Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 11

Chapter 11:

Pg 96: It is Biblically prohibited to throw an item from a private domain to a public one or viceversa.

Pg 97: Whoever is suspicious of the innocent receives affliction upon his body.

Pg 98: R’ Yehuda: The sockets of the beams of the Tabernacle were hidden by the tent covering.

Pg 99: The goat hair used for the Tabernacle was washed while still on the goat and then sheared.

Pg 100: Ships that are tied and joined together are considered one domain for carrying on the Sabbath.

Pg 101: If ships that were tied together, separate, one can longer carry from one to the other on the Sabbath.

Chapter 11 Summary: “Hazorek”: Determination that the specific Sabbath prohibitions are not in the Biblical text but are rather a tradition of Moses from Mt. Sinai. However, the specifics are derived from the acts that were performed in the construction and operation of the Tabernacle.

More details regarding the prohibition of transporting, including throwing and handing over. The Biblical parameters of between an outright public domain to an outright private domain, and the rabbinic construct of “carmelit” (not fully public or private domain).

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