a buyer). R’ Yosef: We fine the person in possession of the stolen goods (the buyer).

Other Daf Yomi Highlights