Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Pg 2: In this tractate, where Sabbath is the main topic, both the primary & secondary prohibitions are discussed.

Pg 3: When the Rabbi is studying 1 tractate don’t ask him about a different 1, lest he not know the answer & be embarrassed.

Pg 4: Do we tell a person to sin so that his friend will be spared from harsher punishment? No.

Pg 5: Rebbi: A roofed space of a private domain is as if it’s filled. If things traverse the airspace, considered at rest.

Pg 6: “Karmelit” domain: Not public or private domain. Can’t pass or carry from one domain to other on Sabbath.

Pg 7: The airspace of a private domain extends until the heavens; of a public domain extends 10 handbreadths high.

Pg 8: Rebbi: Rabbinic prohibitions of the Sabbath can be violated before nightfall of Friday night (Biblical ones can’t be).

Pg 9: Before the afternoon prayer, one shouldn’t: get a haircut, bathe, tan leather, eat or judge, but if started can proceed.

Pg 10: Don’t show favoritism amongst children. Jacob favored Joseph, led to jealousy and eventually exile & slavery.

Pg 11: The worst: sickness – stomach sickness; pain – heart pain; ache – headache; evil – evil wife.

Pg 12: A person must check his clothing before the Sabbath to ensure that he is not carrying anything prohibited.

Pg 13: A man cannot sleep in the same bed with his wife during her Niddah (menstrual) stage.

Pg 14: In the lands outside of Israel there is concern for ritual impurity (gravesites were not always marked).

Pg 15: 40 years before The Temple was destroyed, the High Court exiled themselves and stopped judging capital cases.

Pg 16: Earthenware utensils receive and convey ritual impurity through the inner airspace. If broken, it’s purified.

Pg 17: Bread & oil of idolaters prohibited as leads to their wine, which leads to their daughters, which leads to idolatry.

Pg 18: One can’t start grilling meat, onions, eggs (or most other food) Sabbath eve if it won’t be done before the Sabbath.

Pg 19: Don’t start the siege of a city from 3 days before the Sabbath, but if started can continue even on the Sabbath.

Pg 20: Food that is cooked 1/3rd (“maachal ben dorsai”) is cooked enough that can let more fully cook on the Sabbath.

Summary Chapter 1: “Yetziot Hashabat”: Laws regarding moving things from domain to domain on the Sabbath; definition of different domains (public, private, exempt and “karmelit”); lifting and placing an object.

Permitted and prohibited work on Sabbath eve; preventive legislation so one does not err and violate the Sabbath by accident; permissibility of work commenced or instructed before the Sabbath that is done by a gentile or automatically.

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