Update and Clarification of Spitz Departure

January 29, 2015

Update and Clarification of Spitz Departure

As many know already, despite our love of Uruguay and its Jewish community, my wife Tamara, and our four children that have been here with us, will be returning next week to Israel. Our children will be returning to their corresponding schools and will continue their education in Israel. Mother and all the children will be reunited and in the warm care and presence of my in-laws in Alon Shvut.

I will be accompanying my family to Israel to assist with their resettling, and with God’s help, will be returning to Montevideo the first week of March and will continue in my role as Chief Rabbi. Starting in March, I will be on average one week per month with my family in Israel and the remainder of the month will be serving our community while residing in Montevideo.

I apologize for any rumors or subsequent concerns that our announcement may have generated. We love this community very much and this has been an incredible, life-altering experience for me, Tamara and the kids. They will treasure the friendships and memories that were created here and will seek to maintain them from Israel. We also value the multiple and extremely warm farewell events that have been organized for Tamara and the children.

I personally look forward to continuing to serve the entire community, and as always, make myself available to you, for all matters, large or small.

Your humble servant,


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