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                                                 Tuesday / 1-May-18 / 16 Iyar 5778                                  #500
#ParshaYomi #Behar 3: Keep land laws, will have plenty & be secure. If ask what will eat 7th year, will be blessed 6th year w/ 3x produce.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 7:5 Man vows to prohibit wife from entering house of mourning or house of feasting, must divorce her & pay her Ktuva.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 18: Rav wouldn’t lecture publicly from time he drank wine on the Festival until the following day. Concern might be drunk.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 11:1 Virgin had Erusin: widow, divorce or Halitza, gets 200zuz if remarry. If wed, gets 100zuz. Considered non-virgin.
#HalachaYomi OC 318:1 Cooked purposely on Shabat, he can’t ever eat it; others can post-Shabat. Cooked by accident, all can eat post-Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 458: God’s 4th concealment: tribulations: financial, physical, emotional, conceal God’s lovingkindness; Emuna almost impossible.
#TanyaYomi 16Iyar: Hidden World encircles, is on Higher plane than Revealed World. Like getting mind around something; encompass w/ thought.


                                           Monday / 30-Apr-18 / 15 Iyar 5778                                  #499
#ParshaYomi #Behar 2: Deal honestly in land purchase. Set price according to years remaining until Jubilee. More years, bigger price.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 7:3 Man vows to prohibit wife from adorning herself with any type of adornment, must divorce her & pay her Ktuva.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 17: When Kohen’s vestments on him, priesthood is upon him. When not on him, not, & rites that he performs disqualified.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 10:10 Ktuva lost, can’t continue living with wife unless writes new document obligating self to requirements of Ktuva.
#HalachaYomi OC 317:5 It is permissible to tie a necktie on Shabat, as it is not considered tying a knot.
#EmunaYomi 457: 3rd layer, God’s concealment: human body; coarsest material form; opposite spirituality, Godliness; gravitates to physical.
#TanyaYomi 15Iyar: Tzimtzum, contraction of God’s light to world: what reaches us virtually 0. 1 part of infinity, no number relative to it.


                                                Sunday / 29-Apr-18 / 14 Iyar 5778                                  #498
#ParshaYomi #Behar 1: Sabbatical year laws: land fallow, produce free to all. 50th, Jubilee year: free slaves, all return to ancestral land.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 6:7 R’ Yosi: Dad sets trustee to buy field or dowry for daughter, daughter says I trust groom, give me $, trustee can’t.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 16: No Tumah in Korban Yachid, ok in Korban Tzibur. Aninut ok to Kohen Gadol, not to plain Kohen in Korban Yachid/Tzibur.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 9:4 She had agent accept marriage for her, in parallel she married another man & don’t know which was 1st, divorce both.
#HalachaYomi OC 317:1 Can’t tie permanent, expert knots on Shabat (for camels; sailors; shoemakers). Not permanent, not expert, ok.
#EmunaYomi 456: 2nd layer of God’s concealment: humans. Have free will. Do whatever want. No immediate or visible divine repercussions.
#TanyaYomi 14Iyar: Even great Tzadik & angel souls limited to Divine light that can enjoy. Can’t absorb infinite light w/o being nullified.


                                         Shabbat / 28-Apr-18 / 13 Iyar 5778                                  #497
#ParshaYomi #Emor 7: Laws of olive oil for lighting Menora; loaves for table of Showbread. Story of Blasphemer, God decrees stone to death.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 6:5 Dad stipulated marrying off daughter without clothing (part of her dowry), husband must send clothing to her before.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 15: Koken hand severed before sacrifice blood reached altar airspace; not valid, ‘cuz Kohen blemished before completed.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 8:5 Man said I marry u on condition I’m Tzadik, even if complete Rasha, married b’safek; may have had penitent thoughts.
#HalachaYomi OC 316:10 Kill deadly creatures on Shabat, even if not chasing you. Can’t kill non-deadly snakes & scorpions, unless chasing.
#EmunaYomi 455: Layers of God’s concealment: Laws of nature appear absolute & conceal God’s individual Divine Presence over each creation.
#TanyaYomi 13Iyar: “Every generation & day person must regard self as if that day left Egypt.” Release of soul from body’s confinement.


                                              Friday / 27-Apr-18 / 12 Iyar 5778                                  #496
#ParshaYomi #Emor 6: More Holy Days: Sukot: sit in Booths, take 4 species: Etrog, Lulav, Hadas, Arava. No work day 1 & 8, Shmini Atzeret.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 6:4 Bride promises dowry $, groom assigns in Ktuva 6 Dinar for every 4 Dinar. R’ Shimon: all should follow local custom.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 14: Monkey put sacrifice blood on Kohen’s hand, Kohen still takes blood from vessel, even if inessential, not disqualified.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 7:22 Man marries woman, either want to retract, even if do so immediately, retraction of no consequence. They’re married.
#HalachaYomi OC 316:7 Traps snakes, scorpions & dangerous creatures on Shabat: if for medicinal purposes, liable; if so won’t bite, allowed.
#EmunaYomi 454: Untried & unproven soul that derives unearned pleasure in spiritual world sorely embarrassed in front of other souls.
#TanyaYomi 12Iyar: “Yet I’m continually with Thee.” Corporeality of body doesn’t prevent union of soul w/ God’s light, Who fills all worlds.


                                                Thursday / 26-Apr-18 / 11 Iyar 5778                                  #495
#ParshaYomi #Emor 5: More Holy Days: Rosh Hashana, remembrance of Shofar; Yom Kipur, day of atonement, afflict selves – if didn’t, cut off.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 6:2 Agreed on dowry $ with future son-in-law who then dies, doesn’t have to give same $ to his brother if does Yibum.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 13: After R’ Akiva explained law R’ Tarfon had forgotten: Akiva, anyone who leaves you is like one who leaves his life.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 6:2 4 rules of conditional agreements: 2x stipulation (+ & -); + must be before -; stipulation before deed; achievable.
#HalachaYomi OC 316:5 Deer enters house on Shabat, person blocks its exit, he’s liable; 2 blocked, exempt; can only be blocked by 2, liable.
#EmunaYomi 453: Soul actually desires to descend to “war zone” of material world to rightfully earn lofty place in proximity to God.
#TanyaYomi 11Iyar: “Who has sanctified us by His commandments.” Like union of groom & bride; raised to heights of holiness, by God Himself.


                                     Wednesday / 25-Apr-18 / 10 Iyar 5778                                  #494
#ParshaYomi #Emor 4: List of Holy Days: Shabat; Pesah, sacrifices, 1st & 7th day, don’t work; Ritual of Omer; count to Shavuot, sacrifices.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 5:8 Man must provide wife bed, mattress, reed mat, head kerchief, girdle; shoes every festival; clothing of 50 zuz/yr.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 12: Why does it say Shimon b Azai received tradition from 72 “elder”? Received from 72 elders at once, all w/ same opinion.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 5:2 Man sold item that prohibited to derive benefit from, used $ to consecrate woman, marriage valid, except if idol $.
#HalachaYomi OC 316:3 Animals normally hunted, can’t hunt on Shabat; not normally hunted, still can’t, but not liable. Can’t hunt flies.
#EmunaYomi 452: Material world advantage: enables spiritual gain; spiritual world doesn’t. Seems contradictory, but cardinal principle.
#TanyaYomi 10Iyar: Can’t comprehend God’s greatness. Has infinite worlds, countless angels in each. Innumerable troops as nothing to Him.


                                                 Tuesday / 24-Apr-18 / 9 Iyar 5778                                  #493
#ParshaYomi #Emor 3: List of blemishes that disqualify animals from being sacrifices in Temple. Includes permanent & temporary blemishes.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 5:6 Relations w/ wife: man of leisure, daily; worker 2x/wk; donkey rider 1x/wk; camel rider 1/30days; sailor 1/6months.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 11: R’ Shimon: Kohen must do sacrificial rites w/ right hand, like Hatat. If does w/ vessel, can use left hand, like Asham.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 4:9 If mentally incompetent man marries sane woman, or sane man marries mentally incompetent woman, marriage not binding.
#HalachaYomi OC 315:13: If spread cloth to cover barrel on Shabat, don’t cover all as creates Ohel; leave some uncovered, unless < 1 Tefach.
#EmunaYomi 451: Soul in original non-corporal state can’t know or understand God or His attributes. Needs to descend to this physical world.
#TanyaYomi 9Iyar: Also kindles love of God if surrender soul, body, possessions w/ all heart, soul, might to God. Especially when say Shma.


                                                 Monday / 23-Apr-18 / 8 Iyar 5778                                  #492
#ParshaYomi #Emor 2: Kohen: w/ physical defect can’t serve in Temple. Needs to be ritually pure. Non-Kohen can’t eat from Temple offerings.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 5:4 Wife should work even if doesn’t need $. R’ Eliezer: Idleness leads to licentiousness. R’ Shimon: leads to dullness.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 10: R’ Yohanan: Can’t benefit from slaughtered animal if planned to sprinkle blood or burn fat to idolatry, even if didn’t.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 3:19 Father shouldn’t marry off daughter while minor; wait until matures & she says “I would like to marry so and so.”
#HalachaYomi OC 315:10 “Double” fabric w/ strings that was hung up before Shabat, can be moved or untied on Shabat. Same for curtains.
#EmunaYomi 450: Soul is tiny spark of God in each & every one of us. In spiritual world, basks in sublime delight of Divine illumination.
#TanyaYomi 8Iyar: “Jacob kissed Rachel & lifted up his voice & wept.” Rachel=Kneset Israel; Jacob=attribute of Mercy; awakens compassion.


                                                Sunday / 22-Apr-18 / 7 Iyar 5778                                  #491
#ParshaYomi #Emor 1: Kohen: no contact w/ dead except immediate family. Don’t cut beard (w/ razor). Limits of who Kohen Gadol can marry.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 5:2: Bride & groom get up to 12 months to prepare for wedding. If didn’t marry yet, bride can eat from groom’s property.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 9: Took handful of meal offering for other type of meal offering, doesn’t disqualify original, ‘cuz can see that different.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 2:1 Girl from birth-12 years old: Ktana (minor) or Tinoket (baby). 2 hairs grow in pubic area after 12, Naarah (maiden).
#HalachaYomi OC 315:5 Chair that’s made of pieces that to sit on it open & fabric opens & when put away fabric folds, can be used on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 449: Lack of Emuna perpetuates the Diaspora and exile. Conversely, enhanced Emuna hastens the full redemption of our people.
#TanyaYomi 7Iyar: Another direct road open to man: to occupy self w/ Torah & commandments for their own sake. Patriarch Jacob’s Attribute.


                                                 Shabbat / 21-Apr-18 / 6 Iyar 5778                                  #490
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 7: Death sentence: cursing parents, forbidden sex relations, bestiality. Don’t eat unclean animals or birds.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 5:1 Sages said virgin bride gets 200 Dinar & widow 100, but husband can add more. If she’s widowed or divorced gets all.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 8: Pesah sacrificed on time & for its sake, ok; not for sake, no. Offered rest of year: for sake, no; not for sake, ok.
#RambamYomi #Ishut 1:3 Woman Mekudeshet (married) even if not consummated, any other man has relations w/ her liable to court execution.
#HalachaYomi OC 315:3 On Shabat can’t put up legs of bed first & then planks. Legs of our current-day beds as well as legs of tables are ok.
#EmunaYomi 448: By virtue of Emuna, not only is one forgiven for all transgressions, but harsh edicts are overturned.
#TanyaYomi 6Iyar: Whole man & reason for being is to know God’s glory, majestic splendor of His greatness; each to limit of their capacity.


                                        Friday / 20-Apr-18 / 5 Iyar 5778                                  #489
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 6: Love the stranger. Keep true weights & measures. Don’t sacrifice children to Molech or turn to Ov or Yidoni.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 4:11 Didn’t write in Ktuva “I’ll house & feed our girls until they’re betrothed.” Still has to anyway. Court enactment.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 7: Todah sacrificed as Shlamim, ok. Shlamim as Todah, no. Todah is also called Shlamim, but not viceversa.
#RambamYomi #Megila+ 4:12 Hanuka candle-lighting dear Mitzva. Even if gets food from charity, borrows or sells clothing to buy oil & lamp.
#HalachaYomi OC 315:1 Can’t build tent Shabat, YomTov, even temporary, meaning a roof. Can put up partitions except if makes Halachic wall.
#EmunaYomi 447: Emuna gives enhanced spiritual insight & awareness; more readily understand rationale behind events in their environment.
#TanyaYomi 5Iyar: Revelation comes thru powerful fixation of mind, intense concentration touching heart’s depth, how God is our very life.


                                           Thursday / 19-Apr-18 / 4 Iyar 5778                                  #488
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 5: Judge honestly; rebuke; love neighbor as self. Don’t: gossip; hate; take revenge; bear grudge; crossbreed.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 4:9 Wife captive, husband must ransom. Can’t divorce, send Ktuva, say ransom self. Can do so to say pay for own healing.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 6: Courts non-verbal stipulation on communal offerings, slaughter designates them. Individual ones designated in advance.
#RambamYomi #Megila+ 3:1 Jews suffered greatly under Greek rule. God saved. Hasmoneans overcame them, ruled 200 yrs until end of 2nd Temple.
#HalachaYomi OC 314:8 Can untie or cut rope on lids of baskets w/ dates, figs. Can cut basket. Like cracking open nut to get food inside.
#EmunaYomi 446: Emuna brings a person to the level of true patience, composure & inner peace; maximizes intellectual & functional potential.
#TanyaYomi 4Iyar: “A good thought is united by God to a deed,” providing the “wings” to soar upwards.


                                        Wednesday / 18-Apr-18 / 3 Iyar 5778                                  #487
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 4: Be holy. Fear parents. Keep Shabat. No idols. Leave field corner to poor, dropped produce. Don’t steal, lie.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 4:7 Husband didn’t sign Ktuva, if was virgin bride, she gets 200 Dinar; if was widow, gets 100 Dinar. Court enactment.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 5: Guilt offering owner died or sin was atoned, court consigns to graze until blemished, sold, $ used for burnt offering.
#RambamYomi #Megila+ 2:1 Read Megila out of order, not good. Read verse 1, skipped 2, read 3, went back & read 2, no good. Read in order.
#HalachaYomi OC 314:7 Ropes that seal container can be cut or untied on Shabat, but can’t take apart or break wood or metal clasps.
#EmunaYomi 445: Emuna is the foundation of holiness. One who attains Emuna achieves purification of the soul.
#TanyaYomi 3Iyar: An emanation from Moshe, the Faithful Shepherd, is present in every generation, to illumine us.


                                                       Tuesday / 17-Apr-18 / 2 Iyar 5778                                  #486
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 3: Don’t offer sacrifices outside Temple. Don’t consume blood. Punishment of Karet. List of illicit relations.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 4:4 Father has authority over his daughter’s betrothal; entitled to what she finds or earns; can annul her vows.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 4: Just as peace offering needs to be for own & owner’s sake, so too all offerings: burnt; meal; sin; guilt; consecration.
#RambamYomi #Megila+ 1:1 Hearing Megilat Esther supersedes learning Torah & all other positive Mitzvot, except burial of Meit Mitzva.
#HalachaYomi OC 314:2 Barrel’s spout clogged: by dregs, can’t open on Shabat, bears weight of wine & like opening new hole. Above dregs, ok.
#EmunaYomi 444: Emuna: mighty spiritual force. W/ simple, pure Emuna, desires greater connection to God, rises to higher spiritual heights.
#TanyaYomi 2Iyar: Grades of love of God subdivided into many shades & gradations without limit, each person according to their capacity.


                                          Monday / 16-Apr-18 / 1 Iyar 5778                                  #485
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 2: More laws of Yom Kipur. Day of affliction. Atonement. No labor. Can’t offer sacrifices outside Temple.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 4:2 Girl betrothed, divorced, betrothed again, widowed: Ktuva dad’s. Married, divorced, remarried, widowed: Ktuva hers.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 3: Gett must be written specifically for the people. Man has 2 wives w/ same names & wrote Gett for 1, can’t use for other.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 5: To remember Temple’s destruction, women shouldn’t have jewelry made w/ all pieces of set; shouldn’t be perfect.
#HalachaYomi OC 313:9 Can’t join 2 pieces of wood together, either w/ a nail or w/ the wood itself on Shabat. Derivative of “building.”
#EmunaYomi 443: Emuna is the spiritual vessel for Divine abundance, invoking the best blessings of health, personal welfare, and livelihood.
#TanyaYomi 1Iyar: Sometimes, love of God can precede fear, though fear is included in stage of “minuteness” & “concealment.”


                                                    Sunday / 15-Apr-18 / 30 Nisan 5778                                  #484
#ParshaYomi #AchareiKedoshim 1: Kohen Gadol’s Yom Kipur Temple procedure. Sacrifices, bathing, change of garb, scapegoat killed in desert.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 3:9 If a thief comes forward and admits that he stole, he just pays the principle value, but not the additional fines.
#DafYomi #Zvahim 2: Offering sacrificed for 6 things: offering; owners; God; fire; aroma; to please God. & sin & guilt offering for sin.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 4:2 Elders rebuke community on fast, say: it’s not sackcloth & fast that have effect, but repentance & good deeds.
#HalachaYomi OC 313:6 It’s prohibited to put together a bed made of sections on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 442: Emuna is root & foundation of a person’s task in this world. By strengthening Emuna we perfect our character.
#TanyaYomi 30Nisan: 2 grades of love of God: Ahava Raba “great love” & Ahavat Olam “eternal love.” Need fear of God to reach “great love.”


                                                 Shabbat / 14-Apr-18 / 29 Nisan 5778                                  #483
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 7: Laws of ritual purity for man after seminal emission & menstruating woman. Guidelines & purification process.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 3:7 Compensation for disgrace depends who disgraced & who was disgraced. Fine is fixed amount equal for all.
#DafYomi #Horayot 14: R’ Yosef=”Sinai” knowledgeable. Rabba=”Oker Harim” incisive. “Sinai” preferable, but R’ Yosef declined leadership.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 3:2 If no rain by Rosh Hodesh Kislev court decrees 3 communal fasts Monday, Thursday, Monday. Can eat & drink at night.
#HalachaYomi OC 313:4 Door of 1 board or doesn’t have bottom frame & when opened needs to be removed & lifted: don’t close it on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 441: Every day is a new war for our hour of Hitbodedut. Have to be courageous, not give in. Hitbodedut is gate to connect w/ God.
#TanyaYomi 29Nisan: Can’t reach fear of God or wisdom except by fulfilling Torah & commandments. “Where there’s no fear, there’s no wisdom.”


                                          Friday / 13-Apr-18 / 28 Nisan 5778                                  #482
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 6: Laws of Tzaraat of house: clear, inspect, close, take stones, demolish or cleanse w/ sacrifice. Laws of Zav.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 3:5 Rapist can’t divorce, must support & stay with his victim (if she wants) even if she’s lame, blind or has boils.
#DafYomi #Horayot 13: R’ Shimon b Gamliel vs R’ Meir & R’ Natan. Decrees that teaching from R’ Meir called “Acherim”, R’ Natan “Yesh Omrim.”
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 2:1 Fast, trumpets if: enemies; army; plague; rampage; locust; blight; fallen house; epidemic; no sustenance; no rain.
#HalachaYomi OC 312:10 Large stones formed like a holed seat in field designated as toilet can be arranged on Shabat; person’s honor.
#EmunaYomi 440: R’ Levi Y Binder: when judged by Heavenly Court, for days that did Hitbodedut, not judged. Other days, judged meticulously.
#TanyaYomi 28Nisan: Train mind that when looking at heavens & earth & all within, outer garment of God. Emuna (faith) from Emun (training).


                                                Thursday / 12-Apr-18 / 27 Nisan 5778                                  #481
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 5: If recovered from Tzaraat & poor, brings less expensive sacrifice: lamb, flour, oil, 2 birds & same procedure.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 3:4 Seduces virgin, pays 3 items: disgrace, deterioration & fine. Rapist pays 4th: pain. Rapist can’t abandon victim.
#DafYomi #Horayot 12: Josiah king of Judea hid the Ark “in the room that Solomon, son of David, king of Israel built.” II Chronicles 35:3.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 1:2 Cry out to God during difficulties, path of repentance, realize ‘cuz of bad deeds, repent, difficulties removed.
#HalachaYomi OC 312:9 Can’t relieve self on virgin field on Shabat lest even out holes in ground & not on other’s field even on weekday.
#EmunaYomi 439: One of most important items in daily personal prayer is to ask God to help strengthen our Emuna, that all is in God’s hands.
#TanyaYomi 27Nisan: When consider that God is omnipresent & omniscient, then will fear God, turn from evil & do good.


                            Wednesday / 11-Apr-18 / 26 Nisan 5778                                  #480
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 4: Tzaraat on clothing: burn. Ritual after person w/ Tzaraat clean: sacrifices, sprinkle blood, shave hair, bath.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 3:1 These Naarot get claim, accoster gets Karet: Mamzeret, Netina, Kutit, convert, captive, maidservant, relative, Nida.
#DafYomi #Horayot 11: Always be 1st to do Mitzva. Lot’s older girl preceded the younger by 1 night, entered royalty 4 generations earlier.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 19:4 From Aries, constellations’ positions diverge from equator to north until Cancer, 23.5 degrees north of equator.
#HalachaYomi OC 312:4 Prohibited to wipe self with pottery shards, even on weekday, because of danger that will damage anus area.
#EmunaYomi 438: No matter what, designate hour for personal prayer daily. New lease on life. God’s greatest gratification when approach Him.
#TanyaYomi 26Nisan: God knows everything that happens to all created beings, because they all receive their flow of life from Him.


                                         Tuesday / 10-Apr-18 / 25 Nisan 5778                                  #479
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 3: If person has Tzaraat, clothing torn, head unshorn & calls out: “Unclean! Unclean!” Tzaraat laws of garments.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 2:9 Woman imprisoned by gentiles: for money, permitted to her husband if freed; for death-sentence, forbidden if freed.
#DafYomi #Horayot 10: R’ Yehoshua had extra flour on ship journey. Expected star that comes every 70 years to mislead sailors & cause delay.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 18:1 Nights moon won’t be sighted ‘cuz of clouds; valley; mountain to west. On mountain or on sea, can see even small.
#HalachaYomi OC 312:1 For person’s honor, allowed to handle stones on Shabat in order to wipe self after relieving oneself.
#EmunaYomi 437: Evil inclination knows that whoever does daily Hitbodedut will reach full soul correction & overcome life’s difficulties.
#TanyaYomi 25Nisan: Body into which light of soul doesn’t penetrate should be “crushed” by reflecting from depths of heart.


                                                    Monday / 9-Apr-18 / 24 Nisan 5778                                  #478
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 2: More Tzaraat laws: depends on coloring of skin, hair, location, depth. Wait 7 days, then Kohen examines again.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 2:7 2 men, each claim they are a Kohen, don’t believe. If each one testifies that the other is a Kohen, we believe them.
#DafYomi #Horayot 9: Neither king nor Kohen Gadol can be poor. King can’t be dependent on others. Kohens give to Kohen Gadol if poor.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 17:24 Astronomy & geometry calculations from Greeks, now in hands of Sages. Wisdom of Yisachar tribe wasn’t transmitted.
#HalachaYomi OC 311:9 On Shabat, if want fruits that are within Muktza straw can stick needle to pull it out & straw falls away on its own.
#EmunaYomi 436: Hitbodedut is tailor made. Reason it’s called PERSONAL prayer. Speak to God anywhere, anytime, any language, whatever want.
#TanyaYomi 24Nisan: Each Jewish soul contains some quality of Moshe, who is 1 of the 7 Shepherds & sum of all of the Shepherds.


                                                     Sunday / 8-Apr-18 / 23 Nisan 5778                                  #477
#ParshaYomi #TazriaMetzora 1: Ritual purity laws for woman after childbirth. Laws of Tzaraat, skin condition, & when considered pure or not.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 2:5 Woman says I was married, but now I’m divorced, believe her. Mouth that prohibited her to other men, permitted her.
#DafYomi #Horayot 8: Court only liable if ruled on issue whose intentional violation gets Karet & unintentional requires Hatat sacrifice.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 16:1 Part of moon’s orbit inclined north of sun’s orbit & part south. Intersect at 2 points. At north=head; south=tail.
#HalachaYomi OC 311:5 If there is a need for the place where a corpse is, or what it’s resting on, can move the corpse from bed to bed.
#EmunaYomi 435: Hitbodedut: personal prayer in solitude. Powerful. Can draw away harsh decrees from world. God has to pay attention to us.
#TanyaYomi 23Nisan: With preparedness to surrender soul to God begin morning benedictions, “Blessed are You…”


                                            Shabbat / 7-Apr-18 / 22 Nisan 5778                                  #476
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 7: Laws ritual impurity: carcass; inside of clay vessel; water on food; liquid in vessel; ovens. Cistern remains pure.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 2:3 Witnesses state: that’s our signature but we were forced, minors or disqualified, believe, unless others verify it.
#DafYomi #Horayot 7: Kohen Gadol made error in decree & did it, must sacrifice his own bull. Not covered by bull of unwitting communal sin.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 15:2 Previous calculations to sight moon. 2x elongation can’t be < 5 degrees or > 62 degrees night of moon sighting.
#HalachaYomi OC 311:2 Dead body should not be moved on Shabat except under specific conditions. Depends on conditions of body & area.
#EmunaYomi 434: 1 measure of self-discipline more effective than 100 lashes. Self-disciplined person saves self limitless troubles in life.
#TanyaYomi 22Nisan: Binding of person’s thought with God’s by letters of Torah & prayer, especially when speak to God in 2nd person.


                                                Friday / 6-Apr-18 / 21 Nisan 5778                                  #475
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 6: Kosher laws. OK: animals w/ cloven hoof, chew cud; fish w/ fins/scales; locust types. Can’t: list of birds; insects.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 2:1 Woman divorced, says married as virgin, husband disputes, if witnesses that virgin ceremony, she gets full Ketuva.
#DafYomi #Horayot 6: Court sacrifices bull of unwitting communal sin. Person from public dies, still bring; member of court dies, exempt.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 14:1 Moon has 2 mean rates of progress: small orbit not around Earth, within larger orbit around Earth.
#HalachaYomi OC 310:8 Utensil has items that can & can’t be handled on Shabat, can be moved, unless item that can’t be more important.
#EmunaYomi 433: Every time a person passes a test of Emuna, they move up another rung in the spiritual ladder, assuring a better life.
#TanyaYomi 21Nisan: So that his heart truly desire Yihud Elyon, there needs to be in his heart “great love” for God alone, to do His will.


                                          Thursday / 5-Apr-18 / 20 Nisan 5778                                  #474
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 5: Moshe angry w/ Aaron’s sons, they burnt sin offering & didn’t eat it as ordered. Aaron explains why. Moshe accepts.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 1:9 Unwed woman pregnant, says from proper lineage (a Kohen): R’ Gamliel & R’ Eliezer: we believe her. R’ Yehoshua: no.
#DafYomi #Horayot 5: R’ Shimon b Elazar: 6 tribes sinned & are majority, or 7 tribes even if not majority, sacrifice bull of communal sin.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 13:1 To know sun’s true position on any day, calculate mean position & apogee, subtract apogee from mean = sun’s course.
#HalachaYomi OC 310:6 Item that can’t handle on Shabat can’t place utensil to catch it if falls. Prohibits utensil from use, which can’t do.
#EmunaYomi 432: Accept that your difficulties are all from God to facilitate & stimulate your spiritual growth & that it’s all for the best.
#TanyaYomi 20Nisan: One should never separate self from community. Intend to unite, attach self to God, fount of his soul & souls of Israel.


                                         Wednesday / 4-Apr-18 / 19 Nisan 5778                                  #473
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 4: Moshe orders Aaron & surviving sons to eat from meal offering, wave & eat thigh & breast of peace offering (Shlamim).
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 1:7 Woman lacks virginity signs, says not from intercourse: R’ Gamliel & R’ Eliezer: we believe her. R’ Yehoshua: not.
#DafYomi #Horayot 4: Court not liable on wrong ruling unless it’s issue with which Sadducees don’t agree. If Sadducees agree, means basic.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 12:1 Mean distance sun travels in 1 day: 59 minutes, 8 seconds (59′ 8″); in 10 days: 9 degrees, 51 minutes, 21 seconds.
#HalachaYomi OC 310:2 There’s no food that’s been picked that’s edible that’s Muktza on Shabat, even if meant for sale.
#EmunaYomi 431: Every single difficulty in our lives is a test of Emuna. One needn’t feel blame or feelings of inadequacy.
#TanyaYomi 19Nisan: R’ Yohanan b Zakai to disciples: May it be God’s will that fear of Heaven be upon you like the fear of a human being.


                                                Tuesday / 3-Apr-18 / 18 Nisan 5778                                  #472
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 3: God’s fire consumes Aaron’s sacrifice. Nation praises, fall on face. Nadav & Avihu offer strange fire, killed by God.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 1:5 Man eats betrothment meal at father-in-law’s home in Judea without witnesses can’t make claim that bride not virgin.
#DafYomi #Horayot 3: Sacrifice for unwitting communal sin depends on the congregation performing the sin & the court having ruled in error.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 11:7 The heavenly sphere divided into 360 degrees, 12 constellations. Constellation=30 degrees, degree=60 minutes, etc.
#HalachaYomi OC 309:4 On Shabat forgot rock on barrel or coins on pillow: can tilt barrel & rock falls, shake pillow & coins fall.
#EmunaYomi 430: A woman’s entire aspiration in marriage is to find a soul-mate that will make her happy and illuminate her soul.
#TanyaYomi 18Nisan: God’s light, which encompasses & pervades all worlds, identical w/ Higher Will, clothed in letters & wisdom of Torah.


                                                            Monday / 2-Apr-18 / 17 Nisan 5778                                  #471
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 2: Aaron burns meal offering. Sacrifices nation’s ox, ram (Shlamim); raises hands, blesses nation. Glory of God appears.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 1:4 Virgin who is a widow, divorced or Halitza after marriage, gets Maneh for Ketuva, not subject to claim of virginity.
#DafYomi #Horayot 2: If rebellious Elder taught contrary to Sanhedrin ruling, exempt. If instructed to DO contrary to Sanhedrin, liable.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 10:1 Sages that say solar year < 365.25 days say its 365 days, 5 hours, 997 units & 48 moments. Moment = 1/76 of unit.
#HalachaYomi OC 309:1 Can carry young son on Shabat even if son is carrying a stone, but not if carrying a coin. Ok if just holding hand.
#EmunaYomi 429: With no mate to talk to or to share the burdens that weigh heavy on her heart, a wife is doomed to frustration, unhappiness.
#TanyaYomi 17Nisan: Not enough to awaken love of God to “do good.” 1st must arouse innate fear of God, not to rebel against Him.


                                   Sunday / 1-Apr-18 / 16 Nisan 5778                                  #470
#ParshaYomi #Shmini 1: Day 8 of consecration of Tabernacle by Moses, Aaron & sons. Aaron sacrifices Chatat & Olah for self, more for Nation.
#MishnaYomi #Ktuvot 1:1 Virgin should marry on Wednesdays, widow Thursdays. Courts convene on Monday & Thursday. Makes claim if not virgin.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 76: To purify knife, can thrust in ground ten times, if good knife with no notches, to eat something cold.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 9:3 Nisan equinox when sun enters Aries. Tamuz solstice, Cancer; Tishrei equinox, Libra; Tevet solstice, Capricorn.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:50 The Rashba permitted handling an astrolabe on Shabat as well as books of wisdom. The Rambam was against it.
#EmunaYomi 428: After criticism, 2nd culprit behind unhappy marriage is husband’s unwillingness and/or impatience to listen to his wife.
#TanyaYomi 16Nisan: Love of God w/o service will be world to come, receiving of reward. “This day” to do, “tomorrow” world to come, reward.


                                         Shabbat / 31-Mar-18 / 15 Nisan 5778                                  #469
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 16:6 Can testify that saw person’s dead body even if only saw it by the light of a candle or the light of the moon.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 75: Non-Jew utensils: new, immerse; used cold, rinse, immerse; hot, boiling water, immerse; w/ fire, white-hot, immerse.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 8:2 Lunar months set by days: 29 days, Lacking, several hours shorter than real lunar month; 30 days, Full, more hours.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:47 There are some that prohibit handling a garment that is Shatnez (forbidden mixture of wool & linen), & some permit.
#EmunaYomi 427: By criticism and finding fault, a husband destroys both his wife and his marriage with his own two hands.
#TanyaYomi 15Nisan: Pray & study Torah w/ Kavana for its own sake, infinitely bright light shines that can’t be revealed until end of days.


                                             Friday / 30-Mar-18 / 14 Nisan 5778                                  #468
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 16:4 Retrieved man’s severed leg: if from knee up, wife can remarry; if from below knee, wife can’t remarry.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 74: Items that make anything they’re mixed with forbidden: libation wine; idolatry items; hide w/ tear by heart.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 7:1 Rosh Hodesh Tishrei is never set on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday. If Molad falls on those days, set for next day.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:45 It’s prohibited to play ball on Shabat or Yom Tov. Ram”a: some say it’s ok & the tradition is to be lenient.
#EmunaYomi 426: A woman wants to feel loved, respected; criticism, even slightest, opposite. Makes her nervous, destroys self-confidence.
#TanyaYomi 14Nisan: This world is the lowest world; radiance that is in it contracted to utmost limit, hence it’s corporeal and material.


                                           Thursday / 29-Mar-18 / 13 Nisan 5778                                  #467
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 16:3 Only testify someone died if can see face including nose, even if has other identifying signs on body or clothes.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 73: Pouring prohibited libation wine from barrel into cistern of good wine, wine ok; nullified as touches cistern wine.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 6:2 Day & night are 24 hours. Hour divided into 1,080 Halakim. Divisible by 2, 4, 8, 3, 6, 9, 5, 10.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:42 Any item that is Muktza (can’t be handled on Shabat) can be touched, as long as doesn’t move it, even a little bit.
#EmunaYomi 425: 1st rule of peace in home is for man to refrain from criticizing his wife, even when the situation is perfectly justified.
#TanyaYomi 13Nisan: R’ Haim Vital: Torah w/o Kavana creates angels in world of Yetzira. Mitzvot w/o Kavana makes angels in world of Asiyah.


                                      Wednesday / 28-Mar-18 / 12 Nisan 5778                                  #466
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 16:1 Woman’s husband & her rival abroad, witnesses say he died, she can’t marry, do Yibum until know if rival pregnant.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 72: Fixed price b4 measured produce, or measured produce b4 fixing price, purchaser didn’t acquire, both can retract.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 5:3 When did all of Israel start to calculate calendar? End of Talmud sages, Israel destroyed, no permanent Bet Din.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:39 Can’t handle animals or birds on Shabat, but can put basket in front of chicks so that they can go up & down.
#EmunaYomi 424: While married, can correct things. Once there’s no home, there’s no love, unity, or base to build upon. Problems worsen.
#TanyaYomi 12Nisan: “Always occupy self w/ Torah & Mitzvot, even if not for its own sake, will come to do so for its own sake.” For sure.


                                             Tuesday / 27-Mar-18 / 11 Nisan 5778                                  #465
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 15:8 Couple w/ son went abroad. She returns & says: Husband died, then son; we believe. Son, then husband; don’t.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 71: R’ Mari: soldiers in wartime don’t have time to pour wine for libations, but have enough time to rape.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 4:2 Court adds month to year ‘cuz of 3 signs: Tkufa; spring; fruits. If Tkufa of Nisan will be on 16Nisan or later, add.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:34 Filthy things like vomit or feces, whether human or chicken or others, if in place where people sit can be removed.
#EmunaYomi 423: Usually, divorce doesn’t clean a person’s slate of problems. Often, divorce-related problems are worse than marital ones.
#TanyaYomi 11Nisan: Doing Mitzvot for own sake arouses innate fear & love of God; bring them from concealment of heart to conscious mind.


                                            Monday / 26-Mar-18 / 10 Nisan 5778                                  #464
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 15:7 Woman said: my husband died, then my father-in-law died. She can remarry & get Ketuba, but mother-in-law can’t.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 70: Thieves came to Pumbedita, opened many barrels of wine. Rava: wine not impure, ‘cuz most of Pumbedita thieves Jews.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 3:1 Witnesses saw the new moon: if distance of night & day or less between them & Bet Din, go testify. If further, no.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:32 Salted fish can be handled on Shabat, but not unsalted fish, as it’s not appropriate for eating.
#EmunaYomi 422: Marriage prime proving ground of Emuna. By learning principles of Emuna, maximizes chances of success in marriage.
#TanyaYomi 10Nisan: Don’t concern ourselves w/ esoteric matters, for Tzadikim, but w/ what is revealed to us & to which all should aspire.


                                              Sunday / 25-Mar-18 / 9 Nisan 5778                                  #463
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 15:4 Trust all to testify for woman except: mother-in-law; mother-in-law’s daughter; rival; Yevama; husband’s daughter.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 69: Workers unreliable about ritual impurity, > a mil away, items still pure; said to them go & I’ll follow, impure.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 2:4 Bet Din calculate as astronomers do to know exactly when, where & how new moon will appear. Test truth of witnesses.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:29 Common animal food can be handled. If food only for uncommon animal, can’t handle the food unless has that animal.
#EmunaYomi 421: Many marital counselors say marriage is a give-and-take. According to Chasidic & Jewish esoteric thought, it’s only giving.
#TanyaYomi 9Nisan: World of Atzilut beyond comprehension, united w/ God’s Chochma/Bina/Daat. World of Beriah, can know God in limited way.


                                           Shabbat / 24-Mar-18 / 8 Nisan 5778                                  #462
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 7: Moshe sprinkles mix of oil & blood on Aaron, sons, & their garb. Orders them to cook meat & eat w/bread, burn leftover.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 15:2 B’ Shamai: widow remarries if reports his death from wherever she comes. B’ Hillel changed to B’ Shamai ruling.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 68: R’ Shimi of Nehardeah: Field mouse considered delicacy, served at table of kings; city mouse is repulsive.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 1:2 Difference between 1 solar & lunar year ~11 days. When difference ~30 days, add 1 month to year; called Meuberet.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:25 Dried hides, of experts or home-made, can be handled on Shabat. Ram”a: Some say only of large animals, not of small.
#EmunaYomi 420: Misconception that a good marriage is automatic. Even marriage of two righteous people plagued w/ tension & disagreements.
#TanyaYomi 8Nisan: Person’s intellect can’t have joy or pleasure except in what conceives, understands, knows & apprehends of God’s light.


                                  Friday / 23-Mar-18 / 7 Nisan 5778                                  #461
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 6: Sacrifice 2nd ram. Put blood on Kohen’s right ear, thumb & big toe. Burn ram’s fat, tail, diaphragm, kidneys, rt thigh.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 15:1 Couple go abroad, peace w/ them & in world, she returns, says he died, remarries. War w/ them or in world, no.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 67: Disagreement if hot bread on closed barrel or cool bread on open barrel absorbs forbidden wine smell & can’t eat.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 4:1 Shekel funds used for: public sacrifices, libations, salt, wood, incense, showbread, red heifer, Azazel goat, +.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:23 Can cut palm branch before Shabat & wave it on Shabat to chase flies away from table. It’s a full-fledged utensil.
#EmunaYomi 419: Alarmingly high divorce rate is the result of pampered generation that doesn’t realize marital success requires hard work.
#TanyaYomi 7Nisan: Reason angels called Chayot (beasts) & Behemot (cattle) because they have no free will. Tzadikim are superior to them.


                                         Thursday / 22-Mar-18 / 6 Nisan 5778                                  #460
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 5: Sacrifice of sin offering bull & 1 ram, Aaron & sons lean hands on its head, slaughtered, blood on altar, burn parts.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 14:7 2 bros, 1 deaf, 1 hears, marry 2 unrelated hearing women. Hearing bro dies, deaf bro marries widow, can’t divorce.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 66: Abaye: smell is substantial matter, can’t derive benefit from smell of forbidden item. Rava: smell is insignificant.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 3:8 Lost 1/2 Shekel, responsible for it until give to treasurer. City sent w/ messenger & stolen or lost, give again.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:20 Palm branches cut for firewood are Muktza, can’t handle. If sit on them a bit before Shabat, can sit on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 418: Even life’s deficiencies are products of God’s personal intervention in our lives for our ultimate good. Gives what need.
#TanyaYomi 6Nisan: Heritage of Patriarchs, latent in heart of every Jew to have natural love and fear of God.


                                                          Wednesday / 21-Mar-18 / 5 Nisan 5778                                  #459
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 4: Ordination of Aaron & sons as Kohens: Moshe bathes, dresses & anoints them. Brings sin offering bull, 2 rams & matza.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 14:6 2 bros, 1 deaf, 1 hears, marry 2 sisters, 1 deaf, 1 hears (deaf to deaf). hearing man dies, bro must divorce wife.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 65: Powerful man to Rava who had been proven right: May eye that wishes you evil burst. Rava: Amen. The man’s eye burst.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 2:9 Shkalim set aside to buy sacrifices serve as atonement for entire Jewish people. Includes now & future collection.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:18 Lest it harm, can move thorn in public domain on Shabat less than 4 Tefah at a time, in Carmelit can move completely.
#EmunaYomi 417: Shalom Bayit (marital peace) is directly proportionate to his measure of Emuna; higher the Emuna, more peaceful the home.
#TanyaYomi 5Nisan: God’s illumination is infinitely greater when say Shma, pray or bless w/ Kavana, than when do Mitzvot w/o Kavana.


                                                    Tuesday / 20-Mar-18 / 4 Nisan 5778                                  #458
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 3: Shlamim, Peace offerings: Toda, Thanksgiving; Neder or Nedava, Vow or Voluntary offerings. Don’t ever eat fat or blood.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 14:3 2 deaf-mute bros marry 2 sisters; 2 deaf-mute sisters marry 2 bros: no Halitza or Yibum. If unrelated, can marry.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 64: Ger Toshav? R’ Meir: accepted in front of 3 no more idolatry; Sages: accepted 7 Noahide laws; Others: eats Nevelot.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 1:5 Give 1/2 Shekel from 1/2 coin of current currency; at least same value as 160 barley grains of silver. (~$5 today).
#HalachaYomi OC 308:15 Sandal’s inner strap broke on Shabat, still utensil & can handle. Outer strap broke, no longer utensil, can’t handle.
#EmunaYomi 416: Husband can’t make wife & children happy when he’s miserable. No true happiness without Emuna. Marriage key test of Emuna.
#TanyaYomi 4Nisan: Greatest Tzimtzum: stones, earth, minute divine vitality, less so than plants. 4 levels: mineral, vegetable, animal, man.


                                                        Monday / 19-Mar-18 / 3 Nisan 5778                                  #457
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 2: Kohen brings meal offering/day 1/10 efah, 1/2 in AM, 1/2 evening. Laws of Chatat, Sin offering; Asham, Guilt offering.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 14:1 Deaf-mute man marries hearing woman; hearing man marries deaf-mute woman. Just as marry w/ signals, also divorces.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 63: Boss gives $ to workers to buy food for selves, not responsible if violate eating Shmita, Maaser or Yayin Nesech.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 8:8 Only do Lulav Mitzva w/ own 1st day of Sukot. Give to friend, must be as gift. Can be conditionally. Not w/ kids.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:10 Can’t use cover of well on Shabat unless has a handle; demonstrates it’s a utensil. Can use covers of utensils.
#EmunaYomi 415: In marriage, true measure of person’s happiness revealed, especially when has to brighten up household w/ joy & confidence.
#TanyaYomi 3Nisan: Both body & soul are of this world. Light & vitality that comes from God concealed by numerous contractions (Tzimtzumim).


                                                    Sunday / 18-Mar-18 / 2 Nisan 5778                                  #456
#ParshaYomi #Tzav 1: Olah, Burnt offering, ashes placed next to Altar, then outside camp. Fire always on Altar. Minha, Meal offering laws.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 13:12 Yevama said in <30 days of Yibum didn’t have relations, force man to do Halitza. After 30, ask but don’t force.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 62: Court buries w/ body of executed, items used: stone, hanging tree, sword, strangling scarf. Can’t derive benefit.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 7:2 Sukot species: “fruit of beautiful tree” = Etrog. “Boughs of covered trees” = Hadas (myrtle), 3+ leaves/ring.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:7 Pottery shards that broke on weekday that can cover utensil can be handled on Shabat even if nothing to cover.
#EmunaYomi 414: An unmarried person can wear an artificial smile and convince the world that he or she is happy and fulfilled.
#TanyaYomi 2Nisan: Meditation not valid when need to recite, like Shma & blessings. If said but didn’t focus, fulfilled obligation.


                                                             Shabbat / 17-Mar-18 / 1 Nisan 5778                                  #455
#ParshaYomi #Vayikra 7: Can’t afford animal, or 2 birds, brings fine flour. Used sacred object, stole, swore: sacrifice, principal + 1/5.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 13:10 Man married deaf woman & hearing woman, he dies; if Yavam has relations w/ deaf & then other, disqualifies deaf.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 61: Watchman comes at set times, gentile does what wants rest of time (& invalidates wine). If not at set times, can’t.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 6:5 Eat, drink, live in Suka 7 days & nights like in home. Consider house temporary and Suka permanent.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:4 Can move utensil that ok to use on Shabat even just to safeguard. For no purpose, can’t move, unless food or Seforim.
#EmunaYomi 413: To perform task of giver, person needs to be calm & composed. Without Emuna, inner peace & composure are utterly impossible.
#TanyaYomi 1Nisan: Torah study termed “Keriah” (calling). Torah study, calling God & comes to the person. God close to those who call Him.


                                      Friday / 16-Mar-18 / 29 Adar 5778                                  #454
#ParshaYomi #Vayikra 6: Unintentional sin sacrifice for person. Swore, withheld testimony, touched ritually unclean; confess & sacrifice.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 13:8 Man married 2 orphans, minors, he dies; if 1 girl has relations with Yavam or does Halitza, exempts other girl.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 60: R’ Ada b Ahava blessed R’ Shimon. When permits wine, can even drink it; when prohibits, can’t even benefit from it.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 5:1 Suka S’chach: material that grows from ground, detached. Doesn’t: become ritually impure, have odor or falls apart.
#HalachaYomi OC 308:3 Can move utensils which can’t use on Shabat if use for ok matter (crack nuts w/ hammer) or if need space they’re in.
#EmunaYomi 412: Married person should be giver, not taker. Constantly provide, listen to troubles, grant time, attention & understanding.
#TanyaYomi 29Adar: “Not learning, but doing is the essential thing.” Interrupt Torah to do Mitzva that can’t be done by others; if can, no.


                                             Thursday / 15-Mar-18 / 28 Adar 5778                                  #453
#ParshaYomi #Vayikra 5: Sacrifices for unintentional sins of: Kohen Gadol; King; all of Israel if followed erroneous decision of Sanhedrin.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 13:7 2 brothers married 2 sisters who are minors & orphans. 1 brother dies, widow released from Yibum ‘cuz wife’s sis.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 59: R’ Yohanan: man not a convert until he’s circumcised & immersed. If circumcised but didn’t immerse, still gentile.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 4:1 Suka measurements: Height: >10 Tefah, <20 Amot. Area: >7×7 Tefah, no upper limit. Off even by a bit, invalid.
#HalachaYomi OC 307:20 Jew told non-Jew to do labor for him on Shabat: Jew can only benefit from it after Shabat + time it takes to do it.
#EmunaYomi 411: Responsible married person can’t walk away from family. Emuna diagnostic test. In family environment can know if has Emuna.
#TanyaYomi 28Adar: “Torah study equals all Mitzvot combined.” Done thru speech & thought, innermost garments of vivifying soul.


                                            Wednesday / 14-Mar-18 / 27 Adar 5778                                  #452
#ParshaYomi #Vayikra 4: Peace offering (Shlamim), from cattle, sheep or goats: lean on head; slaughter; burn fat, kidneys, diaphragm, liver.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 13:4 Girl in arranged marriage refuses to stay married: he can marry her relatives; she can marry his, or a Kohen.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 58: Resh Lakish prohibited untithed produce of Bozra & water that was worshiped. R’ Yohanan: go & reverse your ruling.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 3:3 Shofar blast order: bless; Tekiah/Shvarim/Truah/Tekiah x3; Tekiah/Shvarim/Tekiah x3; Tekiah/Truah/Tekiah x3.
#HalachaYomi OC 307:18 To inquire of demons what one is permitted to ask them during a weekday can also be asked on Shabat.
#EmunaYomi 410: Unmarried people can normally avoid anyone they don’t get along with. When able to walk away from issue, Emuna isn’t tested.
#TanyaYomi 27Adar: Charity “balances all other Mitzvot.” All strength of vital soul embodied in work & $ earned. Whole vital soul ascends.


                                   Tuesday / 13-Mar-18 / 26 Adar 5778                                  #451
#ParshaYomi #Vayikra 3: Deep pot meal offering sacrifice, fine flour w/ oil. Part burned, part to Kohens. No leaven. Salt on all sacrifices.
#MishnaYomi #Yevamot 13:2 Who is minor that does Miyun (refuses to stay married)? Girl whose mom & brother married her off w/ her knowledge.
#DafYomi #AvodaZara 57: R’ Kahana & R’ Asi to Rav: didn’t you say 1 day-old non-Jew prohibits wine? Rav: I said can’t drink but can benefit.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 2:1 These must hear Shofar’s sound: Kohens, Levites, Israelites, converts, freed slaves. Women, slaves, minors, exempt.
#HalachaYomi OC 307:14 Received letter & doesn’t know what says can read w/ eyes, not mouth. Came from outside Tchum, better not to touch.
#EmunaYomi 409: Person’s true soul correction (Tikun) begins only once marries. Unmarried people normally manage w/o major effort in Emuna.
#TanyaYomi 26Adar: Each spark that descends into world is in true exile. Even perfect Tzadik not at level of attachment to God as before.

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