Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 14

Chapter 14:

Pg 108: It is good to wash ones eyes with cold water in the morning and ones hands and feet with warm water at night.

Pg 109: An evil spirit of the night rests on ones hands until they are washed three times each.

Pg 110: If a snake is chasing you, cross and river and it will stop following you.

Chapter 14 Summary: “Shmona Shratzim”: It is prohibited to kill any creature on the Sabbath (unless they are life-threatening). There is a Biblical prohibition against wounding only the “eight creatures” (all other creatures are a Rabbinic prohibition). Drawing blood is a Rabbinic prohibition.

Any food or drink with medicinal properties that are also consumed by healthy people, may be taken on the Sabbath. Anything that is exclusively medicinal cannot be taken except with a significant change in its administration so that it no longer seems medicinal, or if the situation is life-threatening. In any life-threatening situation, outright Sabbath prohibitions should be violated if they are required to save and preserve life.

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