Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 10

Chapter 10:

Pg 91: Amounts that are prohibited to carry on the Sabbath are determined by common usage and not individual intentions.

Pg 92: Moving items between domains on Sabbath with ones foot, mouth, elbow, ear, or hair is only a Rabbinic prohibition.

Pg 93: It’s only a Rabbinic prohibition if 2 people trap an animal that could have been trapped by 1.

Pg 94: A man is prohibited from plucking even one white hair from his head, as this is “the way of women”.

Pg 95: God braided Eve’s hair and the presented her to Adam.

Chapter 10 Summary: “Hamatznia”: Differentiation between objective act and intent regarding the prohibition of moving items from one domain to another on the Sabbath. Both regarding minimum amount one is liable for (an individual may consider a lesser amount of importance or only a larger amount) and the way it was moved (conventionally or unconventionally).  The difference is whether the prohibited act is Biblically liable or only Rabbinically so.

Also, two individuals who perform a prohibited act that could have been accomplished by one are only liable Rabbinicially.

Also, determination of what constitutes a “conventional” act is based on what most people do.

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