Daf Yomi Highlights

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Berahot (complete w/ chapter summaries & Ein Mishpat cross-references)

Shabat (partial w/ chapter summaries)


BavaMetzia (partial)

BavaBatra (complete)

2: The term “Edah” means 10 men. Know from story of spies. 10 of the 12 spies that gave bad report called Edah Raah.
3: Shmuel: 2 judges judged a monetary case, their verdict stands, but they’re called a Bet Din Hatzuf (impudent court).
4: Debate: follow how spell or how read biblical text? H-L-V can be Helev (fat) or Halav (milk). Follow reading Halav.
5: Can’t teach Halacha without permission of your Rabbi. Can’t teach Halacha within 3 Parsaot of your Rabbi.
6: If there’s Justice, there’s no Peace. If there’s Peace, there’s no Justice. Justice that brings Peace is Compromise.
7: When our love was strong, we could have slept on bed of sword-width. Now love not strong, even huge bed not enough.
8: God brings good through the meritorious (like Zlofhad’s girls) & bad things through the undeserving (wood-gatherer).
9: R’ Akiva: Accessory to sin gets same punishment as sinner. Even more so, accessory to Mitzva gets full reward.
10: Person is a relative w/ respect to self. Testify on self & other: split testimony, ignore on self, accept on other.
11: Year got additional 30 days for 3 reasons: pigeons too young, sheep too thin & season of Aviv (spring) not here yet.
12: Rabbis’ encryption: Eagle=Romans; Nahshon’s kids=Sages; Pillar=Add month; Edomite=Roman governor; Aaron’s death=Av.
13: Semicha (ordination) of sages done by 3 judges. Doesn’t have to be by laying hands. Called “Rabbi” & can give fines.
14: Roman decree, kill any who give or get Semicha & surrounding area. R’ Yehuda b Bava gave to 5 between 2 mountains.
15: Resh Lakish: Dangerous animals killed only if killed person. R’ Yochanan: We kill them even if they didn’t kill yet.
16: Harp hung over David’s bed. At midnight, north wind blew on it, made music. David woke up & learned Torah ’til dawn.
17: Eldad & Medad didn’t think worthy to be Elders. God: you thought you’re smaller than others, I’ll make you greater.
18: Israel in desert: 600 judges of 1,000 people each, 6,000 of 100, 12,000 of 50, 60,000 of 10. Total: 78,600 judges.
19: Raise orphan, like parent: Batya named Moshe’s mother. Taught Torah, like parent: Moshe named father Aaron’s sons.
20: King Solomon, initially king over all beings & spirits; then only people; Israel; Jerusalem; bed; staff/cloak.
21: After Tamar story, Sages enacted decree of Yichud: man & woman (except spouse or parent) can’t be secluded together.
22: Matchmaking “difficult” for God as splitting of sea. But match announced 40 days before fetus made. 2nd vs 1st wife.
23: 1 side picks 1 judge, other side picks #2, 2 judges pick #3. Each 1 thinks his judge tried best & accepts verdict.
24: Can’t judge or testify: gamblers, lenders w/ interest, “pigeon runners,” and those who sell Sabbatical produce.
25: Gamblers become trustworthy by breaking the game items they play with, repent completely & not even play for free.
26: Ula: Worrying about finances makes one forget Torah. Rabah: If learn Torah for sake of Heaven, will never forget.
27: Man is punished for his brother’s sin. When could have intervened & didn’t. Shows all responsible for each other.
28: Groom’s & bride’s fathers can testify about each other. Not “related” for testimony, but “complete” each other.
29: If add unnecessary restriction, ruins what trying to protect. Adam added on God’s command re fruit. Caused downfall.
30: Jerusalem’s clear-minded judges: listen to plaintiffs, bring witnesses & listen to them, all leave, judges discuss.
31: Witnesses argue about the amount debtor owes. Bet Shamai: doesn’t pay anything. Bet Hillel: pays lesser amount.
32: 2 camels face each other to cross narrow way: laden or furthest from city goes 1st. If =, whoever waits gets paid.
33: No cows or pigs were allowed to leave Alexandria of Egypt unless their wombs were cut so they wouldn’t reproduce.
34: Tana d’vei R’ Yishmael: Just as a hammer breaks stone into many pieces, so too, 1 verse can have multiple meanings.



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