Daf Yomi Highlights

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Berahot (complete w/ chapter summaries & Ein Mishpat cross-references)

Shabat (partial w/ chapter summaries)

BavaMetzia (partial)

BavaBatra (complete)

Sanhedrin (complete)

Makot (complete)

2: Oaths of expression; Tuma awareness; moving items on Shabat; Tzaraat. There are 2 primary forms of each, but each is 4.
3: Swore will eat loaf, didn’t, not lashed. R’ Yohanan: ‘cuz prohibition w/o action. Resh Lakish: can’t get clear warning.
4: Redeem 1st born w/ 5 shekel. Learn Klal uPrat uKlal: must be movable & self-value; excludes land, slaves, documents.
5: Sotah waters only work to prove wife’s infidelity if husband is free of sin. If husband isn’t sin-free, doesn’t work.
6: Romans greater than Persians, their coin circulates thru entire world; Daniel’s prophecy “will devour whole world…”
7: Knew of impurity, forgot, entered Temple or ate Kodshim, didn’t remember before YomKipur, YomKipur sacrifice protects.
8: Goat doesn’t fully atone, does suspend punishment. Rava: protects from punishment until realizes sin, brings sacrifice.
9: Resh Lakish: Goat of New Moon brought as sin-offering “To God”, atones for fact that God diminished size of the moon.
10: R’ Yohanan: General rule: If one matter learned from another, new matter can teach more, except in matters of Kodshim.
11: Frankincense; incense; meal-offerings of Kohen, High Priest & libations: liable for misuse from time of consecration.
12: R’ Yehuda: minor Mitzvot: standard positive Mitzva & a prohibition; major Mitzvot: sins punished by Karet & death.
13: Rebbi: Yom Kipur atones for all sins except if: denies God’s existence; ridicules the Torah; annuls his circumcision.
14: HighPriest sacrifices 1st for self. How justice works: better innocent atone for guilty, than guilty atone for guilty.
15: All new Mishkan utensils made in Moshe’s day were sanctified w/ anointing oil. After Moshe, sanctified by usage.
16: R’ Yehoshua: sacrifice even if no Temple; eat sacred offerings even if no curtain; eat in Jerusalem even if no wall.
17: Impure man suspended in airspace of Temple long enough to bow down, liable or not? Issue of time or ability? Unclear.
18: Doesn’t separate from wife around time of her menstruation, even if has sons like sons of Aaron, can die ‘cuz of sin.


Other partial Daf Yomi Highlights

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