Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

Pg 51: Can’t take animal into the public domain on the Sabbath wearing anything other than items for comfort or protection.

Pg 52: 4 animals are permitted to walk in the public domain on Sabbath with a harness: a horse, a mule, a camel and a donkey.

Pg 53: Miracle: Poor man’s wife died leaving an infant. Couldn’t afford a nursemaid. He developed breasts and nursed the baby.

Pg 54: Whoever can reprimand people and doesn’t is punished with them for their sins.

Pg 55: There can be death with no sin and hardships for no wrongdoing.

Pg 56: Had King David not accepted slander his kingdom wouldn’t have been divided, nor Israel worshipped idols & exiled.

Summary Chapter 5: “Bameh Behemah”: Prohibited and permissible items to have on an animal so as not to violate prohibition of carrying or handling on the Sabbath. Anything solely for the animal’s normal protection or comfort is permissible. Exceptions are things of value that may easily fall off and the owner would unthinkingly pick up.

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