Daf Yomi Highlights – Makot

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2: Edim Zomemim (false witnesses) are punished as per what victim would have gotten. If not feasible, then they’re lashed.
3: Lends w/o setting repayment date, can’t demand payment for at least 30 days. Rav: whether wrote loan document or not.
4: If barrel of wine fell into Mediterranean, immersion in that spot not effective. We’re concerned that it didn’t disperse.
5: Edim Zomemim are killed only if their testimony led to a death verdict against their victim but wasn’t carried out yet.
6: Need 2 witnesses that witnessed from same place at same time. 1 from 1 window & 1 from other, or 1 after other, no good.
7: Inadvertent killer: exiled when was doing downward action, descending ladder, lowering object; upward action, not exiled.
8: Person threw clump of dirt at date tree, dates fell & killed someone. Rebbi: inadvertent murder, exile; Sages exempt.
9: Moshe set 3 refuge cities east of Jordan; Joshua, west, facing each other: Hebron:Betzer; Shechem:Ramot; Kadesh:Golan.
10: Scholars take inadvertent murderer to refuge. Requests that wouldn’t be heard if a person asks, granted thru messenger.
11: Sages’ curse, even if conditional & condition didn’t occur, comes true. Eli conditionally cursed Shmuel, kids strayed.
12: Refuge city: 3 mistakes angel of Rome will make: will go to wrong city; it’s not for murderers; it’s not for angels.
13: Don’t need to warn those who merit Karet punishment. Learn from Pesah & Brit Mila; get Karet if didn’t do; not warned.
14: Woman is Nida (ritually impure) only if blood exits from vagina (she remains ritually pure if from any other orifice).
15: R’ Yohanan: if person nullified doing a Mitzva, liable to get lashes; if didn’t nullify the Mitzva, exempt from lashes.
16: R’ Achai: if delays relieving himself when he needs to, violates “Lo Teshakatzu” – “don’t make yourself detestable.”
17: Lav Hanitak LeAseh: Prohibition + Mitzva that rectifies error. Does rectifying Mitzva, not punished for Prohibition.
18: Just as Kohen must wave Bikurim, also does Shlamim. Just as owner must wave Shlamim, also does Bikurim. Wave together.
19: R’ Asi in name of R’ Yohanan: Person is liable for eating Maaser Sheni outside of Jerusalem only if it was once inside.
20: Opinions as to size for being liable for creating a Korcha (bald spot): visible; bean size; 2 hairs; lentil size.
21: Tattoo (incisions in the skin & writing w/ dye, which gets absorbed in the skin): liable only if make incision & write.
22: Rava: How foolish are people? They stand for the Torah, but not a sage. The Torah commands 40 lashes, sages ordered 39.
23: Hates blood, still rewarded for not consuming it; incredible reward for avoiding coveted theft, prohibited intercourse.
24: David grouped # of commandments to 11; Isaiah 6; Micha 3; Isaiah 2: Justice & Righteousness; Amos 1; Habakuk 1: Emuna.
End Tractate Makot


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