Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 19

Chapter 19:

Pg 130: R’ Akiva: any act needed to prepare for circumcision that can be done before the Sabbath can’t be done on the Sabbath.

Pg 131: R’ Eliezer: acts that enable the performance of other required commandments push aside prohibitions of the Sabbath.

Pg 132: Circumcision at the right time (the 8th day) is permissible to perform on the Sabbath.

Pg 133: Can perform all the required acts of circumcision on the Sabbath: cutting, sucking the blood, bandaging and ointment.

Pg 134: For babies that are jaundiced or reddish, need to wait beyond the 8th day to perform circumcision.

Pg 135: Babies born “circumcised” still require that blood be drawn as part of the circumcision ceremony.

Pg 136: A baby that dies shortly after birth still exempts the mother from levirate marriage (obligation to marry a brother).

Pg 137: Audience blesses circumcised baby: “Just as he entered the Covenant so shall he enter Torah, marriage & good deeds.”

Chapter 19 Summary: “Rabbi Eliezer D’Milah”: Laws of circumcision that occurs on the Sabbath and Holidays. One of the commandments that override the Sabbath. However, whenever there is any doubt regarding the circumcision (time of birth, gender) it does not override the Sabbath. Anyone who circumcised on the Sabbath when they shouldn’t have has more leniency than other mistaken Sabbath infractions.

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