Daily Torah Tweets 201-250

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                                            Thursday / 24-Aug-17 / 2 Elul 5777                                  #250
#ParshaYomi #Shoftim 5: God will send prophet like Moshe. Separate 3 cities of refuge for inadvertent murderers; expand borders, +3 more.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 8:2 Utensils found in Jerusalem, considered ritually pure, except basket, shovel & crusher – reserved for cemeteries.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 39: Emperor: if God is w/ every Minyan how many Gods? R’ Gamliel: Sun enters everywhere, even more so God everywhere.
#RambamYomi #Edut 22:5 Plaintiff brings false witnesses, even 100 pairs, & true witnesses, if accurate, believe testimony of true witnesses.
#HalachaYomi OC 213:2 Person blessing doesn’t exempt others, except if they’re eating together. Then exempt by listening attentively to him.
#EmunaYomi 208: Troubles are God’s catalyst to start process of soul-searching & repentance for what we may have inadvertently done wrong.


                                  Wednesday / 23-Aug-17 / 1 Elul 5777                                  #249
#ParshaYomi #Shoftim 4: Don’t do like locals: pass children in fire, soothsayers, diviners, sorcerers, charmers, necromancers. Be faithful.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 8:1 Jerusalem: saliva in middle of road ritually impure, side of road, pure; during festivals middle pure, side impure.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 38: Adam: dust, formed, limbs, spirit in him, stood, named animals, Eve made, 2 kids, fruit warning, sin, judged, exile.
#RambamYomi #Edut 21:2 Ed Zomem accuse person of owing debt sooner than reality & caught, they pay value of debt for period would have lost.
#HalachaYomi OC 212:1 Blessings on primary food exempt secondary, whether mixed or separate. If bread secondary to fish, bless on fish only.
#EmunaYomi 207: Believe that everything in life has a reason and a purpose, and that there are no tribulations without transgression.


                                               Tuesday / 22-Aug-17 / 30 Av 5777                                  #248
#ParshaYomi #Shoftim 3: Levites: no land; get sacrifices. Kohen: gets foreleg, jaws, maw; 1st of grain, wine, oil, fleece; chosen to serve.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 7:5 Found animal, bring as sacrifice & accompanying wine libations come from community funds, otherwise wouldn’t bring.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 37: After Temple destroyed & Sanhedrin inactive, God arranges death penalties to happen in alternative but related ways.
#RambamYomi #Edut 20:2 Ed Zomem only executed if caught after innocent sentenced but before executed. If innocent executed, they’re not.
#HalachaYomi OC 211:2 Maimonides states that eats first whatever prefers at that moment, irrespective of whatever type or blessing it is.
#EmunaYomi 206: Believe that what’s happening to us now is for our own ultimate good. Cast aside thoughts that what’s happening isn’t good.


                           Monday / 21-Aug-17 / 29 Av 5777                                  #247
#ParshaYomi #Shoftim 2: King: Jew, not too many horses, wives, money; write 2 copies of Torah for self; read & follow always; prolong reign.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 7:3 Found meat in Jerusalem, wait until ruined & burn, as likely was sacrifice. On 3 festivals, lots of meat, can eat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 36: Pairs: wise leader & wise men: Pinhas/Shoftim, Shaul/Shmuel, David/Ira, Shlomo/Shimi, Hizkiya/Shevna, Ezra/Nehemia.
#RambamYomi #Edut 19:1 Ed Zomem found guilty even if highly unlikely (but not completely impossible) that could have witnessed what claimed.
#HalachaYomi OC 211:1 Order of eating: 7 species before favorite, if they’re of the same blessing. If not same blessing, eat favorite first.
#EmunaYomi 205: Believe that our current predicament is from God & exactly what He wants. No need to blame self or harbor malice to others.


                                         Sunday / 20-Aug-17 / 28 Av 5777                                  #246
#ParshaYomi #Shoftim 1: Establish judges, officers. No bribes. Justice. Kill idolaters. Minimum 2 witnesses to kill someone. Seek judgement.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 7:2 $ found in front of animal dealers, Maaser Sheni; on Temple Mount, Chulin; in Jerusalem: Chulin, except Festivals.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 35: If Tzedaka not given to poor at night after fast, like spilling blood; where give bread & dates. If $ or grain, ok.
#RambamYomi #Edut 18:1 Ed Zomem, false witness: testifies, others testify impossible for them to have witnessed. Get punishment of victim.
#HalachaYomi OC 209:1 Took cup of water or beer, started to bless intending to say Shehakol & said Hagafen by mistake, ok, doesn’t do over.
#EmunaYomi 204: This world is a classroom of Emuna. Since purpose of life on earth to learn Emuna, all that happens to us is test of Emuna.


                                       Shabbat / 19-Aug-17 / 27 Av 5777                                  #245
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 7: Sanctify 1stborn of cattle & flock, don’t work or shear it; eat it in front of God. Recap of Pesah, Shavuot, Sukot.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 6:5 13 collections boxes: New 1/2 shekel, Old 1/2 shekel, Nests, Young birds, Wood, Frankincense, Gold; 6 Nedava.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 34: Tana d’vei R’ Yishmael: Just as a hammer breaks stone into many pieces, so too, 1 verse can have multiple meanings.
#RambamYomi #Edut 17:1 Even if wise, righteous men said witnessed person sin or borrow money, 1 can’t testify to what didn’t personally see.
#HalachaYomi OC 208:16 Drank wine & water, don’t say Boreh Nefashot for water; blessings for wine exempts water, just as for other drinks.
#EmunaYomi 203: Whenever we strengthen ourselves in Emuna, prayer, and the fear of God, we make life so much easier.


                                            Friday / 18-Aug-17 / 26 Av 5777                                  #244
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 6: Shmita year: annul debt. Lend to needy, don’t worry, God will bless you. Free servants 7th year, give them provisions.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 6:3 Temple: S gates: Upper, Fuel, 1st born animals, Water. N gates: Yehonia, Offering, Women’s, Music. E gate: Nikanor.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 33: No cows or pigs were allowed to leave Alexandria of Egypt unless their wombs were cut so they wouldn’t reproduce.
#RambamYomi #Edut 16:4 Judge needs to understand & determine if witness gets any benefit from testimony, even if unusual or far-fetched.
#HalachaYomi OC 208:14 Drank wine & blessed Boreh Pri Hagafen (fruit of vine), then eating grapes; need to say Borah Pri Haetz for grapes.
#EmunaYomi 202: If unwilling to invest effort in correcting soul life, will ultimately suffer a worse collection of trials & tribulations.


                                         Thursday / 17-Aug-17 / 25 Av 5777                                  #243
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 5: Maaser Sheni: tithe of grain, wine & oil, 1st born of cattle & sheep (or their cash equivalent) eaten in Jerusalem.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 6:2 Story: Kohen saw Temple floor uneven, about to tell friend but suddenly died. Understood Ark must be hidden there.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 32: 2 camels face each other to cross narrow way: laden or furthest from city goes 1st. If =, whoever waits gets paid.
#RambamYomi #Edut 15:1 If may have any benefit from testifying about case, can’t testify or judge case; even city resident on city matters.
#HalachaYomi OC 208:10 Me’en Shalosh fruit blessing end w/ Al Haaretz ve’al Haperot outside of Israel; Al Haaretz ve’al Peroteha in Israel.
#EmunaYomi 201: True gratification and success, both in material and in spiritual endeavors, come from Emuna.


                                          Wednesday / 16-Aug-17 / 24 Av 5777                                  #242
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 4: Kosher animals: split hoof, chews cud. No pig, camel, hyrax, hare. Non-kosher birds list. No carcass. No meat w/ milk.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 5:6 Secret donations chamber of Temple: $ donated secretly, poor descendants of rich supported by it secretly.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 31: Witnesses argue about the amount debtor owes. Bet Shamai: doesn’t pay anything. Bet Hillel: pays lesser amount.
#RambamYomi #Edut 14:1 Witness disqualified from testimony because of marriage to relative; if wife died, even if had sons, can now testify.
#HalachaYomi OC 208:7 Raw rice: say Haadama & Boreh Nefashot. Cooked rice or ground it & made it into a bread, say Mezonot & Boreh Nefashot.
#EmunaYomi 200: Can’t sit on sidelines in this world; pick up ball of life’s challenges & run with it toward our goal. W/ Emuna, win game.


                                              Tuesday / 15-Aug-17 / 23 Av 5777                                  #241
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 3: Don’t follow other gods. Don’t add or subtract commandments. Kill false prophet, enticers to idolatry, idolatrous city.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 5:4 Need libations, go to Yohanan, buy token, give token to Ahyah, get libations. End of day Ahyah got $ for tokens.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 30: Jerusalem’s clear-minded judges: listen to plaintiffs, bring witnesses & listen to them, all leave, judges discuss.
#RambamYomi #Edut 13:1 Relatives can’t testify together or for each other: fathers w/ son, grandson; brothers; cousins; uncles w/ nephews.
#HalachaYomi OC 208:4 Cooked flour, 1 of 5 grains, mixed w/ H2O, if thick say Mezonot & Al Hamehia. If drinkable Shehakol & Boreh Nefashot.
#EmunaYomi 199: Sages warn that any difficulties in this life are preferable to an additional reincarnation.


                            Monday / 14-Aug-17 / 22 Av 5777                                  #240
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 2: Only sacrifice where God tells you. Can eat meat. Don’t eat blood. Must eat tithe where God says. Take care of Levite.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 5:1 Temple bosses of: seals, libations, lots, bird-offerings, stomach ills, pits, announcements, gates, wicks, cymbals.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 29: If add unnecessary restriction, ruins what trying to protect. Adam added on God’s command re fruit. Caused downfall.
#RambamYomi #Edut 12:2 Can’t disqualify self as witness by incriminating self. Don’t believe him about self, do believe about someone else.
#HalachaYomi OC 208:1 Bless Bracha Ahat Mein Shalosh (Al Haetz ve’al pri Haetz…) after eating: grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives & dates.
#EmunaYomi 198: God doesn’t give up. He knows what we need to correct; the soul-correction we need to do in this life or in reincarnation.


                               Sunday / 13-Aug-17 / 21 Av 5777                                  #239
#ParshaYomi #Reeh 1: Blessing if listen to God, curses if don’t. Future public event when enter: blessing on Mt Gerizim & curses on Mt Eval.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 4:8 Consecrated items fit for altar, wine, oil, birds to Temple, R’ Eliezer says, sell & use money for burnt-offerings.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 28: Groom’s & bride’s fathers can testify about each other. Not “related” for testimony, but “complete” each other.
#RambamYomi #Edut 11:3 Torah scholar acceptable as a witness unless disqualified. Boor unacceptable witness unless established as ethical.
#HalachaYomi OC 206:5 Don’t bless on food or drink until in front of you. Blessed & then brought in front of you, need to bless again.
#EmunaYomi 197: Only by trials & tribulations build Emuna, achieve tranquility of soul. Running from difficulties makes more unbearable.


                                 Shabbat / 12-Aug-17 / 20 Av 5777                                  #238
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 7: If keep commands, God will drive out greater & stronger nations from land. Wherever you walk on land, will be yours.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 4:7 Debate: animals consecrated to Temple, if can use animal itself as sacrifice or sell & use funds to buy sacrifice.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 27: Man is punished for his brother’s sin. When could have intervened & didn’t. Shows all responsible for each other.
#RambamYomi #Edut 10:4 Wicked that can’t testify: thieves, lying witnesses, borrow or lend w/ interest, shepherds, tax-collectors, gamblers.
#HalachaYomi OC 206:3 Don’t interrupt blessing to eating. Must hear blessing or at least enunciate. Can be in any language. Can’t be naked.
#EmunaYomi 196: Desire to live in “peace” is request not to repent or correct soul. Can’t strengthen without being tested from time to time.


                                           Friday / 11-Aug-17 / 19 Av 5777                                  #237
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 6: Land about to get is mountains & valleys, water from rain. God’s eyes constantly on this land, start until end of year.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 4:4 Opinion of use of surplus $: gold sheets for Holy of Holies, offerings so Altar not idle, new service utensils.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 26: Ula: Worrying about finances makes one forget Torah. Rabah: If learn Torah for sake of Heaven, will never forget.
#RambamYomi #Edut 9:1 Can’t testify: women, slaves, minors, fools, deaf/mutes, blind, wicked, debased, relatives or has vested interest.
#HalachaYomi OC 206:1 Said Haadama on fruit, ok. Haetz on veggie, not ok. If not sure if fruit or veggie, say Haadama. Shehakol ok for all.
#EmunaYomi 195: Thinking not strong enough to handle trouble shows lack of belief in self. God doesn’t give us troubles we can’t withstand.


                                Thursday / 10-Aug-17 / 18 Av 5777                                  #236
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 5: What does God want from you? Just to fear Him, walk in all His ways, love Him & serve Him with all your heart & soul.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 4:2 Red heifer, scapegoat, their ramps, red wool strips, water channel, city walls, towers, needs, from remainder of $.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 25: Gamblers become trustworthy by breaking the game items they play with, repent completely & not even play for free.
#RambamYomi #Edut 8:1 Asked to testify as to signature on promissory note, recognizes signature, but no recollection of case, can’t testify.
#HalachaYomi OC 205:1 On vegetables, bless Haadama, even if cooked. Any item that’s edible in raw state, use same blessing when it’s cooked.
#EmunaYomi 194: Accept tribulations w/ love & a subjugated heart. Invokes Divine compassion. Often, as soon as reconcile, trouble vanishes.


                                       Wednesday / 9-Aug-17 / 17 Av 5777                                  #235
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 4: God to Moshe: Hew 2 stone tablets; I’ll inscribe 10 commandments to replace ones you broke. Tribe of Levi separated.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 4:1 Money to Temple funds used to buy daily, holiday, communal sacrifices & libations, Omer, 2 loaves, Showbread.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 24: Can’t judge or testify: gamblers, lenders w/ interest, “pigeon runners,” and those who sell Sabbatical produce.
#RambamYomi #Edut 7:2 Accept testimony of men for what saw as minors: signatures of father, brother, teacher. Need other that knew as adult.
#HalachaYomi OC 204:12 Primary & secondary items are mixed, bless on primary. Ingredients to bind, give smell or color food are secondary.
#EmunaYomi 193: If after prayers trouble doesn’t go away & still don’t understand reason, believe that for best AND for a specific purpose.


                                  Tuesday / 8-Aug-17 / 16 Av 5777                                  #234
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 3: God didn’t give you land ‘cuz you were good; previous dwellers were evil. You’re a rebellious & stiff-necked people.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 3:2 Must be free of blame in front of people as well as God. “Find favor & good understanding in eyes of God & man”
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 23: 1 side picks 1 judge, other side picks #2, 2 judges pick #3. Each 1 thinks his judge tried best & accepts verdict.
#RambamYomi #Edut 6:5 Court never checks if other court validated document correctly. Must assume they’re knowledgeable & made no mistakes.
#HalachaYomi OC 204:8 Any food or drink that take medically, if tastes good & palate enjoys, have to bless over it before & after consuming.
#EmunaYomi 192: If don’t understand reason for troubles, must resort on Emuna & remember that God does everything for a purpose.


                             Monday / 7-Aug-17 / 15 Av 5777                                  #233
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 2: Don’t forget God when wealthy & say “strength of my hand built this.” If forget God & follow other gods, will perish.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 2:5 Excess of funds raised for a certain purpose must be used for that type of purpose. Funds for poor, go to poor.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 22: Matchmaking “difficult” for God as splitting of sea. But match announced 40 days before fetus made. 2nd vs 1st wife.
#RambamYomi #Edut 5:1 Ruling never made based on the testimony of only one witness, not for financial cases and not for capital punishment.
#HalachaYomi OC 204:7 Drinking H2O ‘cuz thirsty, say Shehakol before & Boreh Nefashot after. To clear blockage, don’t bless before or after.
#EmunaYomi 191: “God, help me understand what I did wrong. Have mercy on me & explain my suffering. I want to get close to you. Help me.” 


                                              Sunday / 6-Aug-17 / 14 Av 5777                                  #232
#ParshaYomi #Ekev 1: Follow God, blessed. Will get land of wheat, barley, vines, figs, pomegranates, olive oil, honey. Stones iron, copper.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 2:3 Gathering coins & said “these are for my Shekel,” Bet Shamai: any extra goes to free-will offering. Bet Hillel: No.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 21: After Tamar story, Sages enacted decree of Yichud: man & woman (except spouse or parent) can’t be secluded together.
#RambamYomi #Edut 4:1 Capital case: 2 witnesses must see act & each other at same time & testify in court at same time. Otherwise invalid.
#HalachaYomi OC 204:2-3 On vinegar alone don’t bless, damaging. If it smells like vinegar, but tastes like wine, it’s wine & bless Hagafen.
#EmunaYomi 190: Nobody wants trouble, but if comes, good sign. Shows that God cares about us very much & calling us to get closer to Him.


                                         Shabbat / 5-Aug-17 / 13 Av 5777                                  #231
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 7: God will drive Canaanites out. Don’t intermarry. Chose you, least of all nations; keeping promise to Forefathers.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 2:2 Sent 1/2 Shekel with friend to donate, friend donated on own behalf, when consecrated, friend did sin of Meilah.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 20: King Solomon, initially king over all beings & spirits; then only people; Israel; Jerusalem; bed; staff/cloak.
#RambamYomi #Edut 3:1 Sages: For witnesses in simple financial cases, don’t ask intense Hakira/Drisha questions, so as not to prevent loans.
#HalachaYomi OC 204:1 Bless Shehakol on things that don’t grow from the earth: meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, ruined food, mushrooms, etc.
#EmunaYomi 189: Most people not evil or righteous. Have trouble, figure out what did wrong, confess to God, remorse, apologize, improve.


                                Friday / 4-Aug-17 / 12 Av 5777                                  #230
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 6: Shma Israel, God is our God, 1. Love Him w/ all heart, soul, means. Words on heart, teach sons, in house, on way.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 1:7 Surcharge when buy 1/2 Shekel coin, “Kalbon.” If pay for poor or neighbor, exempt. R’ Meir=1/12 Shekel. Sages=1/24.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 19: Raise orphan, like parent: Batya named Moshe’s mother. Taught Torah, like parent: Moshe named father Aaron’s sons.
#RambamYomi #Edut 2:1 Hakirot/Drishot: more important questioning. Bedikot: nuanced questions. Hakirot/Drishot must know answers & match.
#HalachaYomi OC 203:6 Ginger ground while wet, bless Haadama. It seems also bless Haadama if ground dry, because that’s way to make edible.
#EmunaYomi 188: When suffering, self-evaluate & repent. If didn’t do anything wrong, was lax in Torah study; not lax, tribulations of love.


                                       Thursday / 3-Aug-17 / 11 Av 5777                                  #229
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 5: Israel scared will die from God’s voice. Ask Moshe to be intermediary. God: ok. Gives details of Torah to Moshe.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 1:4 R’ Yehuda: Kohen gives 1/2 Shekel not sin. R’ Yohanan b Zakai: Kohen doesn’t give 1/2 Shekel, sin; interpret wrong.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 18: Israel in desert: 600 judges of 1,000 people each, 6,000 of 100, 12,000 of 50, 60,000 of 10. Total: 78,600 judges.
#RambamYomi #Edut 1:1 Obligation for witness to testify whether makes liable or vindicates. Monetary cases only have to testify if summoned.
#HalachaYomi OC 203:1-2 On fruit from the ground (not from trees) we bless “Haadama.” On berries which grow on bushes, bless “Haadama.”
#EmunaYomi 187: Tribulations of love are an additional type of suffering designed especially for the righteous and the pious.


                                 Wednesday / 2-Aug-17 / 10 Av 5777                                  #228
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 4: 10 commands: God; no others; don’t take in vain; Sabbath; parents; don’t: murder; adultery; steal; false; covet.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 1:2 Officers uprooted Kilayim found in fields. More sinners, uprooted & threw on road. At end made fields ownerless.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 17: Eldad & Medad didn’t think worthy to be Elders. God: you thought you’re smaller than others, I’ll make you greater.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 26:7 Jew doesn’t recognize validity of Jewish court, get permission from Jewish court & can sue him in gentile court.
#HalachaYomi OC 202:18 Know it’s fruit’s main part, bless Haetz, if not, Haadama. Not sure, Haadama. Doesn’t know what it is, Shehakol.
#EmunaYomi 186: Berahot 5a: God sends suffering to those he loves, for soul-correction. Doesn’t bother with those who are steeped in evil.


                                            Tuesday / 1-Aug-17 / 9 Av 5777                                  #227
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 3: Moshe set apart 3 cities of refuge: Bezer in desert of Ruben, Ramot in Gilad of Gad, Golan in Bashan of Menashe.
#MishnaYomi #Shkalim 1:1 Adar 1 announce that collect Shkalim, prohibit Kilayim. Adar 15 read Esther in cities. Fix roads, public works.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 16: Harp hung over David’s bed. At midnight, north wind blew on it, made music. David woke up & learned Torah ’til dawn.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 25:9 Don’t issue court summon months of Nisan & Tishrei ‘cuz holiday preparations; or Fridays or day before holiday.
#HalachaYomi OC 202:13-14 Ripe walnuts braised in honey, bless Boreh Pri Haetz. Unripe walnuts cooked in honey, bless Shehakol.
#EmunaYomi 185: Wife is mirror of husband. Sees through her his traits. Marital difficulties can indicate lack of faith, arrogant, or lewd.


                                         Monday / 31-Jul-17 / 8 Av 5777                                  #226
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 2: Nations will hear your Law & say what a smart & wise people; God close. 10 commandments intro. Beware idolatry.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 10:7 Pour cup 3, bless meal, Birkat Hamazon. Cup 4, complete Halel & blessing of Song. Don’t drink more from cup 3-4.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 15: Resh Lakish: Dangerous animals killed only if killed person. R’ Yochanan: We kill them even if they didn’t kill yet.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 24:2 Number of courts weren’t fair increased, or were fair but not competent, agreed not to judge w/o firm knowledge.
#HalachaYomi OC 202:10 Fruit soaked or cooked in water, even though the taste of the fruit entered the water, bless Shehakol on that water.
#EmunaYomi 184: Son disobedient, parent likely disobeys God. Insolent children from insolent parents. Children treat us as we treat parents.


                                    Sunday / 30-Jul-17 / 7 Av 5777                                  #225
#ParshaYomi #Vaetchanan 1: Moshe: God, let me into land. God: No. See from mount. Joshua will lead them. Don’t add or subtract commandments.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 10:5 Whoever didn’t say these 3 things on Pesah didn’t fulfill their obligation: “Pesah, Matza and Maror.”
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 14: Roman decree, kill any who give or get Semicha & surrounding area. R’ Yehuda b Bava gave to 5 between 2 mountains.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 23:1-2 Can’t get or give bribe. Even if was going to rule in favor of briber anyway. “Cursed is he who takes bribe.”
#HalachaYomi OC 202:8 Honey from dates, blessing Shehakol, & for all liquids that come out of fruits, Shehakol, except for olives & grapes.
#EmunaYomi 183: Baal Shev Tov: Trouble with children=neshama=thoughts, wife=ruach=speech, money=nefesh=deeds. Hint what needs to correct.


                                       Shabbat / 29-Jul-17 / 6 Av 5777                                  #224
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 7: Moshe to Joshua: What God did to 2 kings, He will do same for all kings you fight. Don’t fear, God fighting for you.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 10:4 Pour cup 2. Son asks Mah Nishatana, why this night different from all others? Hametz/Matza, veggies/Maror, etc.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 13: Semicha (ordination) of sages done by 3 judges. Doesn’t have to be by laying hands. Called “Rabbi” & can give fines.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 22:7 After leaving court, judge forbidden to say: I found you innocent, or liable, but my colleagues outnumbered me.
#HalachaYomi OC 202:4 Drank olive oil, harmful, no blessing. Has it w/ bread, don’t bless; bread primary; bless primary, exempts secondary.
#EmunaYomi 182: Jacob was away from parents 22 years, caused them anguish. Josef missing, thought dead 22 years, caused Jacob great anguish.


                                   Friday / 28-Jul-17 / 5 Av 5777                                  #223
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 6: Sihon & Og’s lands conquered. Og last of Refaim (giant). Moshe gave land to Ruben, Gad & .5 Menase. Mt Hermon names.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 10:1 Pesah eve pre-Minha don’t eat ’til dark. Even poor don’t eat ’til recline, no <4 cups of wine, even charity case.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 12: Rabbis’ encryption: Eagle=Romans; Nahshon’s kids=Sages; Pillar=Add month; Edomite=Roman governor; Aaron’s death=Av.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 21:6 Priority of seeing cases: orphan, widow, Torah scholar, commoner. Woman before man; her shame is greater.
#HalachaYomi OC 202:1 On all fruits of the tree bless beforehand “Boreh Pri Haetz,” except for wine, which bless “Boreh Pri Hagefen.”
#EmunaYomi 181: Rashi: Josef suffered measure for measure: told father 3 negative tales about brothers, his suffering related to each tale.


                                Thursday / 27-Jul-17 / 4 Av 5777                                  #222
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 5: Don’t provoke people of Esau, Moab, Amon, they’re afraid of you, but land belongs to them, conquered from giants.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 9:10 2 groups’ Pesah mixed, each 1 takes person from other: if this is ours, opt out of yours & join us; or viceversa.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 11: Year got additional 30 days for 3 reasons: pigeons too young, sheep too thin & season of Aviv (spring) not here yet.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 20:1 Man pursued other, then see pursued in death throes & sword in killer’s hand, but didn’t see act, not testimony.
#HalachaYomi OC 201:3-4 Offered to lead Zimun & declines, his life will be shortened. Go back & give him the cup of blessing to bless over.
#EmunaYomi 180: Brahot 5b: R’ Huna had issue w/ field tenant; 400 wine casks soured; repented  & accepted decree; price of vinegar shot up.


                                       Wednesday / 26-Jul-17 / 3 Av 5777                                  #221
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 4: Decree to wander. Ignore & attempt to conquer land. Failed. Stayed in Kadesh then desert by Red Sea, circled Mt Seir.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 9:9 Group lost Pesah, told 1 to get & slaughter new one, they got & slaughtered other, if he was first they eat his.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 10: Person is a relative w/ respect to self. Testify on self & other: split testimony, ignore on self, accept on other.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 19:1-4 21 prohibitions get Karet, court lashes. 18 prohibitions get Death by Heaven, get lashes. 168 just lashes.
#HalachaYomi OC 201:1 Guest leads Zimun in presence of host so can say blessing for host: “no shame, success, not to sin or think of sin.”
#EmunaYomi 179: Diphtheria, stomach disease then blocks throat, punishment for slander. Negative “gut” feeling lead to slander. Shabat 33a.


                               Tuesday / 25-Jul-17 / 2 Av 5777                                  #220
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 3: People had asked Moshe, send scouts ahead. He chose 1/tribe. Feared. Faithless. All punished except Caleb & Joshua.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 9:7 Designated female animal or 2 yr old animal for Pesah, leave it until gets blemish, sell, $ for burnt offerings.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 9: R’ Akiva: Accessory to sin gets same punishment as sinner. Even more so, accessory to Mitzva gets full reward.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 18:6 Don’t execute or lash based on confession. Only w/ 2 witnesses. May be suicidal & just wants court to kill him.
#HalachaYomi OC 199:10 A minor who knows to Whom we bless joins Zimun. Ram”a (Ashkenazim): Can’t join Zimun until 13 years old.
#EmunaYomi 178: God judges measure for measure. Samson pursued desire of eyes, eyes taken out. Absalom haughty about hair, hung by hair.


                            Monday / 24-Jul-17 / 1 Av 5777                                  #219
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 2: Moshe: I couldn’t handle the burden of leading you myself. Appointed leaders/judges of 1000, 100, 50, 10 & officers.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 9:5 Egypt Pesah different from later: buy on Nisan 10, sprinkle blood on lintel & doorposts w/ hyssop, eaten quickly.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 8: God brings good through the meritorious (like Zlofhad’s girls) & bad things through the undeserving (wood-gatherer).
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 17:5 If in middle of (not before) getting lashed subject defecates or urinates, not given further lashes. Degraded.
#HalachaYomi OC 199:6 Women, slaves & children don’t join men’s Zimun, but make own Zimun, each group separately. Don’t use God’s name.
#EmunaYomi 177: Arrogant can’t get close to God. “Arrogant & I can’t dwell in same world.” When God removes His presence, suffering sets in.


                           Sunday / 23-Jul-17 / 29 Tamuz 5777                                  #218
#ParshaYomi #Dvarim 1: Yr 40, month 12, day 1, after smote Kings Sihon & Og, Moshe retells: God said leave Horeb (Mt Sinai) & go to Canaan.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 9:3 1st Pesah: No Hametz, recite Halel when eat. Not 2nd Pesah. Both Pesahs: roast, eat w/ Matza/Maror, do on Shabat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 7: When our love was strong, we could have slept on bed of sword-width. Now love not strong, even huge bed not enough.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 16:1 Just as Mitzva to execute whoever obligated to execute, so, too, Mitzva to lash whoever obligated to get lashed.
#HalachaYomi OC 199:3-4 Ignoramus joins a Zimun. Non-Jew doesn’t. Convert joins & even says blessing “for what bequeathed to our fathers.”
#EmunaYomi 176: God often uses suffering to deflate inflated egos. Proverbs: “Pride precedes destruction & arrogance comes before failure.”


                                        Shabbat / 22-Jul-17 / 28 Tamuz 5777                                  #217
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 7: Inadvertent murderer laws. Menashe men worried if Bnot Zlofhad marry out of tribe. God: need to marry in tribe.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 9:1 Ritually impure or far from Jerusalem & didn’t do 1st Pesah, does on 2nd Pesah. Erred or prevented, does on 2nd.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 6: If there’s Justice, there’s no Peace. If there’s Peace, there’s no Justice. Justice that brings Peace is Compromise.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 15:1 Stoning: Disrobe man, hands tied, push off 2nd floor. Not dead, drop big stone on heart. Not dead, small stones.
#HalachaYomi OC 198:2 A Kuttite in our day is like an idol worshiper, therefore he is not included in a Zimun.
#EmunaYomi 175: Tribulations can also indicate that either doing actions forbidden by Torah, or not fulfilling Torah’s obligatory actions.


                                   Friday / 21-Jul-17 / 27 Tamuz 5777                                  #216
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 6: List of new tribe leaders that will inherit the land. Levite cities & Cities of Refuge for inadvertent murderers.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 8:6 For people who may not eat their portion of Pesah, can still sacrifice with them in mind, but not exclusively.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 5: Can’t teach Halacha without permission of your Rabbi. Can’t teach Halacha within 3 Parsaot of your Rabbi.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 14:1 4 death penalties: stone, burn, decapitate & strangle. Non-explicit penalty is strangling. Murderer decapitated.
#HalachaYomi OC 197:2 In order to have quorum of 10 men to add name of God to Zimun, at least 7 of them need to have eaten bread.
#EmunaYomi 174: As long as one’s injustices against a fellow human go uncorrected, severe judgments linger.


                                      Thursday / 20-Jul-17 / 26 Tamuz 5777                                  #215
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 5: God: evict Canaan, destroy idolatry. If not, they’ll harass you & I’ll punish you. Borders. 2.5 tribes get land.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 8:4 Person designated others to also eat of his Pesah portion, members of group can tell him: take you’re share & go.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 4: Debate: follow how spell or how read biblical text? H-L-V can be Helev (fat) or Halav (milk). Follow reading Halav.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 13:2 On way to execution, confesses, given frankincense in wine. Loses control of mind, becomes drunk, then killed.
#HalachaYomi OC 197:1 2 ate together & finished, 3rd showed up, give him to eat so can bless together. 2 started blessing, 3rd doesn’t join.
#EmunaYomi 173: Prolonged anguish often result of sins against other. Caused pain to other, can’t clear own sins until forgiven by victim.


                                Wednesday / 19-Jul-17 / 25 Tamuz 5777                                  #214
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 4: Moshe makes deal. Ruben & Gad build cities for kids, pens for animals, will lead army, return when conquer land.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 8:3 Can designate a lot of people to be part of a Pesah sacrifice as long as each person can eat > Kzayit of meat.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 3: Shmuel: 2 judges judged a monetary case, their verdict stands, but they’re called a Bet Din Hatzuf (impudent court).
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 12:2 Sinner warned to see if inadvertent or intentional sin. Sinner says understands that liable w/ death, executed.
#HalachaYomi OC 196:1 If someone ate something forbidden, don’t make Zimun on it & don’t say blessing on it, either before or after eating.
#EmunaYomi 172: Disgruntlement w/ lot in life is main cause of own suffering; goes hand in hand w/ ungratefulness to God & lack of Emuna.


                                      Tuesday / 18-Jul-17 / 24 Tamuz 5777                                  #213
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 3: Tribes of Ruben & Gad want land east of River. Moshe unhappy. They offer to lead conquest of Canaan, then return.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 8:1 Wife eats husband’s Pesah sacrifice. 1st holiday w/ parents, chooses whose eats. Slaves don’t eat Pesah sacrifice.
#DafYomi #Sanhedrin 2: The term “Edah” means 10 men. Know from story of spies. 10 of the 12 spies that gave bad report called Edah Raah.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 11:5 Mesit, person who entices to idolatry, own rules: entrap, not warned, no mercy. Cruelty to them mercy for world.
#HalachaYomi OC 195:1 2 groups eat in 1 or 2 houses, if part of each group sees each other, combine to make Zimun. Public road between, no.
#EmunaYomi 171: Express unhappiness, Heaven examines closely & always discovers that really deserve more troubles & triggers new troubles.


                                     Monday / 17-Jul-17 / 23 Tamuz 5777                                  #212
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 2: Moshe upset w/ officers for sparing women. Has women killed. Soldiers & articles purified. Count & split plunder.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 7:11 What can eat of ox can eat of kid including shoulders & cartilage. Broke bone of Pesah sacrifice, get 40 lashes.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 176: Guarantor at time of loan doesn’t need Kinyan, but if after, does. In court doesn’t need ‘cuz likes being trusted.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 10:1 In capital case, judge must follow his own opinion & not be swayed by opinion of others. Biblical transgression.
#HalachaYomi OC 194:1 3 ate together, forgot Zimun, blessed on own, can’t go back & do Zimun. If 1 forgot, can answer Zimun of other 2.
#EmunaYomi 170: By taking their blessings for granted & focusing on their difficulties, sad people make their lives even more insufferable.


                                      Sunday / 16-Jul-17 / 22 Tamuz 5777                                  #211
#ParshaYomi #MatotMasai 1: Oath laws for men & women. War vs. Midian. 1000 men/tribe attack & win. Kill 5 kings & Bilaam. A lot of plunder.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 7:10 Must burn bones, nerves & leftovers of Pesah sacrifice on Nisan 16th. If 16th falls on Shabat burn on the 17th.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 175: To become wise, study monetary laws, greatest field in Torah, like a gushing spring. Best to learn from Ben Nanas.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 9:1 ALL Sanhedrin judges find person liable in capital case, acquitted. Only executed if minority finds innocence.
#HalachaYomi OC 193:3 Riding, stopped to eat together, bless together. Traveling or spread out in field & ate, don’t need to bless together.
#EmunaYomi 169: Sadness: 1st & most common cause of suffering. Nothing invokes severe judgments as complaints & dissatisfaction w/ life.


                                     Shabbat / 15-Jul-17 / 21 Tamuz 5777                                  #210
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 7: Sacrifices: month 7, day 15 (Sukot) 13 bulls, 2 rams, 14 lambs, 1 goat. Each day/7 days:1 bull less. 8th: 1,1,7,1.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 7:8 All/most of Pesah offering impure, burn before Temple w/ altar wood. Minority of sacrifice impure, burn privately.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 174: Guarantor obligated whether borrower has property or not, except for a Ketuva (marriage contract) never obligated.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 8:1 $ cases: simple majority decides verdict. Capital cases: simple majority for innocence, >2 difference for guilt.
#HalachaYomi OC 192:2 Leader and crowd erred & didn’t say God’s name for 10 participants, don’t do over. But if they didn’t answer yet, do.
#EmunaYomi 168: If fail to account for actions, never repent, fall deeper into spiritual slumber and becomes far removed from God.


                              Friday / 14-Jul-17 / 20 Tamuz 5777                                  #209
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 6: Order of sacrifices for Pesah + week of, 1st fruits (Shavuot), 7th month: 1st day (Rosh Hashana), 10th (Yom Kipur).
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 7:6 All or most people or Kohens impure, bring Pesah sacrifice @ right time. Otherwise pure on time, impure 2nd Pesah.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 173: Lender only collects of guarantor if borrower has no property, unless stated otherwise. Can collector from broker.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 7:1 Litigant chooses judge, 2nd litigant chooses 2nd judge. 2 judges choose 3rd judge & together all 3 rule the case.
#HalachaYomi OC 191:2-3 Always need to say all 4 blessings of Birkat Hamazon. Hire workers, assume bless all 4. Can’t work while blessing.
#EmunaYomi 167: If attribute life’s difficulties to anything or anyone other than own transgressions, light-years away from minimal Emuna.


                                     Thursday / 13-Jul-17 / 19 Tamuz 5777                                  #208
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 5: Daily burnt offering of 1 yr lambs, morning & evening; Shabat, + 2 lambs; Rosh Hodesh, + 2 bulls, 1 ram, 7 lambs.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 7:4 Can sacrifice if person impure, but not eat: Omer, 2 loaves (Shavuot), Showbread, Shalme Zibur, Rosh Hodesh goats.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 172: Men w/ same name in same city, use grandpa’s name to distinguish. If still same, add other sign to differentiate.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 6:9 Plaintiff can force other party to travel to court of great sage to hear their case. Was ongoing custom in Spain.
#HalachaYomi OC 190:4 Leader doesn’t want to drink wine, someone else should. 1 person must drink required amount, but good that all taste.
#EmunaYomi 166: If person remains in spiritual slumber & acts like a boss & not a servant, life’s difficulties become even more unbearable.


                                    Wednesday / 12-Jul-17 / 18 Tamuz 5777                                  #207
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 4: God: Zlofhad’s girls inherit. Inheritance laws. Moshe, go up mountain & die. Moshe: appoint new leader. God: Joshua.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 7:2 Don’t roast Pesah on metal spit or gridiron. If roast touched oven ceramic, peel off part of meat that touched.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 171: R’ Yosi: Keep old loan doc & give receipt if paid part of loan. Makes pay rest fast & collect basis original date.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 5:9 Diaspora court only handle common cases that involve financial loss: liability, loans, property damage. No fines.
#HalachaYomi OC 190:1-3 After Birkat Hamazon, leader blesses & drinks cup of wine. Drinks at least a Reviit & bless after it Meen Shalosh.
#EmunaYomi 165: Entrance-level Emuna begins with the belief in reward and punishment: Whatever happens in life, good or bad, comes from God.


                                         Tuesday / 11-Jul-17 / 17 Tamuz 5777                                  #206
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 3: Detail future tribal lots. Levite census. Zelofhad’s daughters, Mahla, Noa, Hogla, Milca, Tirtza ask for inheritance.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 6:5 Pesah sacrifice on Shabat w/o proper intent, liable for Chatat offering. Brought unfit Pesah sacrifice, liable.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 170: R’ Huna/Rav: Law not like R’ Yehuda or R’ Yosi. Court rips old loan document, writes new one with original date.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 4:15 Unfit to judge ‘cuz doesn’t know or poor character, even if appointed by Exilarch or court, has no authority.
#HalachaYomi OC 189:1 Birkat Hamazon blessing 4, say 3 Kingships, 3 benefits (Hetiv, Metiv, Yetiv), 3 rewards (Gmalanu, Gomlenu, Yigmelenu).
#EmunaYomi 164: Entrance-level servant knows that he or she will be rewarded for good conduct and punished for laziness and negligence.


                                 Monday / 10-Jul-17 / 16 Tamuz 5777                                  #205
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 2: Census of 20+ yr old men including details: Datan/Aviram, Korah (son’s didn’t die), Zelofhad’s girls, Serah: 601,730.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 6:3 Bring Hagiga sacrifice on Pesah on weekday, in purity, when Pesah sacrifice not enough for group. If not true, no.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 169: Claims lost document of sale, write another w/o Acharayut (compensation guarantee). No to 2 documents for 1 field.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 3:2 Sanhedrin didn’t need to always be together. Could work & only join for gatherings. But always minimum of 23.
#HalachaYomi OC 188:9 Eating on Shabat, Shabat ended, say Retze in Birkat Hamazon; follow start of meal. Same for Rosh Hodesh/Purim/Hanuka.
#EmunaYomi 163: W/ even minimal fear of punishment, we fear results of sin & therefore make a daily accounting, confess to God & ask pardon.


                                                         Sunday / 9-Jul-17 / 15 Tamuz 5777                                  #204
#ParshaYomi #Pinhas 1: God praises Pinhas for killing Zimri & Kosbi. Says to attack Midian for plot. Orders Moshe & Elazar take new census.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 6:1 Override Shabat: Korban Pesah slaughter, sprinkle blood, press entrails, burn Helev; can’t: roast; wash entrails.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 168: Court tears documents: R’ Yehuda: tear place of witnesses, date & Toref (names, amount). Abaye: length & width.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 2:1 Appoint to Sanhedrin only men of wisdom, understanding, great Torah knowledge, intellect, worldly & of lineage.
#HalachaYomi OC 188:5 On Shabat add Retze Vehachalitzenu. On Rosh Chodesh & holidays add Yaale Veyavo. If they fall on Shabat, say both.
#EmunaYomi 162: By lacking the fear of punishment, the boss doesn’t even reach the spiritual plateau of the least commendable servant.


                                               Shabbat / 8-Jul-17 / 14 Tamuz 5777                                  #203
#ParshaYomi #Balak 7: Bilaam: more on Israel & others. Israeli men sleep w/ Moabites. God furious. Pinhas kills leader. Plague kills 24,000.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 5:9 Sacrifice suspended & flayed w/ iron hooks on walls & pillars. If no room, used sticks held between 2 people.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 167: Birurin & court actions only written w/ consent of both parties & both pay scribe. R’ Shimon: both get copies.
#RambamYomi #Sanhedrin 1:1-2 Must appoint court judges & officers of law in every city & region in Israel, but not outside of Israel.
#HalachaYomi OC 188:3 Have to remember David’s monarchy in that 3rd blessing, but careful not to compare earthly monarchy to a heavenly one.
#EmunaYomi 161: Since the “boss” thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, he doesn’t feel there’s anybody around to punish him.


                                           Friday / 7-Jul-17 / 13 Tamuz 5777                                  #202
#ParshaYomi #Balak 6: Same rite & result 3rd time @ Peak of Peor. Balak furious, says: get lost! Bilaam: told u can only say what God says.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 5:7 1st group left Temple courtyard, 2nd enters, 2nd left, 3rd enters. Repeat rituals each time. Say Hallel & repeat.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 166: Birds for sacrifice selling @ 1 gold dinar. R’ Shimon: 1 sacrifice/woman enough. Price fell to 1/4 silver dinar.
#RambamYomi #Nahalot 11:1 Court gives orphans’ $ to trustworthy person, invest in very low risk deals. Judges decide orphans’ best interest.
#HalachaYomi OC 187:3-4 Didn’t say Brit & Torah in blessing of Haaretz, or David’s monarchy in blessing of Jerusalem, go back & repeat.
#EmunaYomi 160: Love and devotion motivates the most laudable servant. Fear of punishment motivates the less commendable servant.


                                                Thursday / 6-Jul-17 / 12 Tamuz 5777                                  #201
#ParshaYomi #Balak 5: Balak takes Bilaam to 2nd place to curse, Field of Seers. Again builds altars & brings sacrifices. Blessings come out.
#MishnaYomi #Pesachim 5:5 Pesah sacrifice slaughtered by 3 groups. People filled Temple yard, closed doors. Used beakers of gold & silver.
#DafYomi #BavaBatra 165: R’ Yehuda/Rav: Most people transgress some theft, a minority sin in illicit relations & all sin in some gossip.
#RambamYomi #Nahalot 10:1 2 bros divide estate & 3rd shows up, or 3 bros divide estate & creditor takes part. Recalculate division equally.
#HalachaYomi OC 186:1 Women obligated in Birkat Hamazon. Not sure if biblically or rabinically & if can exempt men or only other women.
#EmunaYomi 159: A devout person does daily soul-searching & confesses own misdeeds to God. If don’t soul-search, think you’re your own boss.


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