Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Pg 57: Women would tie a choker around their necks tightly to appear fatter, thereby enhancing their appearance.

Pg 58: Utensils made out of stone, dung or earth cannot become ritually impure.

Pg 59: Shmuel: An important woman doesn’t remove jewelry to show friends, so permitted to wear in public domain on Sabbath.

Pg 60: A man shouldn’t wear armor, helmet or greaves in the public domain on Sabbath, but it’s not a Biblical prohibition.

Pg 61: When putting on shoes, place right shoe first, then left, then tie the left shoe and finally tie the right shoe.

Pg 62: Seductive adulterous women will eventually suffer from bruises, skin decay, baldness & increased bleeding.

Pg 63: Whoever performs a commandment fully will not be given bad notices.

Pg 64: A man that gazes even at a woman’s pinky for pleasure is as guilty as if he gazed at her private parts.

Pg 65: Women can wear head coverings in the public domain on the Sabbath that are customary for where they live.

Pg 66: Hangover cure: rub mixture of oil & salt on palms of hands and soles of feet. Permissible on Sabbath.

Pg 67: The tooth of a live fox helps someone who sleeps too much. The tooth of a dead fox helps one fall asleep.

Chapter 6 Summary: “Bameh Ishah”: Clothing and accessories that one can or can’t go out with on the Sabbath. Differentiation of items that are considered as worn by women and those worn by men. Items that one might remove at some point either out of shame or to show off, can’t be worn on the Sabbath. One can carry weapons on the Sabbath in time of need.

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