Seder Game (a la Codenames) – beta

We’ve put together an initial version of a game for the Seder. It’s inspired by the popular Codenames.

Click following link to download Seder Game printout: Seder Game 5782

Seder Game instructions:

Set up:

Print 2 copies (at least): 1 as a board and the other for the cards (that need to be cut into individual squares).

You’ll also need two moving pieces per player. A good source can be any board game or even a chess set. People can also be combined into teams.

Game play:

Hand out the cards at random to each player or team.

Player has to choose one card that they want the other players to guess they’re referring to.

They place the card face down in front of them.

Player needs to give one word hint as to what card it is, that is NOT used on the card or is a literal translation of the card (similar to Codenames).

Other players place their piece on the square they think the player is referring to.

Player reveals what card they had.

Player gets one point for each of the other players that guessed correctly.

Other players get one point if they guessed correctly.

Continue around the table.

Number of rounds equals the number 40 divided by the number of participants. Meaning, if there are 9 participants, there will be 4 rounds. If there are 5 participants, there can be up to 8 rounds (or whatever number below that which is agreed upon). If there are more than 20 participants, there’ll be only 1 round.

Whoever has the highest score at the end of the last round, wins!

Please provide feedback – this is the first iteration.

Enjoy and Chag Kasher Ve’sameach!

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