Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Pg 21: Bet Hillel: On Hanuka, light 1 candle first night & add candle every night until reach 8 candles on last night.

Pg 22: Joseph’s “pit was empty, it had no water.” It had no water, but it had something else: snakes and scorpions.

Pg 23: Women are also obligated to light Hanuka candles as they also participated in the miracle.

Pg 24: Commandment/reward pairs: Candle lighting/scholars; Mezuzah/nice house; Tzizit/nice clothing; Kiddush/lots of wine.

Pg 25: What does the verse “I had no peace” refer to? Those that didn’t light the Sabbath candles (i.e. it’s an obligation).

Pg 26: Deadly mother-in-law: Told daughter-in-law to wear flammable perfume then had her light a candle.

Pg 27: The blind have to wear tzitzit ‘cuz others can see it, but nobody needs to wear tzitzit at night, as nobody sees it.

Pg 28: Tachash: Animal whose skin Moses used to build the Tabernacle. Had one horn & then animal was hidden (unicorn?).

Pg 29: Fabric (less than 3×3 fingerwidths) that serves no purpose doesn’t contract ritual impurity.

Pg 30: King David: Engage in Torah study and performing commandments while alive, ‘cuz afterwards too late.

Pg 31: For 3 sins women die at childbirth: not careful about ritual purity, separating Chalah or lighting Sabbath candles.

Pg 32:  Children may die because of the following sins of parents: vows, refraining from learning Torah, Mezuzah or Tzizit.

Pg 33: For foul language: youths die, a blessing of 70 years is turned to evil and hell is deepened.

Pg 34: R’ Shimon b’ Yochai had the power to merely look at someone and they would die and be reduced to a pile of bones.

Pg 35: It formally becomes night after three medium stars appear in the sky.

Summary Chapter 2: “Bameh Madlikin”: Lighting of candles on the Sabbath for pleasure of Sabbath and creating peace in the home. Requires good oils and wicks that will burn well. Prohibited to use poor oils or wicks that may call for subsequent manipulation on the Sabbath.

Laws of Chanukah candle-lighting and difference from Sabbath. On Sabbath, primarily to illuminate and use; for Chanukah, primarily just the act of lighting and can’t use. Therefore no restrictions on types of oils or wicks used for Chanukah.

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