China, Day 6, On our own in the Fake Market and Yu Garden Market

Tamara leading the Chinese women in Chinese dance

Friday, June 8, Day 6

Tamara came to watch the Tai Chi and then joined the women for their Chinese dancing. They were amazed by her abilities. (At least that’s what I think they were gesticulating wildly about).

We went to the Fake Market and spent a number of hours doing research on lady’s hand bags. I have probably seen a greater number and variety of bags in those few hours than I have my entire life. Tamara liked many of them, but we were unable to find the ideal one yet. We also sharpened our negotiating skills. They will quote an astronomically high price. I’ll counteroffer a significantly lower price. If you reach agreement in the store, you’ve paid too much. If they kick you out of the store, you offered too little. If you walk away from the store, they chase you and they agree to your last offer — that’s the right price.

Tamara in front of Shanghai Dance Academy

We then went back to the Yu Gardens Market and shopped (read bargained) for some gifts for the kids.

Friday night davening at Chabad, followed by dinner, which included a fascinating roster of guests and people we had some connection to:

– I met an old Brazilian friend who lives in Jerusalem (Shuli Oleg).

– Sitting right across from me at dinner is another Brazilian who introduces himself at Marcus Levinger. I say: “that’s funny. I knew a Levinger when I was in Netiv Meir. Are you his brother? Cousin?” — it was my old classmate from 30 years ago.

– Baruch Gurfein, son of my old friend Gedaliah. All three were in for business.

– Ronit Greenblum’s (from Alon Shvut) sister who lives in Shanghai.

– A young couple from Caracas also now living there.

– 3 visiting US professors.

Look Ma! We can buy subway tickets on our own!

There were a lot of Israelis, people from London, Paris, Moscow and probably many other places that we didn’t have the chance to meet.

– The next day met a guy by the name of Kleinmen (or Kleinermen) who attended MTA around the time of my father and thinks he remembers the name…

The dinner was fantastic. Must have been 50-60 people. It felt like a Shabbaton with the Rabbi leading singing, having new guests introduce themselves and lively conversation.

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Live frogs on the supermarket counter. Sold in pairs and priced by the 1/2 kg. Yum!
Live turtles by the pound. Delectable.
Entrance to the Science and Technology Museum. We went shopping instead.

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