Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 18

Chapter 18:

Pg 126: Bundles of straw, wood or reeds that were set aside for animal fodder can be moved on the Sabbath.

Pg 127: If one gives another the benefit of the doubt, Heaven in turn judges him favorably.

Pg 128: R’ Shimon b. Gamliel: glass shards can be handled on the Sabbath (i.e. not Muktzeh) as they are eaten by ostriches.

Pg 129: One is closer to death than life if they stand up right after they ate, drank, slept, let blood or had relations.

Chapter 18 Summary: “Mefanin”: Muktzeh of raw materials is very different from that of utensils. Utensils by definition are ready for use and an act of some sort is required to change this “ready” status. Raw materials are the opposite.

Muktzeh of animals is a Rabbinic prohibition and is waved when animals are suffering.

Laws of dealing with sick on the Sabbath. All is permissible to deal with life-threatening situation. Women in labor and newborns are treated as life-threatening situations. Non-life-threatening situations have both stringencies and areas that are permitted depending on the conditions and needs.

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