Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 15

Chapter 15:

Pg 111: One is Biblically prohibited from tying permanent knots as well as for untying them.

Pg 112: A woman can tie the knots of her garment, even if she can wear it without untying and tying each knot.

Pg 113: Ones garment for the Sabbath should not be the same as ones garment for a weekday.

Pg 114: Any scholar that a stain is found on his clothing is liable to the death penalty.

Chapter 15 Summary: “Ve’elu Kesharim”: Forbidden knots on the Sabbath must be “professional” and “permanent” knots. Anything tied and untied on a daily basis is not prohibited. One cannot do even normally permitted activities on the Sabbath if they are in preparation for after the Sabbath.

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