Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 16

Chapter 16:

Pg 115: All Scriptures in any language are saved from the fire on the Sabbath and require respectful disposal.

Pg 116: Better to go to the house of an idol worshipper to save yourself from harm than the house of an apostate.

Pg 117: A person is obligated to eat three meals on the Sabbath.

Pg 118: 3 Sabbath meals saves one from: travails of the Messiah, judgment of hell & battle at the End of Days.

Pg 119: Answering “amen” to a blessing with all ones strength opens the gates of the Garden of Eden.

Pg 120: It is forbidden to erase God’s name.

Pg 121: Scholars are not pleased with the “righteous” that are overtly strict and critical of others.

Pg 122: A Jew can benefit from a candle that gentile lit for himself, but can’t benefit if it was lit for the Jew.

Chapter 16 Summary: “Kol Kitvei”: Prohibition of extinguishing fire on the Sabbath that does not present any danger, even if it may destroy objects, and parameters of what and how can save from the fire. Less relevant in our day and age when most uncontrolled fires are considered highly dangerous.

Permissibility of use or benefit of work by gentile on the Sabbath if not done directly for the Jew. Prohibition of use or benefit of work done by gentile on the Sabbath if instructed or directly benefiting the Jew.

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